Trump Tests Positive For COVID19

Listen, I’m first to admit that I largely feel like we need to reopen and get back to our “normal” lives to help people both economically and psychologically as we try to get past the pandemic. I have consistently said that this needs to happen safely and that I believe there are ways to do that. I have never blamed anyone for taking the pandemic seriously and/or wanting to take extra precautions around how they move forward during these times that has taken far too many lives and completely upended life as we knew it.

I have just also have the mindset that we need to (and can) do a better job balancing both the health of people and the economy while we fight through this historic period in history. I generally believe people have the right to assess the risk situation in most instances and can do what they believe is both safe and right.

I still have these beliefs. We know much more of the science around this virus and what its effects are on people. I think any healthy individual can make the choice for themself in how they act on an everyday basis and we can try to use best practices to mitigate as much of the spread as possible.

So, when the President of the United States announced that he tested positive last night it caused me to do a lot of thinking about how we move forward and what this entails for our country. It’s scary, I cannot lie. This leaves the country vulnerable on multiple fronts and just adds even more uncertainty to what are clearly trying times. I’m not sure what will happen from here.

But again, I believe we’ll get through this and I hope that Donald and Melania Trump will be okay and have quick, easy recoveries. 

It’s crazy to think about a 74 year old contracting the virus and how he is both in the vulnerable population and conducting much of his life in a more normal sense than others have taken. He’s been doing rallies and constantly traveling across the country both campaigning and performing his duties as President. Looking back it seems like this was bound to happen. And with how crazy 2020 has been we should’ve seen it as inevitable, especially only 4 weeks out from the general election.

There’s not much to say other than hopefully he is okay soon and we can figure out a fair and just way to get back to the regular election and news cycle to move forward with the vote on November 3rd. With it being so close it is safe to assume that hell will break loose over the next month.

First and foremost, we want him to recover but of course the politics come hand in hand with this being the President of the United States.

But seriously, I hope that this can be used as a time to come together as a nation and realize the fragility of life rather than an opportunity to score political points. Laughing at this announcement is just an act of cowardice. This has nothing to do with much of the fake outrage we see on a daily basis and more with the fact that no one should be actively rooting for people to suffer. 

For those who are mocking a man and woman who contracted the virus, I just want you to know everyone sees you as a genuinely bad person. We all see it. No one is impressed with your jokes or “told you so” social media posts about the leader of the free world. It’s upsetting that people can look at a situation with such a shallow lens and take the easy, disgusting route of action. It truly is an act of cowardice.

These simple minded losers clearly don’t understand the magnitude that something like this can have on a civilization in terms of stability and security. Yes, we have been enduring tough times throughout the last 6 months, but this should only magnify the idea that we are all humans and can treat each other fairly with dignity and respect. Wishing harm upon anybody being a sad way to live through life. We are all Americans, and we are all Patriots. Let’s act like it.

Use this as a chance to look in the mirror and understand that there is more to life than politics. Stop trying to be on the right side of history and just do the right thing. 

Hopefully Joe Biden and team get tested tomorrow and returns negative test results. I hope everyone remains healthy and can carry on forward trying to repair what is a seemingly dwindling society.

We’ll get through this. Freedom will prevail, but it’s up to us to pave that path.

Get better soon, Mr. President.


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