It’s Impossible To Know What’s Going On With The Post Office

I’m honestly just confused. It seems that now even the post office has been politicized. The most generic, mundane service in what may be the entire country has now found itself at the forefront of the latest political controversy in our discourse. These people just refuse to quit. It’s like once there is the smallest ember of an issue it gets completely blown out of proportion and conspiracies and hot takes just go flying out every which way. The worst part is now I don’t even know what the issue is. The post office needs more money? For what? I’m not entirely sure but now the House will be suspending their recess and instead of compromising on another stimulus bill they will be voting to not change the functions of the USPS. So basically now we want to defund the police and give the money to our mailmen. Seems completely logical. The senate likely won’t act on this vote, and apparently that is a direct attack on our democracy by the GOP. Never heard that one before. Honestly, the recycling of scandals and attacks shows a real lack of creativity by the left.

But seriously, I legitimately am having a hard time following what’s going on with the USPS. It’s also to the point where it’s just exhausting trying to keep up with these absolute clowns in office. Apparently there’s a Trump conspiracy to undermine the mail so we can’t have an election? I don’t know if that’s true. But at the same time, it’s impossible to get real research in finding out what’s going on. From what I’ve seen, Trump has said he would fund the post office if they can get a fair stimulus deal. Google brings up articles that doesn’t even answer my actual questions. It’s just too hard to trust anybody or any source in the media to actually tell what is happening. I legitimately think Andrew Schulz is the only person who could accurately sum all of it up in a fair manner. Too bad he’s on a vacation.

I have seen people upset about how inefficient the mail is run and also that leads to them losing billions of dollars in tax payer money every year. I think those are fair concerns. But also the idea that we need our mail is valid as well, it’s even written in the constitution. Is it too radical of a position to say that our mail should be a run well organization, though? Is it radical to say that about any government funded program? We should no longer just accept the wasting of our taxes. Is it also crazy to think that implementing an entire new voting structure less than 3 months before the election is probably not attainable?

I’m genuinely confused and am going to try to do more research about this going forward. But, the problem is that once you get behind on a story like this it becomes almost impossible to truly know where the truth is. It’s the same thing with Russia Gate. If you search something about that then every article or TV segment is just a jargon filled talking point that probably has nothing to do with the actual problem at stake.

One thing I do know is the people who believed those pictures of mail boxes getting replaced and saying that it was a deliberate attempt to suppress mail and votes are shallow minded people. These are the same people who call you a lunatic if you mention something to the likes of QAnon or the Deep State. Ok, sheep. And I’m the crazy one.

But seriously, shouldn’t we want safe and fair elections? Yes the post office is important but that doesn’t mean they can handle an influx of votes to the likes of a general election. There has been multiple disasters over the country with mail in elections. I don’t think there is a single politician who would answer the question straightforward in a positive way if asked about the true integrity of a mail in election. And if the doctors say we can vote in person, then we should vote in person.

Why can’t we just spread out the time of the election, or something of the like? Why can’t voting be something like from October 31 through November 3? If Walmart and Target can be open then we can go to one and vote. It doesn’t seem like rocket science to me. It seems the process for absentee ballots are ironed out, and the mail in ballots would be a fiasco. Regardless of who wins this election, I think the most important thing is that there is an actual result that is accepted by both sides. Yet, as of now both sides are setting up serious grounds to challenge the election. That doesn’t sound like a peaceful transfer of power to me.

It’ll be very interesting to see how this plays out going forward. A lot of baseless claims are being thrown out to garner as much fear and uncertainty before this vote. Hopefully we can get some honest reporting out of what’s really going on.

Stay on the lookout.

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