Thoughts Into The Weekend vol. 14

Happy Friday, friends. September, to me, always means that we are officially in the Fall. So, happy autumn! Seriously, I know that we are headed towards cooler weather because I am already noticing that the daylight that we felt we had till 9pm just 2 weeks ago has been cut off by almost an hour. Yashar had a great tweet the other day about turning the clocks and I think no matter how bad 2020 may get, it can be significantly better if we just decide to not turn the clocks back in a few months. I’m all for that. Time makes no sense.

It’s also crazy to me that football returns in just 6 days. Not that anyone cares, but I have 2 fantasy drafts coming up over these next 6 days and I am not looking forward to them. I hate fantasy football. Not only am I bad, but it just has taken a lot of the joy that I had in watching football out of the game. I am aware this is a me problem. I bet if my team is good this year, which it will be, then I will change my tune. That’s all I’m going to say about that on this forum in its entirety for the rest of the season. Wish me luck.

But yea, football is back. That’s exciting. Go Pats.

Now all we need is college football, too.

With that I’ll get into some thoughts:

Give Belichick An Oscar

Well right as the NFL season is at the doorstep, living legend, Bill Belichick, dropped this nuclear bomb on all our faces. We got a tease of this Subway spot a few months ago where the meme of Bill eating a sandwich on a bench went viral.

But, this full commercial was better than anything I could have imagined. What a performance. Seriously when I was watching this I was pissed it wasn’t being projected on a wide screen. It should get the IMAX treatment. The whole thing.

I’m working on getting in contact with The Academy.

Great job, Bill. Is there anything this man can’t do?


So now I’m 2 weeks complete into my semester and I am taking 6 classes. Only 1 of those class periods per week is in an actual classroom.

I’ve been very outspoken about how I want in-person classes and how I think Universities should be doing everything they possibly can to get students into the classroom. There are quite clearly classes that I am enrolled in that are not designed for online and are already blatantly poor quality. That’s not the point of this section though.

Because, I am in 1 in person class this semester and it is incredibly refreshing. We wear masks, we sit 6 ft. away from each other, and it even combines 2 classrooms into 1 large one. Yes, it’s weird. But yes it is such a better 75 minutes spent than anything that can possibly be done online.

Just having the ability to raise your hand and not worry about a teacher not looking at a chat screen is such a better mode to learn. Anyone who says they are getting a better quality of learning in this current structure is just lying to themselves.

Instead of colleges doing whatever they can to send us home, they should be working to get us back in their buildings.

Peaky Fookin’ Blinders

I finally started what I’ve heard to be one of the best shows on TV. Peaky Fookin’ Blinders. I’m only 5 episodes in but wow this show is sick. I love old time English stuff like that. These dudes are just ultimate gangsters and they know how to get things done and make it look cool while doing it.

There isn’t much else to say at this point but I can see myself getting hooked on this.

Motivational Video

Elon is the best.

Joe Rogan Officially On Spotify

Rogan officially switched his platform onto Spotify this week and as many know I was very excited about this move. I love what Spotify is doing and think they are the premier audio company in the world. I think they have been making a lot of moves to only separate themselves from the rest of their competitors.

As of right now, there are some episodes missing from the library which I find very strange. I think if these episodes, most notably the ones with the infamous Alex Jones, are actually censored, then Rogan should speak about it. If not, then I guess we’ll have to wait and see what happens. I just don’t imagine Joe making a move that will put more restrictions and handcuffs on his work than not. Again, he had no reason to move from YouTube.

In the first few episodes he put out on the platform have been very good. Miley Cyrus was a great conversation and I’m currently listening to Mike Tyson which is just great. Rogan posted on his instagram that his new studio in Texas is officially done so I hope he moves out there and starts recording in it soon.

The new studio is so sick it looks like a spaceship. I would bet that is intentional.

Nancy Pelosi’s VEEP Treatment

I wrote about Nancy Pelosi’s Marie Antoinette moment that came about once again this past week. It would normally be a fairly small story that wouldn’t make huge news until the House Speaker did one of the worst PR101 moves I have maybe ever seen in my short life. After getting completely exposed for not following the lockdown restrictions, she blamed the salon owner for setting her up. I don’t know if this is true, maybe it is. But still, the absolute disconnect that she and her team has about the entire situation was very telling. Matt Whitlock on twitter put her press conference talking about this scandal over the finishing credits of the show VEEP and it was scarily spot on.

I’m not sure if this speaks more about the genius of VEEP, which is a fantastic TV show, or just the pure idiocy of Pelosi and how she sees herself in this situation. Like seriously this is comical. Watch this short clip below. Life imitates art.


Christopher Nolan’s new movie “Tenet” came out and this is the first movie that I have an urge to actually go into a theater and see in maybe my entire life. I’m not sure if it’s because of the lockdowns and COVID that has just made me yearn for normalcy where I go to a movie or something, or if it’s just cause the trailer looks insane. But even though I usually hate going to movie theaters I really want to see this one.

I’m ready to see it and be confused 99% of the time. I am trying to see it this weekend.

Other than that there isn’t much else left. I still will be monitoring things going on in Bloomington and if the Greek housing story gets bigger I’ll do my best to get into the middle of it.

Have a great weekend everybody.


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