Thoughts Into The Weekend vol. 11

I’m writing this on a train as I journey back to Bloomington, Indiana. I’m not taking the most conventional route, but it’s not always a straight line that can yield the best results. This train, that got delayed for 90 minutes because of a fallen power line, is on its way to Philadelphia where I will then meet up with a buddy to trek half way across the country to the Heartland. I’m not entirely sure what to expect once I get there but it’ll be good to get home after 8 months of being away.

I can’t wait to drive through Ohio. Such a beautifully aesthetic state. Especially in the summer when the trees are emerald green by the sides of the highway. Open roads, baby. Nothing better.

I hope to see a bunch of 18 wheeler trucks throughout the drive as well. Trucks on the road is a good sign for our economy and could help me get a better understanding of where we actually stand in terms of the pandemic and our road to economic recovery. The jobs report today is definitely another glance at the whole picture. I want to believe that these numbers will continue to improve, I just worry as the weather starts to get cold more businesses won’t be able to offer outdoor spacing options and that will affect much of the foundation of our economy. Hopefully congress can come to some agreement on another stimulus that doesn’t crash our economy as well. But anyways, what do I know.

Ok, now let’s get into some thoughts.

Take Me Home Country Roads

This is one of the GOAT sports videos out there. Just what sports are about. Bringing us all together regardless of who you are. It’s the stuff like that that make them so special. We gotta get back to things like this. Take me home, country roads.

Podcast Recommendation

Most who have read this site know that I love podcasts and am very skeptical of college tuition costs and how post secondary education has treated their students and taken the consumer for granted. I’ve written many pieces about that linked here, here, here, and a little bit here. I think this podcast with guest Scott Galloway, professor at NYU, puts a bunch of the problems I’ve been trying to highlight in a really clear way. He also was on the Yang Speaks podcast. This pod from Business Casual is a very quick, intriguing listen though. Thank you to Dan for referring this pod to me first.

I Wish Tulsi Gabbard Got A Fair Shot

Tulsi Gabbard is a congress woman from Hawaii. She served in Iraq and is an active member of the Army National Guard. She is an absolute badass. She also ran for President during the Democratic primary and I think was pretty obviously one of the best, most intriguing people on the stage throughout the debates. This was highlighted by her being the most searched person after each debate.

Tulsi is strong, smart, and progressive. She’s honestly what one would think as a prototypical candidate for the Democratic Party. The only problem, however, is she made an enemy out of Hillary Clinton back in 2015. This, along with her anti-war values is a big no for the Democratic establishment so they had to silence her immediately. This was explicitly elevated by Google taking down her campaign fundraising page and Hillary Clinton herself referring to Tulsi as a Russian agent. That’s incredibly insulting to say that to a veteran of our military and active member of congress with no real basis to those claims.

I’m not sure if Tulsi could have won if she got a normal chance, I think she would have had to earn it. But isn’t that supposed to be the point? She has some fairly far left ideas and is an outsider to the establishment. I just don’t like how she seemingly had no chance at all because of demands from the higher up, neoliberals in the party. It’s just so obviously corrupt. I can confidently say I would vote for Tulsi over anyone else currently running for President, regardless of party. I don’t think I’d be alone in that characterization.

I made a thread earlier this week talking about how I wish Tulsi got a fair shot with some of her interviews that are very interesting and actually could’ve riled up real some enthusiasm towards the election. She has solid ideas and is great at communicating them. I hope one day she can get a fair shot to gain some solid footing in our government. I think her support would be grassroots, and I ain’t talking astro turf.

Motivational Video

I love Jules. Future HOF in my book. Football back SOON.

Prolific – Just Keep Digging

I also want to give a shoutout to one of my good friends Nick Coppola for officially launching his sports equipment business, Prolific Sports Lab, this past week. If you follow @thoughtless44 on Instagram you have seen me promoting some of his stuff but it’s really exciting that his product, the NXT Foot Guard, is officially available for pre-order. It’s sleek and rational protection. I think player’s will be looking to utilize it.

Nick has been working on this for years and now that it’s finally here I can’t wait to see where he takes it. All of it is so professional and cool. I think he has a chance to break through in an industry where most don’t really try to make new brands and innovations. Check out Prolific on instagram, and if you know anyone who can benefit from this gear spread the word. Congrats, Nick.


I’m happy I was able to get this post out while on the train. My goal this summer was to create a well researched representation of my ideas and thoughts about various things going on in the world and my life. I did this because my initial plans for my break were completely railroaded by the pandemic.

I know that people won’t always agree with me and that’s okay. I think discourse is important for getting ideas out and finding the best solutions. I don’t try to pretend that I’m perfect or that I have all the answers. I just do my best to tell the truth how I see it from what I believe to be a fair and moderate approach.

Diversity is what we should champion and what many believe is the greatest thing about our country. Diversity is a diverse word in itself and we need to understand that. Succumbing to groupthink only digs deeper and deeper holes that get harder recover from. I believe that calling out hypocrisy and presenting real, fair solutions and compromises is the only way to move forward without tearing everyone or everything down. I think everyone needs to do a better job in noticing these hypocrisies from both sides. It’s not that you can’t change your mind or evolve as a human, it’s more that you can’t present double standards and flawed judgements when commenting and dealing with issues.

I want to continue this blog as I get back to Indiana and will be following the craziness of the 2020 fall. There will be a lot of emotional times for many ahead and I will try my best to remain level headed and tell it like it is. I’ll still try to get a post up every day, but with school it may become difficult at times. But I’ll keep trucking along.

That’s a promise and I am ready to buckle up to see where the future takes us.

Freedom will prevail, but it’s up to us to pave that path. Keep on trucking on.



P.S. If I don’t get my twitter account back soon I might lose my mind.

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