Joe Biden Doubles Down That He Will Partake In Presidential Debates

Nancy Pelosi made waves this morning as she said in a press conference that she doesn’t believe Joe Biden should give Donald Trump the time of day on a debate stage. She spewed about how Trump lives in an alternate reality and would belittle the office. The Speaker says his “lies” shouldn’t be highlighted on a debate stage. That is complete, irrational garbage. Debates are a duty and service to the people who deserve to be informed about the nominees that they will elect to run their country and be the leader of the free world.

But, the reason why this is significant is because once again top leaders in the Democratic Party are giving us their plans and desires for how this election plays out. I wrote yesterday how they are being blatantly transparent in their attempt to take control of the executive branch in our government next year. This is just another step in that plan. Biden confirmed 2 months ago that he is going to attend all 3 debates this fall, but there has still been a lot of speculation about whether or not those will actually happen. It was initially called a “right wing talking point” as the Biden team touted that it was actually Trump who hadn’t yet agreed to the terms of the debates.

This was technically not false, even though there were whispers of him backing out by democratic advisors. That is until this morning. Clearly, there is a legitimate push by the Party to not have Biden stand across from Trump and show just how/why he is the man for the job.

Now I do commend Biden’s response in saying that he will be a “fact checker on the floor” while participating in the debates, and I think that will be up for the voters to decide. It’s not like the media will be helping Trump by any means. But, that is what is most important in this situation – the voters need the opportunity to see these 2 men debate in the same room on a live broadcast for all of us to see.

Pelosi saying this also just shows the contempt she has for regular, undecided voters who she believes can’t decide for themselves in how they want our country to be run and represented. She may as well have called them deplorables. I think this shows that the opinion on these citizens by the left’s leaders hasn’t changed all that much in the last 4 years.

Again, it’s good that Biden continues to say that he will debate. I’m not sure if he has responded yet to Trump wanting to take a drug test before them. Obviously, this isn’t an Olympic event that needs the piss of 2 old dudes to see what they are on, but it’s definitely an interesting thing to consider as we look to elect 2 men who are over the age of 75. I am kind of curious in knowing what PED’s these guys are on. I just think that Trump needs to walk on thin ice because if he makes too many demands then he is leaving a backdoor open for Biden to split.

I want these debates to happen not just because they would be fascinating content, but also to show that both sides still can at least have conversations about the issues going on in our country and the world. If either side pulls out it is actually a blatant attempt to divide us. We already know that there are gears in place to uphold a peaceful transition of power, and not doing a debate would probably accelerate that process incredibly. I’m simply speaking on speculation and my thoughts here, but in what way is no debate a positive?

The only reason I can think of is that it helps Biden. I don’t think that is a good enough argument for rational voters.

If Biden is truly a man of his word and wants to restore “dignity and respect” to the White House, then he will debate Donald Trump for the American people to see. The first debate is scheduled for September 29. We will (hopefully) be watching.


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