Thoughts Into The Weekend vol. 12

Happy Friday, yet another week down. I’m pretty much all moved in to my new place which is cool. Except I have zero kitchen supplies which is kind of a bummer but we’ll figure that out eventually. I’m ready for school to start in just 9 days. It still hasn’t fully hit that I’m a senior.

So far in Bloomington it is hard to tell really how the semester will go. This is partially because there aren’t that many students here yet. Most people are moving throughout this weekend. I’m sure it’ll start to take shape very soon.

There truthfully isn’t too much going on outside of that so I’ll get right into it.

UFC252 – Miocic vs. Cormier III

I don’t have the research to do a full preview. But, this will be a big event tomorrow that I am very excited for. As everyone knows UFC is one of my favorite sports and they are up there for the best source of entertainment that has led us through this pandemic.

It’s obvious that the title fight is what everyone will be looking forward to but you can’t not be hyped for Sugar Sean O’Malley’s return to the octagon. The guy is electric and I believe will get another KO to his record. Once he gets this win he’ll probably start to get calls for a title fight. He’s still a few victories away from a legit chance at the Bantamweight belt, but his marketability is definitely a draw in that division and he needs to be on the top. Eventually the time will come but there’s just a few others who will get a chance at Petr Yan’s belt first.

When just looking at the other fights, I am gonna pick Muhnoz, Ankalaev, and Rozenstruik. I don’t know much at all about these fighters to be honest. But, for my Rozenstruik pick I just remember him getting his face absolutely mangled vs. Francis Ngannou a few months ago. It was one of the quicker KO’s I have seen. He was so bad that I am just doing the Costanza with my brain and picking him to win this time. We’ll have to see.

For the title, I think I want Cormier to win. He’s a super likable guy when he does the broadcast with Rogan and I watched some of the pre fight press conference and he seemed very relaxed in his preparation and at peace with this being his last fight.

But, Miocic is going to win. He’s just an absolute house. I struggle to envision DC winning again after getting beat so badly the last time. I think Miocic just proved that it was a bit of fluke for first KO and I don’t know if DC will have the ability to go 5 rounds with someone who’s just a lot bigger than him. Miocic by TKO in the 4th is my pick.

New Twitter – Follow @jacklesser3

I still have not heard back from Twitter about my absurd suspension and deletion of my account. It’s insane. But I guess I had no other choice to make a new account. Follow my new personal account @jacklesser3. I like to balance both my twitter accounts to what I think as just my interests vs. my ThoughtLess interests. I don’t know, just follow me and maybe you’ll learn something one way or another.

Thanks for hearing out my simp for followers.

Hand Sanitizer

This is a huge development that I’m starting to realize more and more as sanitizing and hygiene are the best, most proven ways to stay healthy and fight thru the pandemic. The difference in qualities between different hand sanitizers is actually fascinating to me.

Purell is far and away the best sanitizer. I’m talking hand sanitizer gels. The soaps are all kind of the same. But the gel? Purell takes the cake. Germ-X is a close second.

The reason I bring this up is because of all these knockoff brands that are just terrible. They smell gross, first off. I was exposed to a tequila hand sanitizer the other day and actually almost puked after putting it on. It was cruel.

Then, the consistency is unbearable. Some are like literal water that just sprays everywhere when you push the pump. I got hand sanitizer on my shirt the other day because the bottle was like a super soaker water gun. It should be a liquid gel, not a liquid. Sometimes I feel like I am just rinsing my hands with water and it’s like what is going on here. It needs to have some thickness.

Also, the post use hand accessibility is wildly important. Some of these sanitizers are trying to be moisturizers as well. I hate hand lotion. I do not like it when I can’t grip anything. It really bothers me. So, I avoid using hand lotion most of the time. But, this becomes a problem when my hand sanitizer is doubling as a lotion as well. I won’t use those types again. If it’s also a lotion, there has to be a warning.

The vice versa is true as well. I bought some sanitizer yesterday from CVS and after using it I was actually so confused as to why my hands were ridiculously sticky. I had to wash my hands after washing my hands with the sanitizer.

Hand sanitizer should be a simple process where you rub it on your hands and it’s a quick scrub and boom it’s all over. It shouldn’t be hard.

After experiencing so many different brands and types in recent months, it’s safe to say that Purell has the sincere, complete quality advantage over pretty much everything else. The only close competitor is Germ-X. These brands do sanitizers right. I know this is proven in their brand recognition, but still it’s important to say it more.

Motivational Video


Dave Portnoy did a video with the Winklevoss twins yesterday talking about bitcoin and how DDTG can get involved in the crypto game. It was a pretty funny video but one of the takeaways that I most got from it was when Dave said, “smart people are involved so you kinda have to ride with it”.

I’m not gonna pretend like I know everything about bitcoin and how it works, but I think I understand some of it. And that point that Dave makes is one of my favorite arguments to bring up when discussing bitcoin. People a lot smarter than you and I are believers in BTC. this includes people like Jack Dorsey, Chamath Palihapitiya, and many others who think that there is really something to it.

It’s usually not a bad idea to listen to people who are ridiculously smart and wildly successful. That’s just my opinion on that.

So, let’s see it go to the moon. Always stacking sats.

Primetime To Barstool

Deion Sanders made big news this week by announcing that he was leaving the NFL Network and joining Barstool Sports. What a crazy get for Barstool and it will be really cool to see Neon Deion utilize their platform and talk about more than just football. I think that he’s one of the most interesting guys out there who is obviously super famous and incredibly athletic. He is versatile and him being able to shoot from the hip will be fun to watch.

Barstool’s NFL pregame show is going to be very entertaining this fall.


So I guess next week is the Democratic National Convention? I don’t have much to say because we kind of all know what to expect. Everything is Trump’s fault and if they get in office it will be fixed. Because it’s really all that simple. No further questions, or any questions in Biden’s circumstance.

But seriously, I think that the DNC is doing a very poor job marketing this event. Maybe it becomes that much harder as it’s online (even though I think it shouldn’t be). But they should do a better job of making it something that can excite regular people. I don’t believe that they are.

They need to make it more of an experience as right now it just seems like a conference call. Try to make it serious but fun.


Well, that does it for me this week. Thanks for tuning in and keep spreading the word about ThoughtLess Magazine to your friends and loved ones. I want to keep growing this as we progress forward this year. One of the best ways to do that is to put out as much content as possible and trying to do as much research as I can. I think that getting a different opinion is important for everyone and I like to try my best to do that.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns reach out to me and I want to have these conversations. Real conversations are how real issues are solved.


@jacklesser3 ||| @thoughtless44

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