Megyn Kelly Is Dropping A New Podcast With “No Corporate Overlords”

Megyn Kelly is an important voice in today’s media. The former Fox and NBC journalist has walked largely into the shadows after she left the mainstream media world amid scandal, criticism, and backlash. She has done some spots on TV and her YouTube channel here and there, but she still has not had a strong footing on the every day conversation that many would love to hear for the past 2 years. Megyn will be back soon though, and that is a positive for our country.

She announced this morning that she will be launching a podcast under her own umbrella to not have to answer to any corporate bosses and have the privilege of saying really whatever she wants. This is a huge move and another domino to fall in the impending large changes that are inevitable to come in this new age of media and media personalities.

What I mean is that independent media continues to grow with the creme clearly rising to the top. Joe Rogan was the catalyst to this with his massive deal with Spotify that I said back when it happened will pave the way for new creators. Podcasts are currently the largest and easiest way to scale and spread ideas with very minimal capital needed to get it going. Megyn realizing this and using her unique perspective on a variety of issues will be another huge personality that becomes the driver of her own message, conversations, and goals. If she can be a new outlet to grab listeners and build an even stronger following, it will show just how powerful this technology and movement is.

Anyone who works for a mainstream media company ultimately has to answer to somebody. This comes with a variety of pros and cons. Obviously, some have looser leashes than others and not only is this usually obvious as to see and point out, but it also leads to much better content, conversations, and entertainment. Those who pretend to play themselves on TV only to be exposed otherwise are the ultimate phonies of society. People value authenticity and a huge buttoned-up, agenda-driven broadcast doesn’t move the needle like it may have in the past. Pretending someone you’re not in todays technology age will not be sustainable and can only lead to embarrassment.

People are smarter than what most lead you to believe and now that we have the ability to find new channels of information with such easy access, it only highlights the yearn for this. I hope Megyn can infiltrate the market effectively and really help contribute to the national discourse that she can steer very effectively.

Megyn Kelly leaving Fox really did shake up the entire News industry. It opened the door for personalities like Tucker Carlson to have his meteoric rise and become the most influential voice in cable news. Money aside, the move didn’t work out necessarily great for Kelly because she ended up on the outside of the nightly conversation for the last 2 years.

But, this can also be seen as a positive because now she will be the driver of her own boat in the creation of her podcast and amplifying her voice. I am looking forward to tuning in and hearing what she has to say. And without a huge marketing machine like a cable news station behind her, it will be up to her to catch and keep this audience. If she can do that, then she will again be one of the strongest voices in media.

I believe that she will and there will only be others to follow.


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