Tucker Carlson To Interview Tony Bobulinski Tonight For The Full Hour

There has still been no concrete denial that the laptop uncovered last week by the New York Post with help from Rudy Giuliani and Steve Bannon is in fact not Hunter Biden’s or that anything accused of the former Vice President’s son and his shady dealings with overseas businesses is categorically untrue or completely fabricated. We still haven’t heard from Hunter and his take on the allegations, but we did see his lawyer send a letter to the Delaware shop owner asking for the laptop to be returned. You don’t ask for something to be returned that is fake or not yours. This shows a coordinated effort to suppress and bury the story by multiple media outlets.

Joe Biden claimed on a national debate stage last week that he has never “taken a penny” from foreign officials. To this point we can really only take him at his word, but there is mounting evidence to cast a doubt if what Biden said is actually true. Fox News confirmed that Joe Biden is the “Big Guy” in an email exchange that divided 10% of an equity deal to the former VP. There is messages talking about how more money would be of interest “for [Hunter] and [his] family” when negotiating a deal in China.

There is also an on the record witness, Tony Bobulinski, who is claiming that Joe Biden knew about these dealings and was involved in these corrupt deals.

Now proving corruption would take an investigation and it is concerning that it seems like those who claim “democracy dies in darkness” are actively looking to push this story under the rug. Until a case is brought forward, journalists should be looking for answers regardless of biases or affiliations. But, with Bobulinksi being on record, where so far there is no reason to believe he is not a credible witness, it grounds much more basis against Biden than a lot of stories that the media perpetrated to try and take down Donald Trump.

Bobulinski will be on Tucker Carlson Tonight after his statement before last week’s debate and him announcing that he would be turning over multiple items to the FBI. There are now recordings that indicate Joe Biden as a witness to some of this criminal activity and Tucker will allow the former military veteran to have a platform to fully break down his side and experience of working with the Biden Syndicate.

If anything, this is just important because this guy is getting a platform to speak. I’m not entirely sure what Tucker will ask him and I bet some parts of his story has holes or inconsistencies of the like. But, there is also real evidence supporting the fact that Joe Biden was being fully leveraged as basically an asset in the negotiations of these deals. Is it legal? I’m not sure. It’s probably unethical at least, which Joe Biden still won’t admit. But either way, should these players be represented as the first family of the United States with this real scandal and potential crimes storming over them? That conversation at least needs to be had.

It creates a complex dynamic for the man who could very likely be sworn into the White House in just a few months. There is some incriminating stuff on that laptop against Biden’s son and many interlinks that could potentially make Joe liable as well. It’s simply not a good situation. This laptop has grounds for the investigation and potential indictment of Hunter Biden. Now does every President come in with baggage to the White House? Yea, but this one puts not only our national security at risk, but it also sets a tumultuous precedent for how public officials utilize and abuse their relationships between foreign officials and family members. Whether it’s legal or not, it’s shady and bad form. It’s very third world. It is quite literally an attack on democracy and equal justice for all.

There are now audio recordings of Hunter claiming he and his father had been named as witnesses in regards to his ex-business partner Devon Archer’s criminal case. The message is extremely suspect.

It almost seems like the walls are caving in. At this point there’s really no denying it and more and more continues to be released. There’s an entire hard drive to dig through. Relatively speaking, this is only the beginning. Joe’s campaign is moving towards the finish line with an axle dragging.

Again, this story is a lot and a ton to follow. There’s a mountain of information coming out basically every day. It’s definitely not very easy to comb through all the moving parts, but at the surface it makes pretty clear that Hunter Biden is not a good guy and should be investigated and probably jailed for at least a few crimes. Joe Biden won’t be directly connected to these allegations through something concrete like a wire transfer or tax record, but there is room for researching to find answers. A free press would want to know those answers.

And Joe, on the other hand, should at least be expected to answer some of the questions regarding his involvement. The man who’s running to be leader of the free world should clarify much of the doubts cast by these allegations. If comparing this to the Russia probe, Donald Trump was very quick to call it a hoax. Biden has only called this a smear, without denying most of its findings. It’s tough to restore the soul of the nation when your own may have be compromised by a foreign adversary.

Bobulinski is just a piece to this puzzle and may simply be only the tip of the iceberg. There are so many questions to go around. Why is Hunter linked to the spy chief of China? And why are his business partners disappearing? Did anything come of that SDNY investigation? It’s up for brave journalists to continue looking for some of these answers.

Tucker will look to get further into the details of this whole fiasco tonight and again, it’s good that Bobulinski will get close to a mainstream platform unlike other’s who have accused the Biden’s of wrongdoings.

I have confidence in Tucker’s ability to ask the questions that the people want to know and press Bobulinski where it is necessary. Tucker is one of the only people on television who seems to have the liberties to do whatever he wants and that is an inspiring sign of what the future could hold and how not bowing to corporate demands can still bear success in mainstream markets.

This story is only getting bigger and it might even be changing some people’s minds about the race. I don’t know how ultimately it will play a role in this election but as more comes out it’s starting to become reasonable to think this will drag on beyond the election whether Biden wins or not. Like I said before, I still don’t think this is the biggest issue that people will vote on and it could be Trump’s obsession with it that could lead to his ultimate downfall. But again, maybe not. Luckily for us, we find out in just a week.

Either way, as the Washington Post brilliantly coined, “democracy dies in darkness”. So I’m happy that Tucker Carlson will be living by that mantra tonight allowing Tony Bobulinksi to maybe speak some truth to power.

As an aside, the double speak is only increasing and becoming much more blatant.

Freedom will prevail, but it’s up to us to pave that path.


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