Dr. Fauci Says We Might Need To Wear Goggles To Stop The Spread Of COVID19

Dr. Fauci has become the prodigal voice of reason for many throughout the pandemic. The head of the NIH and the nation’s leading infectious disease doctor has been who everyone turns as he seems to have all the answers in how we could “flatten the curve” and “slow the spread” of the CCP virus. His word has been seen by some as the law and the only course of action we should take as a country for most areas regarding the coronavirus.

I think Dr. Fauci has tried his best to help steer an entire country out of a widespread pandemic when we are constantly learning new things about it and how it is transmitted throughout society. Many of these things we still do not know. It’s pretty clear we didn’t take the best measures to completely stifle the virus and now we are trying to battle a recession/depression as well so we can’t lock down any longer. Even if governments are still trying to force us. Fauci makes his decision in regards to a doctor giving health recommendations – my doctor told me to stop eating chocolate for my heartburn. That doesn’t mean what they say is best for us as a whole. Especially when you are balancing the world’s largest economy with this crisis.

So, he is for sure not immune to criticism, like some will lead you to believe, as anyone who becomes a public figure and constantly is making predictions and rules can be subject to questioning and scrutiny.

Again, I think he overall has the country and people’s health in his best interest when he makes statements, but that doesn’t mean he has never been wrong. He’s flip-flopped on a variety of issues especially considering the length of lockdowns, reopening different areas of the economy, and even masks. He also took his mask off while not social distancing at MLB’s opening day. I’m not exactly sure if it’s fair for his “close friend” to attend a sporting event but no one else.

Regardless, his newest claim that was on an Instagram Live feed with ABC news he stated that we “might” need to wear goggles to stop the spread of COVID19. If you thought that getting everyone to wear a mask was hard, just wait until Nancy Pelosi is matching her mask and outfit with her goggles while doing an interview on MSNBC babbling on about the “Trump virus” which is somehow not as offensive as other terms for it. I’m sure the public will be completely rational if this is the next step in battling the virus, and not just sanitizing public areas, using basic social distancing, and common sense.

If masks are no longer enough, even though we’re not sure which masks work, then why not make it harder to identify the “peaceful protestors” who are terrorizing cities with the guidance to cover their identities by government mandates/guidelines? If I didn’t know any better I’d think Fauci was a spokesman for ANTIFA.

But seriously, in reference to the riots, we have gone from wanting to ban masks/face coverings in public to wanting the government to mandate them and defund the police in just about a year. That’s quite the 180, even if there was a pandemic as the catalyst. And now government leaders are extending that towards eye coverings too? I’m not sure if the harm that could create is in our public health’s best interest, Dr. Fauci.

I don’t believe this campaign for eye coverings will gain any momentum, but then again who knows what’ll happen the rest of this election year. I’m sure it won’t field much, if any, support from conservatives who already think masks in general infringe on their freedoms. But, leaders will have no problem calling their constituents “selfish” for not obeying to the government’s orders. They’ll defame and censor you until you submit and that’s just how it’s been going for the past few months. It’s truly scary to think about.

Here is a personal story of mine:

I was traveling in Japan around January as the coronavirus was really beginning to spread in China. We heard reports about this deadly virus and me and my friends that I traveled with thought it would be in our best interest to wear a mask walking around Kyoto. When we asked the front desk at our hotel if they had extra masks, they were surprised because we were the first Americans who had ever stayed in the hotel to want to voluntarily wear a mask in public. They said it was because of the Western individualism and expressionism that leads American tourists to not wearing masks. No one knew what would come about in the following months.

I think that is true and as we know its part of the uphill battle for people to wear a mask in the first place, so I can’t see people wearing goggles as a next step. That’s ridiculous. But hey, if you want to do it then be my guest. Just don’t force or shame me to.

Now, most people are rational and where there is COVID, people are wearing masks. We need to put trust into Americans and we need to rely on the precautions and guidelines put in place to handle the virus. It is impossible to isolate yourself into a bubble while still being in public. There are risks associated with life that we take every day. This virus has become another one of those risks that we need to think carefully in how we mitigate it.

Hopefully it gets under control soon.


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