The WHO Has Changed Its Tune On COVID Related Lockdowns

After months of being told to “follow the science”, a term that almost has become Orwellian double-speak, one of the main organizations behind the advising to shutdown global economies, the World Health Organization, has reversed its course on what it once advised as a necessary means to control the outbreak by now saying to be careful and weary of using lockdowns to try and stifle the COVID19’s spread. This comes as cases in the United States have seen a fair increase over the past few weeks, but deaths and hospitalizations are down significantly. What this really shows is another example of how science is constantly evolving and it is important to hear all sides of an argument before making decisions. Science isn’t set in stone. Suppressing ideas and thoughts only leads to groupthink and flawed logic.

This has been almost obvious for those speaking out against the lockdowns in the past many months, but again this was met with ridicule and slander to people who realized the negative externalities to come with these shutdowns. Quarantines led to some even worse impacts than the actual virus itself. People cited issues that come in affect with mental health and physical health when forced to stay inside in the name of public health. They looked to examples like Sweden who didn’t lock down and have continued to have a very positive response to the pandemic.

People also realized that with lockdowns come the absolute worst impacts on the poor. We saw starvation rates expected to almost double as a result of the pandemic and subsequent lockdowns. Forced quarantines are killing the third world. Drug overdoses and suicides increased. We knew it didn’t have to be this way, but the “scientists” were saying otherwise, usually citing morality and fear tactics. People who spoke out have been censored and called science deniers. Big Tech has constantly put “fact checks” on what are debatable topics and have abused their unelected positions of power to suppress dissenting views.

On October 4, some of the leading medical professionals in the world presented The Great Barrington Declaration calling for an end to COVID lockdowns. They cited the short and long term negative affects that these shutdowns have produced and realized that with time we have learned who is most vulnerable and how to handle the virus to the best of our ability, while largely returning to normal life. This was important and showed that the science is actually on the side of those who want to defeat this virus using strength, logic, data, and reason. Lockdowns were a failed experiment.

Big Tech tried to censor this declaration from the world’s leading doctors. And to remind you, this wasn’t the group that stood in front of the SCOTUS steps a few months ago, these doctors have powerful, dignified credentials behind them. Doctors from Harvard, Oxford, Stanford, and many other world renowned institutions have signed on to this. There have been no “devil worshiper” smears against these people. These are just a group of medical professionals who realize the damage we’ve done and are advising to fix it before it’s too late. The immeasurable consequences of the response to this virus will be studied and analyzed for generations.

Because some in leadership roles have lectured that you “follow the science”. They guilt you into it like a commandment. They have inferred that not following this pseudoscience is at best manslaughter, but more reasonably murder. These same individuals are now, I guess, preaching archaic, disproved science. They are also being hypocrites in the process. Even the WHO, who the United States cut funding from because of their terrible management and oversight of the outbreak, is now saying to not use lockdowns unless it is literally the only option. That means hospitals are overflowing and there needs to be a metaphoric pause in time to regain control of an outbreak. That isn’t close to happening anywhere in the United States, and there’s no reason to believe that it will happen to that extent again from this virus.

But there are still lockdowns being reimplemented. There doesn’t seem to be scientific justification for this. It is completely backwards. No major health organization in the world is still advocating for lockdowns, yet elected officials are trying to close our economy. Rolling lockdowns have become the strategy for some countries, and as of now there really isn’t any data or statistics to support this ideology. It is an abuse of power and a suppression of freedom. Everyone has the liberty to make calculated risks and decisions for themselves.

Lockdowns clearly are doing more harm than good, and it’s about time that people wake up to this.

So with the WHO reversing the language they have used to try and combat the virus, it shows that maybe it’s ok to admit when you’re wrong about a particular issue. It’s possible we can come together to fight this, together, and win. We don’t have to let the virus dominate our lives and that we can safely return to a normal that is viable for everyone.

The only thing we have to fear is fear itself. We can get back to normal safely using things like distancing and basic hygiene. If you’re sick, stay home. The data overwhelmingly suggests you will get better. If you’re healthy, live.

Donald Trump has been very clear on his positions to reopen the country. Joe Biden has said he would follow the “science”, and reimpose lockdowns if warranted. But again, if the science says to not use lockdowns then wouldn’t Biden just be continuing the Trump strategy? If there continues to be disagreements in the science community then would Biden just choose the tactic that has been proven to do much more harm than potential good? If only there were a debate this week to clear some of these questions up.

We can reopen safely and we can do it in a way that doesn’t lead to widespread outbreak of the disease. Maybe masks are the answer. However, there’s disagreement about those too, but I ultimately think we can err on the side of caution and use them for now. Estimates show that 10% of the world’s population has contracted the virus. That would mean the mortality rate is a fraction of what it even is now, which is already seen as low enough by many to get back to normal. The WSJ believes the virus had been active in the United States months before the lockdowns, so it really could have been the widespread panic that was manufactured to explicitly show the virus out of control.

It’s time to take a breath and realize we can interact, collaborate, and work with each other to beat this virus.

So again, let’s advise everyone to follow the science, but not with a blind faith. Be skeptical and question everything. Let’s look at the data and come to a reasonable compromise. Let’s not make it a matter of politics but a matter of what does the most to help the most people. And then work to protect and help those who are most vulnerable. These aren’t earth-shattering revelations. They should be what any good person wants to do.


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