Dr. Stella Immanuel Presents Her Cure For COVID19 And Then Almost Immediately Gets Censored For ‘Misinformation’

Hydroxychloroquine was in the news a lot after President Trump declared that it could be a “game changer” for COVID19 because it was showing evidence of having a positive effect against the coronavirus. He was immediately called for being “irresponsible” and “touting an unproven drug” with a medicine that has been used on patients and approved by the FDA for over 65 years. The risks of this drug were relatively known pretty much the entire time, yet the mainstream media still refused to give this largely safe, proven drug a chance against the novel coronavirus.

The Lancet even published an entirely fake study that tried to prove that HDQ increased chances of death for COVID patients. It was retracted almost a week after being released. It was patently false and the “peer reviewed medical journal” had to take back that study. Dr. Fauci hasn’t given an updated statement about hydroxychloroquine since this fake study was retracted, and I think it’d be fair that he responds to the comments that Dr. Stella Immanuel brought up on Monday July, 27 on the steps of the SCOTUS.

Dr. Stella Immanuel is a practicing MD out of Houston, Texas who claims to have treated and cured over 250 COVID19 patients using hydroxychloroquine, zpacks, and zinc. She says this trio is the cure and she hasn’t cared for a single patient who has died from COVID19 using these medicines. Everyone has recovered, even those with asthma and who were obese. She went viral yesterday with other members of America’s Frontline Doctors who claim to be starting a campaign to fight the disinformation that has been spread by talking heads and political pundits on mainstream news. She believes that HDQ has been politicized and would solve the pandemic and is a cure to COVID19.

Breitbart News was the only outlet to cover their summit and press conference that followed. The press conference has now been removed by pretty much every social media platform. You can watch it in full here. This clear and distinct act of censorship should be a message to all people that there may be something fishy going on. Other media outlets didn’t care to cover these comments until they got taken down. Big tech companies aren’t even really pretending anymore; there wasn’t some campaign to discredit these doctors first other than having differing opinions and that’s why it was taken down. Facebook and YouTube claim that these posts go against “community guidelines” and spreading “misinformation” when all it is just a group of medical professionals sharing their research and ideas. Aren’t we supposed to be following and listening to the science?

A study recently published by Dr. Harvey Risch from the Yale School of Medicine that supports the use of HDQ on patients to treat early cases of COVID19 is another example that claims this drug can be safe and can help us beat this pandemic. If we can’t trust a doctor from Yale then who can we really trust? President Trump also retweeted a ton of articles from various outlets that show positive results with hydroxychloroquine and the coronavirus.

Now, like I’ve said before I don’t want to be some conspiracy theorist that is peddling misinformation about the pandemic. I have tried to lay my thoughts out pretty clearly on how we should treat schools reopening and other things that come with returning life to normal. I do think it’s strange that Bill Gates will go on TV defending a vaccine trial that could have 80% of patients contract harsh side effects yet the MSM won’t be open to discuss how hydroxychloroquine could potentially save hundreds of thousands of lives. They seem to discredit any opinion that might benefit Trump. It’s quite strange.

Normally, I would think that this might make sense and I’d want to believe someone like Bill Gates who is one of the smartest men in the world. But, the idea of censorship and taking down free thoughts on social media platforms is what makes me think that there is actual bearing to these “unsupported” claims. Maybe that’s where the problem lies. These doctors didn’t incite any violence and they didn’t say anything illegal. They should be allowed to put their ideas online. It seems that they are solely being silenced because of a difference in what is seen as forced public opinion. This is not the first time this pandemic that medical professionals have been silenced for sharing their research and coming up with different conclusions that the general public is pushing. CNN is citing studies that claim the drug doesn’t work. And that is fine, but there are obviously people who disagree with them.

Clearly, in the medical community there is dissent about which drugs work and which don’t in treating COVID19. It’s not up to social media to decide who is correct in this circumstance, it’s up to the science, data, and the facts.

It has literally gotten to the point where people who do not have degrees in medicine are censoring those who do. For seemingly no valid reasons other than just agreeing with someone/something else. That is dangerous and needs to be put to a stop. It is tyrannical and close minded, plain and simple. If we can’t have free conversations and discourse, then we can’t live in a free country. It becomes the living plot of Orwell’s 1984, which for those who didn’t interpret it correctly is actually a dystopian setting.

I think if people want to try and take HDQ to help treat, or prevent, COVID, then they should have that right to have a conversation with their doctor and get access to the drug. I believe we need to stop politicizing everything and put some faith in the American people and our doctors. We can and will get past this but not if we keep further dividing ourselves. Again, we were told to listen to the doctors and the scientists, yet when a medical professional is presenting an opposing opinion they are getting taken offline? And it seems like it could be for political reasons? That’s not right, and won’t lead to the best solution that saves as many lives as possible.

Cheers and stay safe.

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