Donald Trump Agrees To 4 Hour Debate Moderated By Joe Rogan – Will Biden?

The answer is no, so don’t get your hopes up. But, the clip of Joe Rogan saying he would agree to a long-form, live-streamed debate between the 2 presidential nominees had been floating around for the last week and then gained serious steam this morning when Donald Trump replied to Tim Kennedy on twitter saying that he would participate in this debate.

Now it’s fair to assume, Biden’s team won’t agree to anything like this under any circumstance ever. But, it’s a fun idea to think about. Realistically, it would also be the best gauge of how to judge and decide on who and how to vote in the general election. Just the three of them with a few cameras and a few microphones. That’s all the people want and personally I think it’s what we deserve. Maybe Trump would only want to do it because of the huge ratings numbers it’d get, but at least he’s publicly on the record of saying he’d partake in the conversation. Anyone who wants to be the leader of the free world should be able and willing to talk to the free world.

I have said before that Presidential candidates should be consistently using podcast platforms to get their ideas out. Sure, rally’s and speeches are cool but a podcast is the best way to control your message and scale it to as many people as possible. If I were a candidate running in an election I would host a 2x a week podcast, called The Campaign Trail, where I talked in depth about issues and other various topics. It’s such a simple concept that politicians are just too shallow to pull off themselves.

And you know that to be true because Joe Biden’s “Here’s The Deal” podcast only lasted seven 20-minute long episodes. Like most who looked to start their own project during quarantine, Biden quit before he really even got started.

But, a Rogan moderated debate would be different. It wouldn’t be like any debate we’ve ever seen on this large of a scale. Rogan is a phenomenal interviewer and no one is better at humanizing his guests than Joe. I’ve long said a good podcast is one that generally doesn’t even need to be recorded, and the JRE is the best at that of making it feel like just a normal conversation. The reason it’s so popular is because it feels like you are in the room with them. Getting Trump and Biden together for a normal conversation would give voters the idea of how these guys operate outside of a normal, highly produced, and relatively scripted setting. Also, maybe we’d learn a lot about aliens.

Just listen to the conversation with Bernie Sanders. There was actual communication that allowed for Bernie to ration out his ideas. Sure, you may disagree with him but it’s a lot more reasonable to have conversation like that one than hearing candidates yell for a soundbite just to go lead into a commercial break. A podcast allows ideas to be thought out with follow up questions and genuinely iron out issues. The current layout of our debate platforms is dated and honestly, dangerous.

I don’t think the debates that are now just 15 days away will necessarily be “civil” but the way that the 2 will be in front of a podium looking to get media and online engagement doesn’t help that problem.

For as hyped up these debates will be, we basically already know how they are going to play out. It’s been reported that Trump isn’t even preparing for the debates because he has pretty much turned his press conferences and rallies into quasi-debates. And I don’t blame him. Most of the debates won’t be policy based, it will be character based. When looking at policy, also, Trump has his accomplishments that he loves to repeat.

Biden, would much rather make this an attack on Trump and how everything bad that has ever happened is Trump’s fault. It will be a referendum on how he is “unfit for office” and all the problems will be solved if Joe steps into the White House.

The debates will merge together these dichotomies and puke them into a 2 hour television broadcast. Sure, it will be entertaining, but believing them to be helpful is laughable. The only thing that will actually be helpful is it forces Biden to truly think on his feet for the first time in maybe the entire campaign. The world will be watching.

I think this Rogan interview will start gaining some more legs though, and that means that future debates will probably be open to these types of layouts. It’s time to update our system with the times. Maybe not this year, but hopefully in the races to come.


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P.s. I think this exponentially increases the likelihood of a Joe Rogan podcast ft. Donald Trump at some time in the future. Personally, I’d want this conversation to happen after Trump leaves office because it’d be so interesting to hear Donald Trump reminisce and reflect rather than talk about what he wants to do. Whether that is in 1 year or 5, I am looking forward to it.

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