Andrew Cuomo Calls His Response To COVID19 “Beautiful”

I think it’s important to call this out. Last night was the first day of the Democratic National Convention in Milwaukee that wasn’t actually in Milwaukee, it was virtual. Joe Biden isn’t the first Democrat nominee for office to defer from campaigning in Wisconsin. (Pause for laughter). Yet, some of the biggest guns in the Democratic Party’s establishment spoke on behalf of Joe Biden and their attempt to unify the party and vote Donald Trump out of office. The night included people like Michelle Obama, Bernie Sanders, Republican John Kasich, and governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo.

Cuomo has been idolized by many for his response in handling New York even though by almost every measure New York’s experience with the coronavirus outbreak has been substantially worse than pretty much every other US state and a lot of world countries as well. This is highlighted by the governor’s mandate of long term care facilities to admit COVID positive patients into nursing homes that led to an estimated 11,000 deaths. Last night he claimed that the federal government offered no help, when in reality they offered the most help, stated by Cuomo himself, to New York in fighting the outbreak. Much of these resources weren’t even used or needed by the state, but regardless anything they asked for they got. Cuomo seems to have forgotten this and has gone back to simply playing politics.

And what does he mean when he says the coronavirus is a symptom? From our government as a whole and its inability to actually make smart decisions? Because sure you can say our federal government is a mess, but what makes me think that our state and local governments aren’t just as bad if not worse? One thing he was right about was how there was division before Trump became President. If only he remembered who was in the highest office before Trump stepped in. This portrayal of it being just a symptom makes COVID truthers just want to jump out of their chairs and call out the hoax for what they think it is. It makes people who claim government outreach to be exactly correct in that using “public health” to levy authoritarian power over regular people.

Now yes, New York got hit first by the CCP Virus, that for some reason Cuomo called the “European Virus”. And, as I’ve said before I don’t completely blame them for having a rough response. We definitely have learned as the pandemic progressed and have done a better job in handling outbreaks across the country. Saying we haven’t learned anything is a lie. However, this idea that New York has handled the pandemic well when they have by far the most deaths and the state’s economy is on the verge of collapse doesn’t give the window to pretend that the response by the state’s governor has been beautiful. The state is in shambles. And yes, the fact that they are out of the woods may be beautiful, but that didn’t come with some of the ugliest consequences on behalf of government decisions in quite some time.

People value authenticity and there is nothing less genuine than someone who refuses to acknowledge that he/she made mistakes. And in this case much of the blame Cuomo needs to take ends up paying for it in the ultimate way. Andrew Cuomo is acting like the definition of a dirty politician. People who say Trump lives in an alternate universe need to also point out the same for Cuomo.

The guy is such a fraud he is writing a book about New York’s response while the pandemic is still ongoing. I’m sure just like his ridiculous COVID poster it will for some reason neglect his complete ineptitude to care for our elders. I’m sure he’ll blame solely Donald Trump about the 1 in 3 small business that will have to close their doors permanently. This book is such a money grab it makes me want to puke.

I also don’t know why Cuomo had the gaul to call it the “European Virus”. Is that not offensive? I guess if you call it the European Virus or the Trump Virus it’s okay. The virus originated in China. Throughout history viruses are named by their origin. So why is he muddying the waters? If calling it the China virus is so offensive then maybe we should blame the Chinese Communist Party who released the virus to the world. And if you think that all names are offensive for any virus, then just call it COVID19. But I think the CCP Virus is fair and justified.

Truthfully, I didn’t watch much too much of the DNC. It is painfully boring and just not exciting to me. I’m sure it will be much of the same tonight as speakers like AOC and Bill Clinton are headlining. The hypocrisies are just so blatant. Bill Clinton is deeply connected to Jeffrey Epstein, yet he’s a keynote speaker. Either way it’ll all be Trump’s fault and we will hear no substantive solutions to our problems.

I’m sure there will be more news to come out of it, though, that I will try to cover tomorrow. Stay tuned.


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