Thoughts Into The Weekend vol. 15

It’s hard for me to fully put into words in how I feel when I think about 9/11. The day was a living nightmare. No matter how some of our current problems may seem, once we realize that safety and security is at the top of our priorities, then a lot of other issues don’t seem as important. Today is truly a day where we need to reflect and think about everything going on and how we can appreciate our loved ones and continue to strive to be the best that we can be. We should realize that we are all American and all working for the same things. Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. It’s a day we remember all those who’s lives were taken wrongfully and the heroes who ran towards the danger to save as many as they could. It’s a day to think about all the risks made to keep us safe.

We also need to reflect on both the good and bad that we see on an every day basis. We should thank those who have put their lives on the line to keep us safe.

I was too young to really remember this infamous day and I can only do my best to listen, read, and try to understand the horrific events that happened and all the families that have to live with the devastation of losing loved ones on this day. It’s so sad and scary. It’s our worst horror. It’s the idea that something like this can happen in our own country reminds us the heavy price that we must pay for freedom and how we should strive to uphold these values every day. Our mission of liberty and justice for all is a virtuous one and worth fighting for. Those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice, I just want to say thank you. I can only aspire for the courage and heroism that those fire men, police men, and soldiers possess. I appreciate all of you and thank you for risking your lives every single day to keep us safe. It’s days like today that remind us how important these heroes are and that we should do our best to keep them in our thoughts and be thankful for their many sacrifices.

The only thing I can personally compare the fear of that day is the Boston Bombing. Being just a few miles from the finish line on that April day gives me an insight to the confusion, fear, and despair that came about from that awful act of terror. Not knowing what’s going on, inability to communicate, and the unknowing of what else is to come is the antithesis of how we want to live our lives. Yes, the initial hours that proceeded after this attack was one that I will never forget, but it’s the response in the days after that I will forever hold onto. The sense of unity and togetherness that we all displayed was a highlight of our best qualities. I can only imagine this amplified across the entire nation after that day in 2001. It showed the potential that we have when we use our strengths together to accomplish a common goal. It should give us hope that we can come together and put our current differences aside to solve our most pressing problems. I believe in us. No one is going to dictate our freedom but ourselves.

Never forget.

And now I’ll get into some other thoughts:

It’s Not That Remote Learning Doesn’t Work…

I am in pretty much only remote classes. I’m fully attending Zoom University. I feel like a broken record when I say that colleges are doing a disservice to the students by not giving us the full quality of education while also increasing the price.

After over a month of online class, I can confidently say it’s a mess. Not only are zoom classes a complete catalyst to not pay attention and just surf through the internet while logged on, but the moments where I am paying attention (which I think is actually pretty high compared to others) are filled with such archaic, unoriginal, and unimpressive lecturing. It’s truly embarrassing just how poor some of the classes that I have attended are. I don’t think nearly any of my professors have modified their courses for being online. They simply just decided to record themselves instead and are leaving all the actual learning up to the students. The more I think about it the weirder I find it to be the case. It’s not that online learning doesn’t work, but doing it like a regular classroom would be is not the way to make it better.

These class sessions are literally the same that they would have been if we were in a classroom or lecture hall. But, without actually being located in these class environments, it’s impossible to effectively follow along with the lessons or adequately ask questions. Teachers are not approachable during zoom and do an awful job advocating for student interactions and involvement during classes. Half the time when a question is asked either the teacher or student cannot get on the same page as to what the problem is.

Currently, I am in 2 classes that would normally be taught in a computer lab. That means taking the class on just a laptop is near impossible. Imagine trying to learn how to code on a small computer screen? Luckily, I have dual monitors set up but I am for sure in the minority there. Even with this dual monitor I cannot follow along. It’s just too confusing and with no window to ask questions in a personalized manner I just find myself falling behind with each class session. I feel for the kids who have to switch between windows of zoom and their coding programs in these classes. I believe we are all lost and the professor doesn’t have a clue.

Just a memo for any teacher: If you find yourself reading off your lecture slides for 55 straight minutes then finally ask if there are any questions and no one speaks up from the zoom gallery, it’s not because we all fully understand what’s going on. It’s much more likely that you put us all to sleep. This problem isn’t isolated to zoom, but it definitely has been highlighted.


I watched the new Mulan movie last weekend. It was bad. How can you produce a Mulan movie and have none of those iconic songs? That was by far the best part of the original and basically the best part of almost any Disney movie.

But that didn’t even turn out to be the biggest controversy for this film, apparently. As some pointed out, Mulan actually thanked the CCP during the credits and the group that has been instrumental in the forced encampment of the Uighur Muslims and their modern day genocide masked as the Xinjiang Project.

There are many hypocrisies to point out for Disney’s admission of thanks here but I won’t get into them. I will simply just recommend to you to not watch the movie anyways.

Go see Tenet instead.

Motivation/Inspiration – The Man In The Red Bandana

Worth watching every single year. Never forget.


Have a great weekend everybody. Hug your loved ones extra tight not only today, but every day. Be appreciative of all you have and try to be kind on a daily basis.

No one person can change the world, but if any change is to come about we must start with ourselves. Never forget.


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