Laura Ingraham’s Tuesday Angle Puts COVID Into An Interesting Perspective

No, the COVID pandemic isn’t over. We may have gotten through the worst of it all, but there are still possibilities of another “wave” or outbreak that could drastically effect our journey on the return to normalcy. It’s important that we continue social distancing and practicing many of the guidelines that have been put in place to stop the spread of this virus and finally diminish it. We can’t continue to let the virus, and fear-mongering politicians, win in how we should be responding to this issue. A blanket approach is not the course of action we should be taking. It’s time that intelligent, reasonable people take matters into their own hands and put best practices in place. We can’t keep letting the response be worse than the virus itself.

I thought that this Ingraham Angle monologue was a great way to put our epidemic in perspective to what some would say is our most comparable counterpart, the Western countries of Europe. When looking at the US as a whole next to many of the statistics in Europe, we are actually performing better with the virus, and from some economic standpoints. This is especially true when you factor out the Northeast states that were hit the hardest by the initial spike of the crisis. Yes, we have more cases, but we also have almost 11million more tests conducted. And as these cases have begun to plateau, and fall, we will hopefully officially soon be out of the woods. Deaths are a lagging statistic and we should start to see the same in regards to those falling as well. Hopefully there aren’t bad recurring breakouts in other parts of the country, and we can even begin exploring the possibilities of herd immunity.

Laura does a good job laying out the timeline in how the President really did take swift action in enforcing early quarantines and travel bans, all while major leaders were endorsing large gatherings and worried about a partisan impeachment. These are tangible steps taken that can be looked back on having saved lives. That is a fact. It’s also a fact that we have the largest, most accessible testing on the planet, even if it somehow still isn’t enough for some folks.

Maybe the President was too hopeful in some remarks like saying that the virus will “go away“. That is largely inexcusable, but he’s also the President and he should be spreading a message of hope for all Americans. Taking actions to ultimately help the virus go away and reassure people their livelihoods is something that can be looked at as a relatively smart approach. Fear based leadership is never the best way to lead.

Now I don’t want to make this a red vs. blue or right vs. left issue that Laura tries to make out. You can listen to what she said and decide for yourself.

Simply put, the Northeast got hit first and they, similar to the federal government, were totally underprepared and made horrific decisions in trying to contain the virus. This is highlighted by the infamous nursing home mandate led by New York governor Andrew Cuomo. Whether we believed the information coming out of China from the onslaught of the spread, something that we knew from both Wuhan and Italy was that old people were most at risk to this disease. It was ultimately inexcusable not to protect our most vulnerable at the beginning and throughout this outbreak. These decisions that the governors made contradicted the guidelines set out by the federal government and you can’t argue that the states in the Northeast have done a better job than those in the South when New York and New Jersey alone make up 30% of our deaths.

The Sunbelt states did have an outbreak similar to the first one that happened in the Northern parts of the country, but they have a mere fraction of the deaths in major hotspots like Texas, Arizona, and Florida.

So, as a country it seems we learned and improved. That’s how science works and that’s how we get better. By using the actual data smart decisions were made.

When looking over to Europe, they have different political structures in place that allow much less gridlock in government decisions. This creates opportunity to mobilize national lockdowns and rules in place to hopefully stop the spread. As we’ve seen from the data shown in this clip, their actions have largely led to the same results as us. One of the famous European countries that never locked down, Sweden, has about 18% the amount of deaths that New York had.

Europe has over 40,000 more dead from COVID19 than the United States does all together. So yes, the United States is a huge country that will as a whole show up on a pie chart taking up a majority of COVID deaths. But, when you take an approach that compares more apples to apples, it shows that we have handled this pandemic, if anything, better than other world leaders. That’s not me saying “it is what it is” when looking at the deaths, because we ultimately want no one to die from a contagious virus. But, it is the largest pandemic we have seen in about 100 years and it is up to our leaders to mitigate the effects as best as possible.

When looking at how we get back to normal life, we can look at Europe as a model for going back to school and other events that should give us the confidence in that we can do it better. We should want to embrace the challenges that lie ahead and work to create the safest, best solutions possible. We know that the idea of a nationwide lockdown is not the path for that to happen. There is no real data or evidence to back that up. There are other ways to get through this.

We need to end the divisiveness and politicization of these issues. Let’s take a level headed approach and stop acting with so much emotion. It’s not a red vs. blue issue, it’s an American one. Let’s come together to beat this pandemic and get our lives back on track.

So, this Angle was probably put out to show that Republicans have “won” the battle in handling the coronavirus. But that is a garbage debate. We need to work together and beat this thing, so let’s sit down and have conversations about how and why we can improve and fix the mistakes made by all of our leaders. Claiming a victory in this instance is just counterproductive.

I think the real Angle that Ingraham should highlight is that yes, we have performed well despite clear mistakes that were made. We are looking to improve and show that America is still the leader in the Western world. We’ve shown this in our response, our economic stimulus, and our path to a vaccine. It’s can no longer be a right vs. left issue. It’s not a game that needs to have any scoreboard other than saving lives and getting back into classrooms and work. It’s time that everyone looks at the months of data available to us and really make decisions that best benefit everyone. Let’s do it for the sake of America.

Cheers. 📐


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