NFL Rakes In Over $1million In Fines For Non-Mask Compliance From Coaches

Ratings down? Losing revenue because of reduced fan capacity? No worries, Roger Goodell will find a way to fill that bottom line if it’s the last thing he’ll do. The NFL has now completed 2 weeks of their 17 week season and have yet to have any COVID19 problems. There have literally been zero reported cases.

But, that didn’t stop the NFL financing department to take advantage of 3 teams and their head coaches of about $1.05million in fines for not “properly wearing their masks” on the sidelines.

Yup, all 3 coaches, Kyle Shanahan, Vic Fangio, and Pete Carroll, got tested and were playing in outdoor stadiums, but I guess that doesn’t matter for the virtue signaling that comes with the thin sheet placed over the nose and mouth. Comply or die, am I right?

I mean yea, I am totally pro mask and believe they should be worn when asked if you are inside someone’s business, but this is just taking it a step too far. I mean $100k is a lot of money. I wonder what the NFL plans to now do with this slush fund.

The real winners here are Andy Reid and Bill Belichick.

Andy Reid made twitter waves when he wore his face shield on the opening Thursday night of the season and looked like he was coaching through a 4am drive to the airport. The man needed some washer fluid and a windshield wiper. But, he upgraded this past week, though, and unlocked defogging technology.

Bill, on the other hand, did something with his mask where it didn’t even cover his mouth. It was an absolute chess move that only he would have the wits to pull off. I’m not sure if he cut the bottom of the mask or simply folded it over, but he clearly figured out a great way to pull off wearing the mask while not actually wearing it. It’s truly only a matter of time before he gets called out for cheating, when in reality he’s just working smarter than the rest. We’ve seen that happen before. I bet it gets outlawed in a week.

In all seriousness, why didn’t the NFL penalize teams if it’s so important rather than going straight to 6 figure fines? Yea, I’m sure these coaches will now be more cautionary of what they are doing on the sideline and to them 100k isn’t that much money, but it’s kinda a hefty number. Maybe sending a message is more important than anything else. I say that because Myles Garrett didn’t even get fined 1/2 of that when he assaulted Mason Rudolph last season.

I think if I were a coach I would first just wear a simple surgical mask on the sideline. The loose fitting ones are by far the most comfortable. Then, maybe I’d follow Andy Reid’s look. Sure, you’ll look absolutely ridiculous but it has to be the least intrusive of all the other options. The masks suck, especially with a beard, so if it’s between $100,000 and wearing a maybe effective piece of plastic on the sideline I guess I’d keep my money.

But where does it end? Like I said the NFL had zero positive tests. These people are tested constantly and are aware of the risks that come with what they are doing. I don’t think they should have to wear a mask if they don’t want to. And like we’ve seen, the coaches are going to try and scheme the system.

I think it’s important to the quality of the NFL product that coaches and players are comfortable on the sidelines. This includes a variety of things. So, isn’t it a fair argument that a coach can say he can’t perform to his fullest abilities if he has to wear a mask on the sideline? Sure, it may seem like a mentally weak argument but it’s also reasonable for a position that requires ample communication to fully be able to communicate with his team. However, this won’t be taken into consideration by the league and more fines are likely coming from the Monday night game, also played outdoors.

My final point, I just say suck it up so we can keep football going. It’s been very fun the first 2 weeks and I’m confident that the entire season will be played, even if they are fining sideline operatives every single week. The coaches will find something comfortable enough to get through this season and then it should be normal come next year. I’m hoping that is the case.

Go pats.


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