Thoughts Into The Weekend vol. 17

Happy weekend. I’m running a 5k tomorrow and I can’t lie I’m a little nervous. I haven’t ran in about 6 weeks since my classes started so I feel like I’m going from 0 to 100 with this 3+ mile run. I put my personal over/under at 28.5 minutes. I wanna get under that and think I can. I will update on my twitter.

I’m not worried about completing it more than I am for the after affect. I haven’t been sweating too much recently so I can just imagine how dead I am going to feel.

But, the run is for a good cause, the Hoosiers Outrun Cancer 5K raises money for The Bloomington Health Foundation Cancer Support Fund and I am excited to support them.

If you want to donate to this great cause, you can click on the link above or venmo me @Jack-Lesser to help end this horrible disease. Thanks for your support!

I will also be rewarding myself for this athletic feat by going to the Colts game on Sunday. They play the Jets and I will be watching with a bunch of NYJ fans. Hilarity will be sure to ensue. Regardless, it will be great to watch live sports in person again and I am looking forward to going to Lucas Oil Stadium for the first time. Big weekend ahead, that’s for sure.

Anyways, let’s get into some thoughts:

The Dave Portnoy Show Returns

Dave Portnoy got on the sticks this week to return to the podcast game after a pretty long hiatus from the platform. He joined Eddie from Barstool Chicago to talk about pretty much all things Barstool especially that’s been going on in 2020. It’s interesting that Portnoy started this because 1) He said it’s pretty easy to do and all it takes is for Eddie to come with topics for him to ramble on for about an hour and 2) Because he wants to show SiriusXM that he is very capable of putting on a interesting hour of content but they have to pay him the right price. Gotta respect the hell out of that. He has a number and is willing to hold out until Sirius gives it to him. Other than that he’ll do his own thing.

Dave did say some really interesting things in what was basically a rehash of everything that has happened at Barstool since they got bought out by Penn National and the pandemic hit. I like to think of Barstool as a very transparent company, but this gave some more insights that those who have been following hadn’t gotten a full explanation of.

From getting back on his horse during the COVID lockdowns, people trying to cancel Dave, and issues with his own employees, I think that this was a pretty reasonable take on these issues from Dave’s perspective.

Yes, it is reasonable but it also shows how much Barstool has changed from what it used to be. That’s not me saying that I necessarily miss the “old Barstool”, even if that is the case, but it’s just the reality that happens when you get this big and have to answer to not only advertisers but also shareholders. Obviously they are going to try and get as big as possible and if that means that they will try to stick to their content, sports/gambling, then that’s what they’ll do.

Dave will stick to that authenticity and fearlessness that we have come to love, but he’s hinted that unless you make the company money, they won’t really deal with the controversy as much as they used to. Again, can’t blame them but I hope they aren’t suppressing a type of creativity in that way.

The stock continues to go up though, so realistically what do I know?

UFC253 – Adesanya vs. Costa

So I get into this general idea at the end of this post but I didn’t have time to do any research going into this weekend’s pay per view UFC event. It’s not the greatest of cards in terms of name recognition but as I’ve said before the UFC and Dana White constantly deliver so I’m sure it will be very entertaining.

For the main event, the Stylebender Israel Adesanya will be fighting Brazilian Paulo Costa in a fight that UFC fans have been waiting a while for. If I remember correctly this fight was supposed to be Israel’s last bout but Costa got hurt so Yoel Romero stepped in for one of the most boring UFC main events in memory. That card was saved by the Weili Zhang vs. Joanna Jedrzejczyk 5 round classic. That was still such an incredible fight.

Anyways, going back to Saturday, I really want Israel to maintain his belt. He’s -180 on the betting odds right now and while that seems about right, I think the pure betting play is Costa and his power mixed with jiu jitsu. We have yet to really see anyone take Adesanya to the ground during his championship run and besides his unmatched muay thai and creativity his ground game is still a question mark. He did have solid defense vs. Romero, however.

So, I guess I would take Costa at +150 on Saturday which will for sure upset some Stylebender fans that I know.

Here’s the hype video for the match that is also doubling as this weeks motivational clip:

Krabby Patty’s

I got thinking the other day about how collaborations are like one of the biggest ways to promote products nowadays. We see it all the time in fashion and art. Mixing 2 things that everyone likes together usually leads to a positive outcome that generates more exposure and positive PR for all sides.

That is why I’m shocked that there hasn’t been some Nickelodeon/Spongebob collab with some type of major restaurant, in my mind it would probably be a fast food chain, to create a real life Krabby Patty. The idea makes too much sense. Like it would just be a regular burger maybe with some tartar or barnacle sauce, whatever gag you want to play. But people would 100% flock to a location to try a Krabby Patty.

Or Nickelodeon should just open a Krusty Krab chain across the country anyways. Sometimes I feel like Nickelodeon has just mailed it in and doesn’t try to grow in the ways that their counterpart Disney has in my lifetime.

Nick has the lineup to compete with the big guys and they just don’t market it in a way that leverages them to scale at their true potential. I think they should bring me in for help.

If Travis Scott can collab with McDonald’s, anything is possible and it makes me think the Krabby Patty should be plausible.

The Texas Political Ad

This is a political ad, for warning, and this isn’t me endorsing these candidates, even though Crenshaw is a certified badass, but the production that went into this is insane. I don’t think anyone has ever seen a political message like this and yes, it is awesome but it’s still kinda weird. Like the actual production is really cool but we need to remember this is politics we are talking about. But still, you cannot knock creativity. Watch for yourself. It’s a mix of Mission Impossible and The Avengers.

Happy Fall

The season officially changed this week and that means college football is officially back and that autumn crispness is in the air. Let’s go.

SEC football starts this week and Big10 is right around the corner. It’s absurd that Big10 isn’t allowing fans in the stadiums, but I digress at least we are on the road to Indiana playing in the Rose Bowl.


After a quick 1 day hiatus we are back and ready to see what next week will hold. I had to get some school out of the way and needed to figure out everything going on and how I wanted to tackle it. With just over a month until the election every day’s news cycle seems like it could realistically last a week. The debate next week will for sure take up a lot of conversation even if what the candidates say will not only be regurgitated spew, but also largely non-substantive and just further divide us as a country.

That’s really dangerous and opens the door to missing out on key information that we should know not only for the election but just in our everyday lives as people living through one of the craziest years in history.

Everything from the pandemic to the economy to race relations to corruption to fraud and all things in between. I wish I could comment on all these issues but I just simply don’t have the time. I am working my tail off to get as much thoughts out but I also don’t want to talk about things that I just can’t do sufficient research on to give a fair opinion. I realize if I do that then I will end up saying something that could lead to more harm than ultimate good and just because I want to play in this game of media commentary doesn’t mean I want to succumb to much of the rot and phoniness that people portray on TV.

I want to get there organically. Grass roots. I’m no a fan of astroturf.

So, that’s my promise that what I do post I do conduct research on. I try to read and listen to as much as possible. This isn’t easy and I’m sure mistakes are and will be made, but you can only ask for someone’s best.


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