Was Today’s New York Post Story Joe Biden’s October Surprise? No, But Big Tech May Have Helped Build The Case

A pretty remarkable story dropped early this morning when the New York Post obtained the laptop allegedly of Joe Biden’s son, Hunter, and released emails of his conversations with a Ukrainian executive during his time on the board of Burisma, an energy company that had been accused of engaging in corruption. It alleges that Hunter helped facilitate a meeting between a top executive of Burisma and Joe Biden, the VP of the United States, (his father) just less than a year before the Ukrainian Energy Company was to be investigated. The Biden campaign denies that a meeting was ever officially scheduled. They haven’t explicitly stated if a meeting ever happened. It seems they may not need to though, because Big Tech is trying to wipe the story from the internet.

There have been accusations and a decent amount of evidence piling up against Hunter Biden enriching himself while leveraging his father’s political influence around the world. It has all been shady, but none truly proved concrete. If corrupt isn’t the correct word at a minimal its swampy. Most saw these accusations as an attempt to distract the conversation away from the actual issues at hand and labeled it a “conspiracy” that Hunter Biden was given his position on the Ukraine Energy Company’s board because of his father being second in line to the President. Maybe it is. But that doesn’t mean the people don’t deserve answers.

The fact is a lot of questions have never been asked, answered, or taken seriously which motivates people to find the truth themselves. Joe Biden’s own responses to getting asked about his son also trigger emotional responses that refuse to answer the actual questions. He has lied about his knowledge of the situations and doesn’t to acknowledge how the optics, regardless, aren’t good.

And that seems to be what happened today after Rudy Giuliani and Steve Bannon gave the NYPost access to these emails that leak a conversation between Ukrainian executive, Vadym Pozharskyi, and Hunter Biden where he appears to thank Hunter for the opportunity to meet with his dad. Biden’s campaign said there was no meeting on record, but that’s different than saying the meeting never happened. It seems this laptop was left at a repair shop (presumably an Apple Store) and never was picked up. It was then handed over to the FBI with a copy of the hard drive being made and given to Steve Bannon and Rudy Giuliani’s lawyer who granted NYPost the scoop.

There are emails released that insinuate corruption when Pozharskyi states, “We urgently need your advice on how you could use your influence to convey a message / signal, etc .to stop what we consider to be politically motivated actions.” Now again, this doesn’t prove that Hunter was successful in deflecting whatever problems came about to Burisma, but it does indicate the board’s motivation of having him make over $50,000 per month. What other influence could they be talking about? It’s also phrased pretty suspect, granted it is a foreign official who’s first language probably isn’t english.

But, Hunter had no experience in the industry and was put on the board to handle Burisma’s legal unit to provide support for handling international organizations. This is information that had been removed from Burisma’s website as well. That’s a little fishy, and having direct contact to the Vice President of the US is most definitely a way to convey international influence. And that influence could have been used when Burisma was granted access to an Obama conference call about a future visit to Ukraine.

The timing of this alleged meeting comes to importance, too, because it was less than a year before Joe Biden basically extorted Ukraine by holding up $1billion in aid money unless the government fired the prosecutor looking into Burisma, the company his son was a board member of. It’s almost explicit in admitting to a quid pro quo.

It’s crazy because one would think the fact that Joe Biden literally bragged about getting the prosecutor fired just 2 years ago was enough of a bread crumb to get people really looking into this issue. Also, the FBI knew that Biden had been linked to meeting with the Ukrainian executive and they didn’t/haven’t done any follow up to it. Unless these emails are entirely fabricated, Biden clearly lied. Is there something I’m missing here?

I don’t want to sound too partisan when I say these things, even though I am aware that may be the case. That’s not my intention. But it is exhausting when supposed leaders lecture us about morals and ethics then spit in our face and looking the other way when clear acts of bad faith are happening. Remember “no one is above the law“? Well at the surface it seems like Hunter Biden was an unregistered lobbyist for a foreign enterprise based solely on his last name with a direct line to the VP. That looks like he’s operating on a different playing field to me. It should be a concern to everyone who wants equal opportunity and justice.

But in all? This shouldn’t have really affected anything when it comes to the 2020 Presidential race. People seem to care more about the ongoing pandemic. I honestly think Trump’s obsession with the Russia Hoax would have ultimately backfired as people care much more about the virus. It still might. But, the media ruined any hope that this now censorship would get washed away by the next news cycle. They took a side in a clear political issue.

Bit Tech is now censoring this story and it’s just completely insane. It’s scary. It’s 1984. Dissenting information is being suppressed. Again, it’s scary. Maybe this entire story isn’t true, even though there are the documents to build a case, but that doesn’t matter. Twitter is saying this story is “potentiallly harmful”. To who? There’s no indication that this story would cause any actual harm other than in the court of public opinion. We didn’t elect these people. Senator Ted Cruz’ letter lays out the questions pretty straight forward as to looking into why twitter took these actions.

Open discussions shouldn’t really be something that we are arguing about in a free society.

Now again I’m not really sure if this was the October Surprise that could help Trump pull ahead in the polls and lead to another victory at the ballot box. However, after seeing Twitter and Facebook’s response to this story it may help Trump a lot more than they had hoped for. I think it will have a clear adverse affect. No one wants to live in a society controlled by the Thought Police. That’s just being honest. The bias is so blatantly obvious and people are waking up and getting angry.

So yes, look into Hunter Biden and hold Joe, someone who wants to be PRESIDENT, accountable for what seems like something he may be directly involved with. Just ask the questions. Dirty Joe Biden has done nothing to be above questioning. He put himself in this race and that’s sometimes what it takes to go through the gauntlet. He called a lid at 9am today. It’s offensive to all of us. He wants to take the White House while doing as little as possible.

And for Big Tech, I truly wonder what their end game is. Are they just that political? These moves that they are making definitely don’t maximize profit in the long run. They make censorship decisions that clearly target one side. More and more people will build a case to break them up as a monopoly with these moves. I recommend watching this Joe Rogan episode to get an insight into how these executives think. It’s telling.

It will be historic to watch how this plays out.

Freedom will prevail, but it’s up to us to pave that path.


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