Joe Biden Picks Kamala Harris As Vice Presidential Nominee

In what will be viewed as one of the more important Vice Presidential picks in the history of the United States, presumptive democratic nominee Joe Biden finally announced that he will be selecting Senator Kamala Harris as his running mate. This will be criticized, scrutinized, and analyzed as much as any VP nominee in the history of our country, and it will be an interesting battle to see how they frame her as both Joe’s side kick and potential future President. It is known that Biden will only be looking for 1 term in office, so Kamala is presumably next up in the DNC establishment’s eyes.

Now, the show really begins. There will be skeletons brought out of the closets and the race will really begin heating up. It’s interesting that Biden picked one of the few democratic candidates that didn’t even make it to the first primary election. Who has claimed to be a “progressive prosecutor”, Biden, Kamala, and the campaign will have to try and prove that as it has been widely discredited and led to her lack in popularity among left wing voters.

There will be a lot to come in the near future as Kamala comes to the spotlight of the Trump campaigns attacks. She has already been labeled as “Phony” Kamala.

Buckle up, friends. Much, much more to come.


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