Thoughts Into The Weekend vol. 10

Register to vote. As we say goodbye to July and turn towards August we will start to notice a ton more political ads and discourse in our daily lives. Both candidates will be portrayed as the devil and this will be “the most important election of our lives”. It will honestly be pretty impossible to find impartial news for the next 3 months and every story, decision, and comment will be covered as if our children’s future depends on it. Which it might. I’ll try my best to decipher through as much information as possible and present it in a fair, justified manner.

And I think it’s important to realize that even though we may dislike another side or policy, when we tell someone to register to vote, that is their civic duty as the most basic act as a citizen of the United States. We want as many people voting as possible and using their power that has been bestowed upon them to elect our leaders in this country. We don’t want to tell someone to register to vote just so they vote for a certain party. That’s not how it works. We can’t think that just getting someone to vote means that they will cast their ballot for the side you want.

Be very aware when someone posts or lectures you about voting, because often times people do this with the caveat that the only reason you should be is to get a certain candidate out of office, or something of the like. Now don’t get me wrong, I love the message of asking someone to vote but we need to remember that this is an ask and not a demand. We should work to convince people to vote for a side, not tell them. No one has the power over another to cast their ballot for them. Everyone has the choice of who they vote for and even if they vote or not. It’s up to the individual to make this calculated decision every time an election comes around. That’s not saying we shouldn’t try and persuade others to vote for a side, but I think it’s important to realize what tactics we are using to educate uninformed voters of choosing a candidate or policy.

The current tactic that many, including myself at times, use to solve political discourse is using fear and extreme examples on the spectrum. I think this is not the correct course of action in getting people to join a campaign and often leads to either them choosing not to vote in general, or even going to the other side.

For when I have done this, I apologize. Obviously, we live in emotional times and when we act with emotion we often make mistakes. It’s important that we stay level headed and use logic and reason when constructing an argument or making a decision. That’s what I try to do and will strive to do going forward.

So with that I will remind you to register to vote here, and I’ll get into some thoughts.

Reclaiming My Time

So in trying to use this logic and level headed approach, I did try to watch the 2 hearings in congress this week with AG William Barr and the 4 Big Tech CEO’s. Honestly, at the outpost I’m not so sure what the point of these hearings were because both didn’t really tackle the actual points of what I thought they were for.

First, on Tuesday Bill Barr was set to speak in front of the committee and it was actually unbearable to listen to. The guy couldn’t get a word in when being asked severely partisan and pointed questions. He literally at a point said, “I thought the point of a hearing was to be heard”. Everyone used this session as an outlet for campaign speak.

The famous phrase that came about from this hearing was the title of this headline. That’s because it seemed every time Barr tried to speak a (democratic) lawmaker would say “I’m reclaiming my time” and not let the man answer the questions asked of him. It was highly disrespectful no matter how you spin it, in my opinion. The partisanship was so clear and blatant that it just became nauseating to even listen to. It was pretty much 4.5 hours of talking in circles and not getting either sides point across.

Then, the big tech hearing was somehow almost worse. For the first hour and a half of the hearing no one even acknowledged that Jeff Bezos, the richest man in the world, was even there because these people are so caught up with political censorship and their idea of what’s right. They don’t actually care that Amazon is both a retail and data monopoly who is a genuine threat to the competition and privacy of the people and free markets.

And don’t get me wrong, there are gripes against Facebook, Google, and Apple, too. They deserve tough questioning but Amazon should have been on the top of every lawmakers list asking a variety of questions about their monopolistic practices. It was an embarrassing display of our leaders’ clear non-understanding of how technology actually works.

The point of this hearing was for antitrust reasons, but it became spat about censorship and political ideologies. The reason that these companies have the power to censor and suppress speech/expression is because of their monopolistic presence. When you have absolute power in a market place, then you can do whatever you want. Either there needs to be new alleys to create competition or there needs to be laws that limit theres. I would generally hope for the former.

But back to the hearings as a whole, “reclaiming my time” is definitely a good meme. But, our government shouldn’t be a meme and it’s definitely more than just Donald Trump who has turned it this way. Both sides are turning our society into a joke looking to dominate that day’s news cycle.

The Cincinnati Reds

The Reds are my favorite NL team. Anyone who knows me knows that. They are going to be a problem this year and once they put everything together they will be an absolute wagon and force to be reckoned with.

Watch out.

Motivational Video

I recommend reading his book, Rich Dad Poor Dad. Great read.

Vacation Is Over

Today is the last day of July which means next Monday Dave Portnoy will be back in the Barstool office from his month long “vacation” on Nantucket. Vacation is in quotes though because he literally worked his ass off every day for the past month. Granted, his work is eating pizza and day trading so it’s not the worst life, but he still is putting out content and getting sponsors.

He also, of course, interviewed the President last week and has been increasing his presence in the world dramatically through various viral moments. He runs the internet (and now the stock market, too). Dave Portnoy is winning.

So, when he gets back into the Barstool office it will be interesting to see what happens. A lot has gone on since they reopened the office. Like a lot. I wonder how he will engage with some of his employees who he has shown disdain for in the recent months. He has put the company pretty much on his back throughout the pandemic and it would be nice if they show some form of appreciation. That’s not me being a bootlicker that’s me understanding how this world works and understanding that without Dave keeping Barstool afloat a lot of the people who write for his site would be nobodies (like myself).

NBA Hypocrisy (Shocker)

ESPN dropped a huge story this week exposing the abusive development camps that the NBA helped run in Xinjiang China in previous years. The NBA supposedly invested over $5billion in this project to help Chinese children develop as athletes and students in hopes of “finding the next Yao Ming”. This story is dark and really highlights how the NBA is deeply intertwined and complicit with the Chinese Communist Party and their abusive actions.

It’s also important to note that one of the bigger parts of this story is also that ESPN even investigated and ran it. ESPN has been known to cover for the leagues that they have the TV rights to so this news drop was definitely something I wasn’t expecting for them to tackle.

It’s sad that as this happened Adam Silver finally responded to the letter sent by Senator Josh Hawley that got Adrian Wojnarowski suspended. It’s a pretty pathetic attempt at steering away the conversation and even calls the Daryl Morey story a “hypothetical”. Hawley has called for Silver and the NBA to testify in front of congress and that is something that I think could be necessary at this point.

The NBA is back playing, however, and they are spreading their message of social justice (for those who are in the United States). It’s very powerful stuff, I just think it would hold much greater weight if they truly believed that everyone, regardless of where they are in the world, deserved basic human rights. I think it’s time someone takes a stand against these blatant hypocrises.

Truth Over Facts

I’m not sure if enough people have seen this video from back in May. Maybe it’s another one of Biden’s gaffes, but I’m starting to believe it actually wasn’t him misspeaking and this is what the Democratic Party believes. Truth over facts. Now, truth and facts should be the same thing, but every day that line is stretched thinner and thinner.

I see it all the time when I get into conversations with someone about a variety of things. This is blatant when talking about the “peaceful protestors” and Hydroxychloroquine and censorship.

For the record, I never said I agreed or disagreed with what these Frontline Doctors (who by now have been smeared and discredited all over the internet) said. I simply have said all along that they deserve to be heard and definitely not censored by big tech.

Again, just so they hear it in the back, computer scientists have no right censoring medical scientists.

But either way I couldn’t even have real discussions with those who oppose these positions. It’s like arguing about 2 different planets. The right to free speech and expression is a core pillar of our democracy and when you try and take that away from someone it doesn’t solve anything.

Truth and facts are not the same thing. Everyone has their own truth, and that’s why we have a jury of peers to decide court cases. Facts are indisputable. Truth can often fills holes with opinions and speculations that can be contested and/or debated. That is the fact about truth. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. The best truth is the one that is deeply engrained in facts.

So remember, facts matter. That isn’t a partisan talking point that is a real thing that influences how we need to make our decisions. Using facts and logic is what has gotten us to be the most technologically advanced society in the history of civilization. That for sure takes risks, but it also takes collaboration and willingness to work with those you may disagree with.

Truth over facts is what leads to division and hate.


So, next time I write it will be August and another month will be down of 2020. We are almost through what has been one of the craziest years of our nation’s history.

Schools will be starting up soon, whether that’s in person or homeschooling, and we will all know that the November election is starting to peak up from the horizon. This month Donald Trump and Joe Biden are scheduled to accept the nominations by their respective parties to be the official nominees.

We aren’t too sure as to what these conventions will look like, but hopefully they try to get creative to stir up some enthusiasm. Trump has hinted at some type of “great event”. The democrats might have some issues with security for theirs, so who knows what will happen

But, overall we will be in for a crazy ride. Trump is asking about delaying the election while the left is already saying that Trump won’t accept the results if he loses. If only he didn’t act off precedent. Seriously, though, let’s have a fair election. If we can’t have a fair election then the democracy that we seemed to have known vanishes and conflict breaks out. That’s how history works.

Buckle up, August is at the doorstep.


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