Saagar’s Radar Today Was Spot On

Obama spoke at the DNC last night. I think his message was very consistent with everything we have heard in the last 3+ years. It’s all Trumps fault and if/when they (the Democrats) have power then it will all be fixed. The message is simple and clear. But is it effective? How long can we just continue to place the blame on one person or thing without offering a single substantive solution to these issues? It really is a glaring portrayal of a lack of self awareness that we all need to come to grips with. Not one person is the devil, nor god for that matter. It’s a group effort that we need to come together for to find real ways to help regular people. That doesn’t include this notion of making “everything free” and putting our trust into one single institution to save all our lives. It will be a combination of both public and private enterprises that bring us to new heights. Look at the SpaceX and NASA partnership.

But anyways, Saagar Enjeti of Rising put out this radar today that talks about Obama’s affinity in his want to further cement his legacy as US President. Obama is so worried about making sure that his vision of America, that largely saw no concrete changes of society for the better, is rejuvenated and he is willing to take an unprecedented attack at a sitting US President. He refuses to see that his failed policies are the reasons for Trump, not just because 1/2 of the country is racist. Especially considering that same country voted Obama into office twice. And when they lost, they didn’t threaten to secede or anything crazy.

I think Saagar is one of the best voices for young, conservative media right now. He very articulately puts issues into a clear and focussed manner that helps truly understand how conservative populists are thinking. I will be looking to get more into his podcast, The Realignment as well.

2 days ago Andrew Cuomo called COVID a “symptom” of a divided country. Actually, Trump is that symptom. Trump said it himself, if Obama hadn’t failed so badly then he wouldn’t have become President. Saagar does a great job explaining how Obama’s initial promises of ending the wars and changing the nation were obviously not held up. Foreign policy wise, he brought us into more wars, allowed the rise of ISIS, and executed abhorrent acts of war on civilians. It’s this type of war-mongering that the DNC wants to bring us back into and leads so many people to resent these virtue signaling pundits. He claimed to be for the working class while moving forward with the globalist agenda. We saw manufacturing leave the country and decent paying jobs left by the wayside. It is just blatant lies by politicians that people are tired of.

So, in Obama’s remarks he didn’t really make any news. He presented himself Presidential, as you would expect. But the actual words are what I tend to care about. Obama may as well have said Orange Man bad and he [Joe] will make everything good. I’m not interested in those hollow promises. History just shows that isn’t the case. Saagar puts this clearly and just because Obama is likable as a person, doesn’t mean that the majority agrees with his policies. This was brought to truth in 2016 in the election that brought us Donald Trump. When you take Obama’s policies and put them on Hillary Clinton’s face, people reject.

Time will tell how this case moves forward with a Biden/Harris ticket. If it fails, then a new strategy will most likely need to come forward.

But, speeches like these, and basically the rest of the DNC, show that nothing was really learned by the left from their 2016 defeat. They refuse to believe any other reason for losing other than umbrella conspiracies that hold no basis to really anything. If it weren’t for the pandemic, this race would be very different. But, because of this the race tightens immensely. It will be a real testament to our nation’s overall psyche when the results (hopefully fair) come back on election night.

If Trump does win again, then the Democratic party might actually have to take a real look in the mirror for the first time in 4 years. Maybe I’m wrong, and this is not an endorsement of Trump, but I just don’t see a party that seems to operate in groupthink and a caste mentality will see a unified, coherent future within this countries borders.

Freedom will prevail, though. It’s up to us to pave that path.


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