Reminder: Tulsi Gabbard Ended Kamala Harris’ Presidential Campaign

I wrote last Friday about how I wish Tulsi got a fair shot as a candidate to be the nominee or VP pick for president in the Democratic party. Obviously this was wishful thinking and she would be a truly disruptive candidate to the Democratic party. She wouldn’t go along with the establishment, corporatist views that are so strong in the ideology of the top brass in the party. I think she could have had a real grassroots campaign to help the left win in November. This isn’t necessarily saying that the republicans are full on populists either, by the way. All I continue to say is that Tulsi connects with regular Americans much better than pretty much anyone else I watched during the Democratic Primary race.

Tulsi didn’t get a fair shot, and that is what it is. For the record, neither did Andrew Yang who was also a very popular candidate amongst moderate voters. He should be speaking at the DNC convention as well, and he has all but endorsed the establishment yet still had enthusiasm behind his campaign. It’s weird that the real, moderate candidates are essentially silenced.

But anyways back to Tulsi vs. Kamala, maybe Tulsi’s only real win and contribution to the primary race was essentially ending Kamala Harris’ campaign by completely exposing Harris’ claim of being a “progressive prosecutor” for the state of California. She called her out for blocking DNA evidence to free an innocent man who was on death row, she jailed over 1900 people for marijuana offenses, she used and oppressed modern slave labor in the form of prisoners, and many other flaws in the record that Kamala claims to be proud of.

Kamala didn’t have a real substantive response to these attacks then and to public knowledge hasn’t futher defended them either. I’m sure someone will make her answer to these again as she will be in just as much of the spotlight going towards November.

Tulsi made these attacks during a debate that aired on July 31, 2019. Kamala’s campaign ran out of funds and was ended just 5 months later. As we know, she didn’t even make it to the first primary vote in Iowa. She was polling at around 2%.

Obviously, campaign contributions are intertwined with support and when people don’t give you money for your campaign, it’s a sign that they don’t want you to continue running. Kamala who was a self proclaimed “top tier” candidate had to save herself from the embarrassment of getting relatively no the votes in the first primary and then losing her home state.

This is important to remember as we begin to market this democratic ticket. It’s important to remember that in the earliest stages of the primaries, the party’s own, most dedicated voters did not support Kamala’s bid for office. It had nothing to do with racism, sexism, or anything of the like. She simply was not a popular candidate in party’s most loyal voters’ eyes. And if someone tries to frame it as anything other they are essentially labelling that to the democrats.

So, it will be an uphill battle to brand Kamala otherwise in this race. Regardless, the top of the ticket will subject to the most scrutiny, but as the heir apparent in the democratic party, Kamala will be just as open to criticism. That is fair and necessary for our democracy.

I think understanding Kamala as being the person who may be a heartbeat away from the Oval Office is imperative to know as the election nears. Whether in 4 years or less, someone who didn’t have any voters cast their ballots to her name in the primary could step into the role as leader of the free world. Harris is an elected senator, but that is very different than leading the executive branch and the entire country. She was pretty much depleted after 1 real attack during the primaries and has been labeled as a “phony” from her current opposition. I’m curious what the prosecutors’ defenses will be.

I’m sure there will be more hits to come and I don’t think Kamala will have the chance to drop out of the race this time. Hopefully she will be better prepared as she goes through the gauntlet of a Presidential race.


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