Nancy Pelosi Defies San Francisco Lockdown Orders To Get A Blow-Out

In a late breaking story on Tuesday evening, Fox News released what I find not surprising, but still angering footage of Democratic Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, walking through a hair salon in San Francisco, CA (without a mask) while the lockdown orders on these small businesses are still active and greatly hurting these thousands of business owners who have been greatly struggling to keep their heads afloat during the draconian lockdowns that we have seen with the COVID19 pandemic.

This coincides with New York City mayor, Bill De Blasio, saying that restaurants in the city will not reopen for indoor seating any time soon, and maybe even until there is a COVID19 vaccine. The mayor said this even though New Jersey lifted indoor restaurant restrictions yesterday. I’m not one who thinks NYC is going to be dead, but it has a big mountain to climb in order to recover. De Blasio disliked by basically everyone.

Now keep in mind all this is happening as these 2 states, and the country, have seen drastic decreases in cases and deaths from COVID in recent weeks. New York saw only 7 COVID deaths yesterday. This is compounded with the CDC releasing new data that illustrates 94% of coronavirus deaths were attributed to people with at least 2.4 other co-morbidities that factored into their death. Obviously this is still very sad and there are mitigation practices we need to put in place to help curtail the virus. But, we also need to reopen. The science and data is almost overwhelming.

But, because these problems won’t be changed at just the drop of the hat, and hubris and denial from politicians is a very real thing, bringing constant attention to these facts is important. It is also vital that we hold leaders accountable and expect them to play by the same rules as us. As Nancy Pelosi says – no one is above the law.

So, when you see these people not wearing a mask, after lecturing constituents and liking non-mask wearers to the most vile of humans, we should expect them to wear the masks as well. Just because you are in a position of authority doesn’t mean you get special carve outs during a pandemic.

Pelosi has called this virus the “Trump Virus“. She did this while playing down the virus just a few months before. So now, as she eats her ice cream, a la Marie Antoinette, and gets her haircut at salons that are supposed to be closed, it should anger people and prove that we can and will reopen our country and economy. Pelosi lost all her credibility and has done very little to restore any of it in recent months.

My favorite part of this report from Fox News is that getting an actual blow dry is against the COVID guidelines in California but somehow getting a regular haircut is okay. The rules are just so backwards. I mean seriously. When the owner of this salon calls it a “slap in the face”, that’s exactly right. By making it as difficult as possible to reopen, the foundation of our economy is getting the rug ripped out from under them. People have lost their livelihoods completely as a sacrifice for this virus. And now when it seems like we are finally out of the woods, restrictions are getting extended.

We have to think logically and not so hyper-partisan in all our decisions. We can open safely and help people get back on their feet. I’m sure the Speaker will not be doing any speaking about this issue. I bet she won’t even realize her hypocrisy. All I know is that when she calls for the lift to all COVID related government restrictions, it may be more than just a “let them eat cake” moment.


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