Basement Biden Is Back, Will Running Out The Clock Be Enough To Get A Win?

Hi everyone. I took a quick hiatus at the tail end of last week but I am back and ready to sprint through the next 3 weeks as I will try and decipher everything that is going on to create a clear and objective view of what is going on in this world, country and race and how it could play out. The lid I called will I’m sure have much less impact on the race than the one Joe Biden is gambling on.

I won’t be making any predictions or things like that because I realize how little I do actually know, but I will try to balance what I believe is important, fake, strong, and newsworthy in the next 15 days. This includes more October Surprises, the ongoing pandemic, the economy, and other national stories that could sway someone to vote a certain way, get out to vote, or choose to stay out of what is seen as a pretty poor race by both candidates.

Last week saw what set off an avalanche of events that I believe moves right in the front and center of the race and could potentially be the leading memory of why either candidate wins or loses and how the subsequent months after the election will lead up to the next 4 years of the presidency. Like I wrote, the “October Surprise” that was released on Joe Biden wasn’t something that would necessarily stick in people’s minds for the next 3 weeks, but then the ensuing reaction and censorship by the media and Big Tech might have been the catalyst Donald Trump needed to open the eyes of many and expose the clear bias and partisanship of those in the media.

It also exposes corruption among a ruling class that has gone unchecked for far too long and gives many a further understanding of what a “return to normalcy” campaign actually means. I think that there are many things that a “return to normal” can mean, and obviously it has its pros and cons, but no one likes an uneven playing field.

Wasn’t that basically Bernie Sanders’ whole campaign?

Just as a slight aside how can Bernie continue to endorse a guy that pretty was involved in this many shady things as VP that were not in the best interest of either America or the working class? Bernie talks about how he is against “socialism for the rich” and isn’t this exactly that? But worse, it is corrupt which is just a look into how every socialist experiment has played out in the history of the world. It’s a corporatist, crony-capitalist approach that goes against everything Bernie once claimed to stand for. Bernie Sanders, quite the revolutionary.

Hopefully, there isn’t this deep, widespread types of corruption at every level in Washington among elected officials but at this point who knows. Considering the job some are doing to cover this story up, maybe I’ll think otherwise.

Joe Biden, nor his campaign, have denied the validity of these emails. If they were in any way fake or fabricated, it would be easy to do so. As of right now, there is no reason to believe Hunter wasn’t practicing a pay for play scheme with connecting foreign business leaders to his father while he was serving as Vice President of the United States. They have also shown that Hunter is quite troubled and has a lot of hardships in life. This is super sad, but also further raises the question as to how/why this guy got such high positions in foreign companies while his father was VP. Will it be enough to swing the race? Only time will tell for that one. But the Democrat Party’s nominee’s response is definitely something we have to monitor and remember as we move towards November.

Biden has said that the emails were a part of a “smear campaign“. That was really the only time he was asked about it this weekend and wasn’t further pressed, even on Thursday when George Stephanopolous had him sat down for an hour long Town Hall. It is reasonable to assume that the New York Post story was off limits and moving forward the Biden campaign, much like the question of court packing, won’t give an answer that voters deserve to know before the election.

Joe will be asked about it by Donald Trump on Thursday’s debate though, even if the moderator won’t bring up the story that has not been falsified or refuted in any credible way. As of right now, the moderator isn’t even planning a foreign policy segment even though this third debate was supposed to be centered around that.

And we know Joe won’t be asked about it until Thursday because it was reported that Biden has called a lid on all campaign events until the day of the debate. There are only 4 possible explanations for this, as we are so close to the election.

  1. Joe Biden really does need another 3 days just to figure out a reasonable response to this story for his debate prep. That is basically a lifetime for any type of response to a story. This is the excuse the campaign is going with.
  2. Joe Biden is refusing to speak with the media and doesn’t really have a strategy other than hoping everyone forgets about it.
  3. Joe Biden is sick or fatigued and is unable to travel and the Biden team is not telling us this which is why he can’t campaign.
  4. Joe Biden is so scared of COVID19 that he is once again implementing his basement strategy and exemplifying what his Presidency would look like with more imposed lockdowns and restrictions.

If anyone has any other reason as to why he may have called a lid this close to the election, please let me know. We saw back in 2016 the impact that Trump’s tenacity on the campaign trail had in contrast with Hillary thinking she had the race in the bag. And even though the polls favor Biden, the campaign is sending signals saying how it is closer than we may think. I am not trying to start conspiracies and I don’t have any real evidence to support any of these other than his official campaign’s position of debate prep. I just don’t see how that is a winning strategy in any way whatsoever. I find it abhorrent that it really hasn’t been one of the top stories of this election is Biden’s unwillingness to take any real, unscripted questions from the media. Again, maybe I’ll be proven wrong but most instances of successful crisis management and communication throughout history are not solved by going into hiding or ignoring the problem.

Biden (his team) tweeted this morning to “finish strong” when it seems like right now all he’s trying to do is limp and crawl to the finish line. It’s the equivalent of me saying “lock in” to a class then going back to bed after I sign onto the Zoom. Everyone knows Biden is just hoping to run down the clock.

For at least the beginning of this week, Joe Biden will seemingly reinstitute his basement campaign and gift Trump all the media attention and opportunities he wants. Trump will continue to hold rally’s in battle ground states. His attacks on “Sleepy Joe” will go unanswered by the candidate, and they will bank on massive TV ads to outspend the Trump campaign that has somehow basically ran out of money. It really is crazy how Trump is doing this while still the sitting President and seemingly doing all his duties (it would be nice to get a stimulus deal, however). Joe Biden has nothing to focus on other than this race.

I’m sure more will be coming out from this computer that Hunter Biden forgot about as well. It will continue to pour out and hit the Biden Machine over and over. As much as some will try to frame it as “foreign/Russian interference”, whatever that means, those claims have no basis. In fact, if we “listen to the experts”, then those claims are just wrong and straight lies. There is more evidence that leads to confirming the claims rather than disproving them. It is the epitome of fake news and dirty politics. In some ways the more things change the more they stay the same.

With this seemingly repeat of history in some ways, and clear differences in others, it is just impossible to me how people seem so concrete in their takes and positions regarding this election. So much is going on and there is still a lot of time left before the actual votes are cast. This is even with early voting numbers showing some advantages for the Trump team. There is also data and stats to suggest Biden doing well. The paths to 270 show many scenarios for both candidates. To me, looking at just the polls seems to take the “human aspect” out of the game, to make a sports comparison. Those who focus solely on analytics are bound to forget key variables and overthink simple situations that can be just as important. I’m not saying I don’t believe in the polls, I’m just saying there is more to it than just that.

In my experience from watching sports my whole life, usually it’s the team that plays to win who comes out on top and not the one who plays not to lose.

But like I said, I have no idea how this is going to play out. These people get paid to do these things, and I simply have just my eyes and ears to try and make a fair judgement. Who am I to say professional politicians, journalists, newscasters, and advisors are making mistakes and misjudgments until the race is played out. Similar to my point at the top, I’ll just continue to tell it how I see it and give a (what I believe to be) objective view of what’s going on. I want to have these conversations and I want to continue to learn and absorb. That’s my goal and that’s why I do this.

There will for sure be more to come.

And of course, freedom will prevail. It’s just up to us to pave that path.


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