Nebraska Official Says BIG10 Football Will Return – Announcement Tonight

Thank you! It’s about time they put an end to this madness. We want to play. The players, coaches, fans all want to play. The ridiculousness of this all has gone on for too long. College football returned last weekend and it just emphasized how crazy it was that schools across the country were playing games, with fans in the stadium, and the Big10 conference was at home sitting on their couch. There is no reason why there can’t be a safe return to football.

Outkick’s Clay Travis has been incredibly reporting on this issue and how the Universities and commissioner of the Big10, Kevin Warren, have handled the entire situation. I will say if/when they do play then Warren will have redeemed himself and saved face from the embarrassment that would have came if other Power 5 conferences played and not one of the most competitive, passionate leagues did. In my opinion, college football boils down to the SEC and Big10. Obviously, there are other major schools that live in college football lore, but the history that the totality of these conferences hold is what most think about when imagining Saturday’s in the fall. The Big10 not playing this year would have been a disaster for not only the fans, but also the standing of the schools across the country and its positions in CFB history.

And Nebraska’s Chancellor getting caught on the hot mic is what we needed to get ready for this announcement tonight. It is almost poetic justice that this is how this news leaked. After being so blatantly non-transparent in the voting, decisions, and reasonings that have gone into the initial choice to cancel the season, it’s great that they accidentally let this news out. We don’t need a huge press release, we just need football, and we’ll take it any way we can get it.

In its end, it seems we will have a season and seemingly preserve the entirety of conference play. Indiana, who I believe will be a force to be reckoned with this season, will be looking to take names. I’m not sure if there will be a bowl season, but if there is I see IU in Pasadena at the Rose Bowl.

There have also been questions about whether every schools in the conference will be playing when they announce this return. There have been rumors that at least 3 of the schools will opt out regardless, including both Michigan schools. If that happens then good luck to those schools in the future after deciding to bail on one of the things that drives students to enroll in those institutions. It would be quite the decision to not join the rest of the conference.

But, the most recent reports show that the conference will all move together, so it seems like these schools have come to their senses. For a “powerhouse” school like Michigan’s sake, that is a huge sigh of relief for those fans.

I’m just happy that as the air starts to feel crisp when I walk outside I will know that some of the Saturday energy that we have come so accustomed to will again return to college towns across the Big10. October can’t come soon enough.


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