Why Is #Unity2020 Getting Censored?

“A Republic, if you can keep it.”

Benjamin Franklin

Two months ago I sought to bring attention to an idea that was presented by Dr. Bret Weinstein called the Unity2020 Plan. This basically involved a complete rethinking in how we viewed our country, 2-party system, and elections as we approach the general election in less than 2 short months. It’s crazy how soon it seems to be coming up.

When I initially wrote about this #Unity2020 plan I discussed various angles to consider in formulating a plan like this, and even though it has some novelty to it, the fact that one of the smarter, more rational people in our country is bringing the plan to light shows that it may just convince people who are repulsed by the options presented by both the Democratic and Republican parties in terms of the candidates, Joe Biden and Donald Trump. The time of picking the “lesser of two evils” can be put behind us. Weinstein likens this to the Whig Party breaking up and becoming what we now know to be the Republican party back in the 1850’s. And yes, these parallels can be viewed from multiple fronts.

In the span of a little over 2 weeks, Weinstein shared this idea on the Joe Rogan Podcast, Tucker Carlson Tonight, and Rising. These are 3 of the most objective news programs that are also up there with of the most widely ingested audiences in the media. So naturally, I felt that this idea could potentially avalanche into the mainstream conversation. Of course, this was a long shot as a 3rd party has never really gained prominent traction throughout the history of our country, but because of the unpredictability and chaos that we have consistently found ourselves in throughout 2020, it doesn’t seem to me like throwing out new ideas all together could necessarily be the worst thing to save us from ultimate catastrophe. Weinstein is offering a plan that isn’t meant to sway the election towards a candidate that people feel benefits by 3rd party voters, in fact the Unity plan has been labelled as “double safe” in terms of keeping the election fair, honest, and competitive. It’s truly a better solution than almost anything that is currently available. It breaks the stranglehold of the duopoly.

So as most are probably aware, the Unity plan never really did gain that traction that some had hoped. There is a big reason as to why that could be the case. During the final night of the Republican National Convention, a global trend emerged from the Unity2020 twitter account. This hashtag coined #JustSayNoToDonaldAndJoe became widely used and again the Unity plan was trickling into the mainstream conversation. That was back on August 28. And then later night, the @ArticlesOfUnity twitter account was suspended. There hasn’t been a valid reason provided as to why this happened, but it just shows the power of big tech and how the influence of a real patriotic, populist movement may scare the hell out of those who make decisions for society. Weinstein says an internal audit of the campaign shows there is no good reason for twitter to have suspended their voice. They are not bots, they are the voice of the people and deserve to be heard. This isn’t a French Revolution, it’s just fully leveraging our system that’s in place.

Yes, this idea is crazy. But that’s the point. This movement has used modernized ranked choice voting, and the primary that the Unity party held drafted Tulsi Gabbard and Dan Crenshaw as the candidates to help bring the country together. It is no secret that I am a huge fan of Tulsi and the same can be said for Crenshaw. They are both the very definition of Patriots and have dedicated their lives to actually making this a better, more perfect union. The idea that a streamlined voice to the people drafted these 2 Americans shows how powerful this movement can be. Nominating 2 people who most see as centrist and clearly qualified to be commander in chief(s) would help return the Presidency to what it should be.

So why really is twitter suspending an account that is trying to promote peace instead of further stoke division? Again, it’s still a huge long shot for an idea that is seen as this radical to truly carve out any legitimacy this close to the election. Their plan to get on the state ballots would require great cooperation and sacrifice that is just probably not going to happen. But that so obviously isn’t the problem in this scenario. The problem is that this cooperation and sacrifice could happen. The problem may be that we aren’t as divided as we are led to believe. There could be a real, people driven movement to restore a sense of calm and security in our country.

And twitter is actively looking to take that away. Big Tech is known to have partisan opinions and actions, but the Unity plan is specifically equally partisan. It is down the middle. Compromise should be king, but in this case the crown is worn by twitter and the current 2 party system.

Eric Weinstein, Bret’s brother, realizes the absurdity of this suppression. No one is saying that Unity can or would win, but a publisher like twitter has no right to interfere with the democratic process like this. They are a platform, not a publisher. From my perspective it seems that these companies are making moves every week to strengthen the argument against their section 230 privileges. Twitter should restore the account immediately.

Now yes, some may think that Unity2020 getting banned can actually help spread awareness to this cause because of the PR that they can scoop from being forced out by the establishment. But we are too close to the election for this to continue any longer. It’s time to allow civil discourse back into our daily lives and leverage our democracy to its fullest extents. We need more conversation not less. This government is supposed to be for the people, by the people. We need to end the corruptness that has left all too many out to dry and feeling betrayed. At least the Unity plan is attempting to do this when no one else is.

Freedom will prevail, but it’s up to us to pave that path.


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