On The First Day Of Virtual Classes The Indiana Canvas System Crashed

I can only laugh at something like this. It’s one of the more classic outcomes of what we only should have expected as we return to (virtual) classes. But truthfully, it’s embarrassing and maddening. My first class of the year was supposed to begin at 9:25am. As I looked to log on to my Canvas (class page) account at about 9:05am I received an error message. I was initially very worried as I was led to a page that stated one reason I may not be able to access my account because it had been prolonged period since I last logged on. The only problem with that is I successfully logged on to my Canvas yesterday. I tried to login to my school Zoom account as well and a similar error was presented. The systems crashed on the first day. We cannot use the tools needed to attend and partake in our courses on the first Monday of the semester.

I seriously thought this was a me problem and that I was going to be screwed over on my first day. That is not the case. The system had almost 4 months from the end of last semester to prepare for the bandwidth and usage that would come today with every student trying to log on to their classes. But, nope. It clearly couldn’t handle it and now the UITS team scrambling to get everything back on track. What an absolute failure. I was told by a prominent professor at IU, “under the current infrastructure and designs, it is almost impossible to ensure and safe environment of face-to-face learning.”

Well, as of right now under this current infrastructure we can’t ensure any learning. Shame.

I constantly discuss about how expensive tuitions are and how colleges treat their students like customers and not actual students. It’s ridiculous that these same very well paying “customers” are provided with systems that can’t even support what will be a standard usage and bandwidth for the remaining 16 weeks of the semester. I mean, Indiana raised tuition so they could supposedly handle issues like this and on the very first day they let us down. As if online classes weren’t bad enough, now everyone is just lost and confused; worried that we could fall behind in curriculums and work. At a minimum professors will have to scrap plans from the already altered courses or they will rush/skip through topics, subjects, and details.

But, we’ll just be thanked for our “flexibility” and “understanding” during these “trying/uncertain times”. That excuse is a cop out and the burden of this will ultimately fall on the “customer”. I think people need to start getting tired of hearing things like that. We should get something substantive out of this failure, especially if it isn’t fixed soon.

Seriously, if we’re going to be paying a ridiculous amount of money to attend online learning, and then said online learning doesn’t even work, isn’t that proof that we are just paying way too much? Where is this money going? People need answers. If I were a University official I would hold a press conference as soon as possible. Too bad they will just continue to hide behind a few tweets. The lack of accountability is glaring and definitely not an example our leaders should be setting.

I’m sure, however, people will just forget about this and it will get fixed eventually. Nothing will change. But this is hypocrisy and the fact that the University is already hinting at ending in person learning (which only takes up about 1-2 classes for each student regardless) while not providing us what we need to have effective remote learning is just flat out embarrassing.

I just received an email from IU saying how there is a “global Zoom outage”. Maybe that is the case. But our IU Canvas class pages are down as well. Inexcusable. I really can’t believe that I am behind on my very first day of classes. We had so much time to prepare and the only work I can see is a few on campus graphics about wearing a mask.

These problems need to get fixed and I’ll be monitoring the situation as it progresses. Hopefully I can just get back to what was supposed to be my regularly scheduled Monday soon. I honestly thought I wasn’t going to get a post out till much later today because of my class schedule. I guess I can thank IU for that.

Also, I understand these are 3rd party services, but that doesn’t change my stance. If we pay for what is stated to be the best, then we should get the best. If not then you figure it out and fix it/make it your own. Simple as that. There should be a plan A, B, C, D, and E for dealing with this pandemic.


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