Hillary Clinton Tells Joe Biden, “Do Not Concede On Election Night”

That whole peaceful transition of power thing? Yea that has been completely thrown out the window. In an interview, if you even want to call it that, the former Secretary of State urges Biden to prepare for winning the popular vote, which is largely insignificant, and still lose the electoral college, ie. lose the General Election. This is the same result that gave Trump his historic win in 2016. Hillary loves to mention and blame that on her loss instead of her unwillingness to campaign in Wisconsin, a state that hadn’t gone republican since Reagan, and other major rustbelt states that went red in ’16. If this is the case as it plays out again, as she says, then the Biden team should have a huge legal operation ready to challenge the results of the election with regards to mail-in votes and other largely baseless claims that she makes against the other side.

Clinton says that if they don’t “let up” then they will eventually win and take control, or power, of the executive branch. The transparency is glaring. Usually when people in the media talk about “power” I tend to think it’s an overblown hyperbole of how our lives actually are and how the people in charge act on a daily basis. But, when I see accusations like this then there really is no other way to put it. This is not the first, transparent admission by the left to take drastic measures to remove a duly elected President.

What they accuse Trump of, they are actually doing themselves.

Now yes, I understand why some people may get eery when Trump says that he needs to “wait and see” before conceding the results of the election, but is that not different than openly saying you are prepared, ready, and going to challenge the results almost regardless? If they are going to contest the election, seemingly no matter what, then what’s the point of even holding it? It seems like a straight path towards violence and controversy that anyone with a rational mind would want to put a stop to it.

We need to have fair elections. We need to have as many people vote as possible in a safe way. This can be done in person and is even preferred by one of the most important voting demographics in this upcoming election. People simply don’t trust the government in handling mail in ballots correctly and it just seems like a path towards disaster. I don’t see how people dispute that. This fabricated post office problem isn’t helping either. There are ways to vote safely, and there are ways mitigate the risks that come with the pandemic.

But, this idea that the election will drag on for days, weeks, or even months after November 3rd is a terrible prospect and will be detrimental to our country and livelihoods. It’s truthfully crazy how history does repeat itself. Those who say the American education system has failed us and doesn’t teach students our history aren’t wrong. I think at this point the only hope we have is for it to be a blowout for either side. And if that happens we still might not have a peaceful transition.

But, again, this whole peaceful transition seems to have been almost abandoned, even from the time Trump took office. And that is not necessarily to Trump’s doing. Hillary saying that Biden shouldn’t concede “under any circumstance” is as tyrannical and almost treasonous of a statement that has probably ever been said since the Civil War. This wasn’t just a way to rile up her base, this is a way to inform them of the party’s plans if they lose this election. Sure, right now they are marketing that they will use the legal system, but top brass in the party has also hinted at using force as well. The House Speaker even referred to Republicans as “enemies of the state” yesterday. These comments are not to be taken in a joking manner. These people, although not serious in ration, are serious in action and will do seemingly whatever it takes. It’s hypocrisy bright as day.

Now, if they win the election, then yes all the power to them. But they are setting up serious seeds to show that they are not only worried, but prepping for a loss and doing what they can to seize power anyways. And yes – power – is the only acceptable word in this scenario.

Buckle up and register to vote here.

Also Hillary, please just go away.


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