I’m Calling A Lid At 11:52am

Happy Monday! Usually this day is used the springboard for our work week and an opportunity to get started in an effective manner to tackle the problems that we want to solve in the coming days. Carpe Diem.

But, apparently if you just call a lid early in the morning, no one will question your lack of work accomplished and unwillingness to confront issues head on. Thanks for your understanding. Here’s a few thoughts, though, before I call it a day.

A lot happened yesterday in terms of the President’s tax returns being released by the New York Times and Ilhan Omar’s alleged ballot harvesting scheme being exposed by Project Veritas. Both of these stories are very interesting and in a way reaffirm everything we already knew and understood about the candidates and parties in how they function as people and what opposition will use to further build attacks and cases against their rivals.

Taking advantage of a flawed system doesn’t necessarily make you a bad person. That’s why I say Barry Bonds should be in the Hall of Fame. And to be honest, I don’t have a NYT subscription so I can’t do the full deep dive into the story other than seeing some quotes and passages but the biggest thing everyone is harping on is the $750 that Trump paid in federal income taxes in 2016 and 2017. Should billionaires pay more in taxes? Yeah, probably. But that means that the system needs to be fixed. It’s systemically corrupt towards the elites and those who have more money than they probably even know what to do with. Back during the 2016 debates Trump talked about closing the carried interest loophole but that’s just 1 of many, I’m sure. There are definitely ways to fix our tax code.

However, when looking at the system in its entirety it’s important to understand that these people who “aren’t paying taxes” are also employing thousands upon thousands of people. Every coin has 2 sides and pretending that it can be fixed simply because the Orange Man is bad is a shallow approach. Trump called out the system back in 2016 on his way to victory and this story just reaffirms everything that he said. In a sense (about this particular issue) he is smart. It’s not just Trump who doesn’t pay taxes, either. It’s all of these high net-worth individuals taking advantage of the stock market, investments, and other tax breaks.

As Robert Kiyosaki explains in his book “Rich Dad Poor Dad“, Donald Trump escaped the “rat race”. He doesn’t pay taxes because he didn’t earn money; he made money. Literally he created forms of money through his real estate and other business dealings. He beat the game. Yes, that may come with losses along the way, but that’s where capitalism and the US tax code incentivizes risk-taking and entrepreneurship. These things are available to everyone. Literally everyone. Yea, it’s easier for some than other’s and getting “small” loans to start your career for sure helps. But, we should not use this revelation to stifle capitalism, we should use it as a reminder of the American Dream and how we can all pursue life, liberty, and happiness. It’s the loopholes similar to the carried interest provisions, that was closed by Trump that truly need to be fixed and are skewed in helping simply the rich get richer. Rewarding entrepreneurship is what we need. Equal opportunities does not lead to equal outcomes.

And, compounding is real. Everyone can achieve it if they put in the work. No one said it will be easy easy but if anything these tax returns just show me that if I work hard enough, then 1 day I’ll have the privilege of using my money to pay real people’s salaries and livelihoods and not have it go towards a corrupt bureaucratic system known as the federal government. Everyone needs to pay their fair share of taxes, yes, but no one wants to willingly pay more than what they owe. We shouldn’t blame all our problems on those above us and instead use them as motivation to win.

As they say, ‘If you don’t build your own dream someone else will hire you to help build theirs”.

To switch the subject to the ballot harvesting scheme by Ilhan Omar, yes that should also be as questioned and looked into as Trump’s tax returns were. It’s ironic that Omar tweeted about the infrequency of voter fraud while now being directly linked to this controversy. The video alleges a direct cash for ballots scheme. President Donald Trump has demanded an investigation into this accusation.

When we have an election in just over a month and there are already questions about the legitimacy, how can anyone think that this will run smoothly? Videos are being released playing directly into these concerns and it is imperative that people take care of it as soon as possible. This is only the beginning of the voting process, and the fact that there have been people in media who have disregarded this (even potential) issue as one of non concern makes me want to question their commitment to upholding democracy. There are now 2 instances in the past week that show potential conspiracies to undermine the election in 2 swing states.

We all claim to want a fair election but what will we do about it? That’s a question we should all consider in the next month and it’s on everyone to ensure that this process is spirited but controlled. Decisions can’t be made with emotion but rather logic and reason. It’s on us as a civilized nation to understand this and try to combat it as best as possible.

I would love to hear Joe Biden’s thoughts on these matters, but he called a lid 2 hours before I did.


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