The Tide Has Turned On “Peaceful Protests”

After months of riots, looting, and arson, it seems like the social unrest across the country has finally shown up on the front door for Democratic operatives. I say this after a revealing clip of Don Lemon and Chris Cuomo on CNN last week stated how polls and focus groups are showing the constant riots are a problem to the average voter. So, that meant this violence finally became a point of conversation for the mainstream media. This was greatly exasperated in response to the Jacob Blake shooting and subsequent riots in Kenosha, Wisconsin. Joe Biden, in a statement this weekend, condemned the violence and claimed that his opponent was fanning the flames. Multiple people have been killed in these riots and it is time for it to stop. Biden has not said anything on camera about the riots, but is scheduled to give a speech in Pittsburgh, PA today.

I mean sure, Trump is polarizing and doesn’t usually say the right thing, but wanting to enforce laws of basic civility does not fan flames of riots. Bailing out those rioters does. The continuing claim of “peaceful protestors” had been debunked and people are getting tired of all the hostility. As Fox News’ Harris Faulkner has said, “What could you possibly be doing in the streets at 3am that is helping others at 3pm?”.

Turning a blind eye to these riots across the country really has backfired for the Democrats. Businesses have been destroyed and people’s lives have been ruined. And yes, there have been statements here and there, but at the same time leaders have willfully allowed this chaos to continue. The Deputy Campaign Manager for Biden tried to defend Biden and his role in an interview with Chris Wallace, but really dodged the question and provided no condemnation for ANTIFA or BLM riots that have persisted with support by many in the media and Democratic party. #BidenRiots was trending throughout the day on Sunday.

But not surprisingly, Donald Trump is being blamed for it all by the left, even though he is one of the few calling for (Democratic) mayors and governors to approve sending in the National Guard and regaining control of cities as they continue to perish every night. I’m not sure if it’s hubris or just pure denial but why wouldn’t the cities accept this? Kenosha’s mayor did after 3 nights and things seemed to have relatively calmed down there. Municipal buildings are being burnt to the ground. That isn’t ok in almost any setting. Mob rule is not a winning strategy.

And as the polls begin to swing in favor of President Trump, the Dems need a new strategy in framing this very real issue. Joe Biden needs to pivot his message with just about 2 months until the election. After repeating and repeating the “Donald Trump is bad” mantra for over 3 years now, it seems that it might not be enough to pull through (again) while these nightly attacks on metropolitan livelihoods linger and stain their chances of election.

I think Joe needs to extend an olive branch to Trump. He needs to stop saying that Trump is some demonic figure who wants to destroy the country and upend our democracy. That’s actually what these rioters want. Biden needs to prove that he has the mental acuity to understand the true problem at hand and bring influential people together to solve it.

Joe needs to actually be a moderate.

If he came out and said he agreed that all cities, like Portland, Chicago, New York, and Minneapolis should welcome the National Guard to restore order and denounce ANTIFA and the defund the police anarchists then I believe he would definitely see a turn towards grasping undecided voters towards November 3. Provide a creative solution that restores order and helps solve the injustices. This idea that Democrats can never give Trump a win is so much more divisive than what Trump himself has done in this situation. He’s literally offering to work with you! If Biden wants to be the “return to normalcy” candidate, then he can’t support anarchists who want the complete opposite of that for our country. These are organized riots that needs its funding cut off. It isn’t the police that needs to be defunded in this scenario. Non-action like this fuels the “Trojan Horse” theory on Joe Biden.

I said on Twitter that Trump and Biden should make a joint statement about the riots because that would actually be a positive and step towards unification of our country. Obviously that will never happen but if either of these guys want to display real leadership then they would call for it. Biden is trying to play both sides in a matter that rational people see as one sided. When Trump says it’s harder to work with democrats than world dictators, he may have a point when these leaders are inciting violence on a daily basis and refusing to call for peace in the streets.

It’s just so sad that events that have created real opportunities to bring us all together against glaring hate and injustices have only driven us further apart. There is no true unifier in this race and that’s just the simple fact of the matter. Placing blame on each other has led to constant cat fights and escalated to real violence. Sometimes it’s important to admit that you are wrong but can still provide value to a problem. I’m sure there is a way for Joe to provide that value but he has to take the first step in the right direction.

There is still too much time to completely grasp how November’s election is going to play out. There will be twists and turns that both sides will have to combat and deal with. Hopefully these riots get under control before then because as of now the only thing it is actually hurting is ourselves.

Cheers and stay safe.

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