Final Presidential Debate Preview

Well what a few weeks it has been since our first debate experience and so much has happened since then that I find it hard to even remember the complete debacle that went on just a little over 3 weeks ago. Something about interruptions and chaos?

Actually, yea that was the biggest story to come out from the first debate. Nothing of substance, like at all. It was pretty much a yelling match between Donald Trump and Chris Wallace where Joe Biden tried his best to not say anything that would completely sink his ship. And everyone came out of it thinking they won. Initially, the polls showed a Biden victory as his lead looked to be spreading but now with all the events in the last 20+ days the race is starting to look closer again. The way Joe Biden’s surrogates are acting, you definitely wouldn’t think they were ahead. That’s for sure.

I really don’t care too much about the change that the debate commission implemented muting the mics for 2 minutes while each candidate gets the chance to initially respond to the moderator’s question. I think it helps, and hurts, both sides pretty much equally. I do think this almost puts more pressure on the moderator for when she tries to fact check the candidates during their answers.

Regardless if one thinks Kristen Welker is a partisan reporter, I don’t really know I’ve never heard of her, it’s pretty safe to assume she will interrupt Trump during one of his answers. Journalists can’t really seem to help themselves. Whether if he claims “the virus is under control” or something of the like, I am willing to bet a lot of money she’ll “correct” the President during his 2 minutes. The real question is if she will do the same thing to Joe Biden. If Biden brings up that he didn’t oppose the travel ban or even Charlottesville hoax it’ll be obvious that she is not moderating the conversation fairly.

Speaking of Charlottesville, should Welker ask Trump to denounce white supremacy at the beginning of the debate or the end? I think it’d be smart to get it over with at the start. We know the question is coming.

But in all seriousness, people will be tuning in to watch this debate for the most part because we haven’t seen Joe Biden in almost 5 days. This will be the first time he will truly be pressed on the issues regarding his corruption and potentially illegal practices with foreign officials. If Welker doesn’t bring it up, then we know Trump will. Biden should also continue to be pressed on whether he plans on the packing the court and if he has any further explanations about his “court commission” idea.

This “unverifiable” computer and emails are starting to get verified by on the record sources. It’s amazing how people are really trying to completely sweep this under the rug when there’s more evidence against Hunter and Joe than anything we’ve seen from the Russia Hoax. Adam Schiff went on TV for over a year saying there was “ample evidence” without really providing a thing. Now that there is evidence they refuse to acknowledge its existence? These are simply the facts of the matter. If I am wrong then please reach out to me and let me know. I don’t want to believe our VP sold out his office, but I can only trust what I’ve read and watched and keep hoping for answers.

I expect Trump to hammer this on Biden pretty much all night for 2 main reasons. First, he’s obsessed with the idea that he was treated unfairly during his first term. He believes that there was a witch-hunt against him and his campaign and won’t live it down until someone pays a price. Second, like I said above no one is even bringing this story up so if Trump doesn’t mention it then there’s a good chance it won’t get mentioned all night because the media seems to be running cover for Biden.

Be on the lookout for the Chinese feed to cut out during a lot of those conversations.

Foreign policy also was scrapped from this debate. It is usually customary that the 3rd debate is centered around foreign policy, but because the second debate was cancelled they have changed the subjects. This helps Joe Biden a lot.

When Trump initially won back in 2016, the idea was that WWIII was imminent. People were scared that he had the nuclear codes. It’s wild because a good argument can be made that Trump’s strongest record is on foreign policy. New trade deals, Peace agreements in the MiddleEast, and taking out terrorists, Trump could hammer Biden in many of these regards.

I think it would be fair for Welker to have at least a question regarding foreign trade deals like NAFTA and the TPP or something of the like when they discuss the economy. Maybe Trump will try to pivot to that.

Joe Biden really needs to show that he can handle these attacks tonight. He’s basically been caught in a lie. He will have the chance to speak and it will be vital for him to provide coherent, focussed messaging about what he wants to do. With 2 minutes to ramble, he can’t just go after buzzwords and attacks that won’t amount to anything. He has to convince people to go out and vote.

There aren’t many undecided voters left for this election. It’s all about low-propensity voters. The winner of this election will be the campaign that gets those folks who don’t usually vote to get out and cast a ballot. That’s what I believe to be the biggest story of this election and the most important factor for how the race plays out. I’m not sure which candidate will end up doing a better job of this but tonight may be the best chance to get largely disinterested people to get out and vote. Trump has the enthusiasm on his side, Biden has the hatred of Trump on his.

We’ll have to wait and see how it plays out.

I will be sending out some tweets, perhaps, tonight and write an analysis tomorrow. I’m sure there will be a lot to say.

Buckle up.


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