Thoughts Into The Weekend vol. 13

The news cycle is legitimately exhausting at this point. I almost feel like it’s groundhog day. The stories that we see on a daily basis are pretty much all blending together to create a nauseating repeat of daily attacks and takes that are getting quite predictable. The same goes for me. Too much news.

One thing that I saw recently from a great twitter follow, Naval, is that we are not supposed to be so in tune with the 24 hour news cycle like some of us fall victim. That includes me. It isn’t healthy to be so entrenched in all this stuff and I believe it’s important to recognize that. It’s important to take a break.

Yes, I follow much of the news and the past week I’ve realized that when you do operate in this way it gets extremely difficult to alter your message or ideas across when you feel like it’s just a constant repetition of what you have been saying for quite some time. Now, sometimes it is necessary to say things over and over again, but when it gets to the point where we are talking in circles then we need to take a moment to step back and just breathe. No one thing is that important that we need to lose our collective minds over it.

So, when I didn’t make a post on Tuesday this week it was because I found myself writing a post about Rob O’Neill and his issue and outcry with wearing a mask that I felt like I had already written very similar pieces multiple times on this site. It just was weird and I felt like I couldn’t put my thoughts into a cohesive manner that said anything new or different than what I have said previously. I took the decision to just take a day to collect my thoughts and figured that I would crack at it again the next day. And that’s what I did.

I guess the takeaway there is to just realize that sometimes it’s important to step away from what’s going on and find other ways to stimulate and broaden your mind.

With that I’ll get into my thoughts.

Lebron Reads(?)

Lebron made waves this week by posting a picture of him reading the autobiography of Malcolm X. This would normally be something that I don’t pay any real attention to but then I saw a great tweet about Lebron’s history of reading books throughout the NBA playoffs and how it just seems like he’s always just at the beginning of the book.

This was emphasized even greater when a reporter asked Lebron for his takeaways so far from reading this book. His response was honestly hilarious. His answer has me believing that he has not actually started reading it. The way he used buzzwords and generic explanations legitimately makes me think he had just been posing for the picture and not actually reading the words. I mean maybe I’m wrong but I watched the video and what he said about Malcolm X and his book is pretty much what I would say if I was asked a question like that by my high school english teacher when I didn’t do the assigned reading. Decide for yourself.

Jason Whitlock had an interesting take about it as he has read the book 3 times. He argues that Lebron hasn’t actually read any of the book yet also.

My Twitter Is Back

The fight is won. My OG twitter is back and now I’m left with 3 accounts. 2 personal and 1 business account, @thoughtless44. I don’t really know how to manage all 3 and it will be a balance of my many interpersonal thoughts that I want to share with into the ether.

I’m happy I was released from this purgatory as my account had some memories that I didn’t want to get lost forever. I ultimately came to peace with losing the account initially but it’s still something that I have had since I was a kid so there was no need for it to disappear. From this day, onward.


Catan is a board game that I would say is a mix between monopoly and risk. I’m not sure if that comparison is good though considering I kinda suck. I gotta get my numbers up. All about my guala.

But in all seriousness, this game is one of strategy and intelligence so I will have to figure out new ways of thinking multiple steps ahead of my opponents. I welcome the challenge.

If anyone has any tips, I would love to discuss game play.

Motivational Video of The Week

This isn’t very motivational but at the same time it is. I need to spend less time on social media.

Bloomington Update

So I’m back in Bloomington as I have mentioned before and honestly it is a very strange dynamic that is going on here. The fact that 50,000 undergraduate students are currently flowing into the city is foreseen as a petri dish to spread COVID, one could think. You could also think of it as a bubble similar to the NBA. To try and combat the spread the school has taken measures to do “hybrid” classes, which start Monday (8/24). This “hybrid” model actually just means that 80% of everyone’s classes (pretty much) are online and we won’t really need to be on campus for the most of our semester. People have largely been wearing masks when they are in public places. I’d guess about 40% of people are even wearing masks when just walking down the street. To my knowledge, there hasn’t been a huge uptick in cases in Monroe County considering the massive influx of people.

They are also COVID testing each student who returns to campus. I got my test yesterday, and I am still waiting on the results. What I will say is the people running this operation were not very nice or friendly as I went through the process.

Initially when I gave my name to the administrator she asked me if I consented to taking the test. My response to her was simply “Do I have a choice to say no?” and she just fake laughed and told me to keep going. I never gave verbal consent to this test. But, because of the pressure and rush they presented, I had to go through with it.

And then after I finished the test I asked the collector what they do with all the students DNA who they are collecting from besides just getting COVID results. She didn’t know. I am honestly confused at how little transparency there is with this whole operation. I don’t think it should be that unknown of a question to know what the University is planning on doing with every student’s DNA. Maybe I’m paranoid but maybe I also just don’t feel like they need it and/or we should at least be aware with what happens with the results.

Then, the fact that the school is already planting seeds to cancel the semester before even October is just a slap in the face to the student body. I can’t say I’m surprised but that doesn’t mean it isn’t unethical. Yesterday the University President sent an email to all students saying how people think cancelling is “inevitable” and he gave a grim ask to “prove them wrong”. Sometimes I think the only science that these people are using is the science of social media and public relations.

This was compounded this morning when every IU student received a text that the mayor of Bloomington, John Hamilton, signed an executive order that reduced the number of gatherings people can have in private gatherings to 15 people, reduced from 50. Seriously, where is the science to this? IU is threatening discipline and suspensions to people who break these orders. Does this mean all restaurants need to have only 15 people within their walls at a time? From looking on Kirkwood right now, that isn’t happening so I don’t know if they are included. We know from research and me even talking to Bloomington restaurant owners that this would not be sustainable. I believe it’s a government overreach and there hasn’t been any clear science provided in this order.

We know the debacle that the Big10 Conference made with cancelling football, and it seems like they are down the same path with schools as well. The students, facts, and realities should have a seat at the socially distanced table.

College students are going to live their lives, especially now that we know the risks that come with COVID and our health bracket. The government seems to be infringing on our first amendment right to assemble. We saw this in extreme in California. This Bloomington outcry is because there was a video that went viral when some narc tweeted as he drove by an outdoor party in Bloomington. There is no evidence yet to suggest that this party led to any cases of the virus.

From what I have heard, initial results of the student’s COVID tests have come back less than 1% positive. That is great news. But, if the public perception gets in the way of that then nothing matters because of blurred data that is factoring into our leader’s decisions. I hope that this gets handled with soon and people realize how absurd all this is. Let’s use the data and science to act safely and open up. There is no reason to overreact and its the people who stay level headed and don’t act with emotion that will yield the best results.

Hopefully we can live life at least semi-normally and return the autonomy to ourselves.


That was a lot and I don’t want to get lost in the fact that it is important to be safe during all this. Wash your hands. Exercise. Eat right. These things are proven to help stay healthy and will probably help you beat the virus without you even knowing you ever had it.

I’ll end on that and I am excited to see how classes go starting next week. Hopefully they go smooth and we don’t have any more rash decisions made.

Cheers and stay safe.

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