Joe Rogan Hosts Alex Jones & Tim Dillon For A 3+ Hour Crazy Conversation

Talk about a roller coaster. The infamous Alex Jones was back on mainstream airwaves yesterday joining podcast behemoth Joe Rogan and comedian Tim Dillon for a wild, conspiracy, and comedy filled conversation that really centered around the United States and our position in the world today regarding the election, pandemic, and globalist movement.

Now obviously this is extremely controversial because of a lot of the things that Alex Jones been responsible for and linked to in the past. But he is also friends with Joe Rogan and now has made his 3rd appearance on the JRE. Whether you are political or not, it’s hard to deny that Jones is an extremely entertaining figure that knows a ton of facts and history about both the country and world.

Listening to him rattle off different government/military operations, timelines, quotes, and facts is nothing else but impressive especially considering he drank 1/2 a bottle of whisky (referred to as apple juice) throughout the podcast. To be fair, the drinking did backfire on Jones as well because it made it hard to stay on track during the show. Jones admitted he was nervous at the beginning, so downing 4 drinks of apple juice didn’t lead to him being at his sharpest, I’m sure. Either way he still had some pretty funny moments.

Alex Jones is often ridiculed as a conspiracy theorist spreading “misinformation”, so Joe Rogan took the initiative to real time fact check Jones throughout the conversation. This was most first noticeable when Jones accused AT&T of lobbying off the President’s ex-lawyer Michael Cohen and it was quickly proven to be accurate. These types of instances happened more than a few times with Rogan and Jaime citing mainstream, credible news outlets.

This is upsetting to many because of the controversies that have surrounded Jones in the past and they have worked to kick him off basically all of the internet in censoring his ability to share his opinions online. He has been kicked off pretty much every online media platform including Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Spotify. Jack Dorsey explains a brief rationale behind his permanent ban from Twitter. There’s more insights into that here. Rogan felt he needed to keep the conversation as accurate and fact based as possible (which is good) because he knew that the second the episode was released people would be calling for it to get removed.

Regardless of one’s views, we know one of the biggest problems with this whole podcast is the uproar that it’d receive post publishing. I mean Tim Dillon was wearing a “Free Ghislaine” shirt in regards to the jailed sex trafficker who was basically Jeffrey Epstein’s closest confidante. It’s clearly a joke but also an easy way to trigger people when he says that he’s wearing it because he wants to “stand with all women”. You might not lke it, but it’s comedy, get over it.

But the immediate call for censorship is a lot of what people are complaining about with talking about censorship online. Without listening to a single minute of the conversation, they just want it buried and unheard.

The substance of the conversations was pretty interesting, too. Jones does this thing, which is why he’s a labeled conspiracy theorist, in that he can manipulate real facts and events to where it gets down a path to a globalist takeover of the world looking for a centralized world government trying to achieve post-human civilization. It’s crazy, yes. But, when you have people calling for foreign governments and organizations to basically takeover the US it definitely raises eyebrows. And when other people are looking to transfer our bodies into tech, you think to read into it. Sure, it’s opinion (which these authors are entitled to) but there’s also cases of American corporations siding with Communist China in their policies and practices of information suppression. To say there’s zero truth to it, like many of the things brought up during this podcast, is just flat wrong.

This is why Rogan is such a good counterpart to him, though, because not only is Joe basically as smart in relation to being aware of most of this stuff, but he’s also much more realistic with the mainstream, down-to-earth approach to a lot of these problems. As Joe remained sober (against peer pressure) throughout the show, he provided more of a voice of reason to Alex Jones that kept the conversation from getting in too deep against some globalist new world order. Rogan deserves credit for that.

An interesting conversation that they had was about climate change and Jones’ alleged war on carbon and many of the inconsistencies that come with what we may see about climate change today. They also talked about censorship, the pandemic and many more topics. It’s entertaining and a good way to see an insight in how Jones thinks. Similar to Kanye’s interview on Rogan earlier this week, they just have multiple thoughts per minute and say loaded statements back to back to back. And when Rogan just let Kanye talk for minutes at a time, he felt Jones needed a shorter leash, probably for a variety of reasons.

For sure that’s where Rogan was most conscious about this interview. It didn’t really get super deep into any specific issues because Joe decided to play the role of Daniel Dale and fact check basically everything Jones said. I understand the decision because he had to have known how big this podcast would be and every single word would be dissected. The YouTube post is already at 4.6 million views in about 24 hours. By making sure they weren’t talking about completely fake accusations, it took away from some of the actual points he was trying to get at.

So as Rogan was walking on eggshells trying to contain Jones, the conversation consistently got derailed and flailed all over the place. It was a pretty surface level discussion for most of the 3 hours that didn’t mention many of things that Jones may have had knowledge or read about. There was little talk about how Jones thinks the best way to get out of the current state of our pandemic is in and it kind of just kept going back to attacks on various politicians and their want for a globalist new world order. A more focussed conversation would have been much more interesting. I’m shocked there wasn’t much mentions about Dr. Fauci either.

I don’t really blame either for this, but hopefully Rogan will have him on again soon (besides the election night special) to get deeper into a lot of these issues. The episode was also clearly missing Eddie Bravo.

Also I want to be clear this isn’t me saying I think Alex Jones has the answers to any of these problems, but it is interesting to hear his perspective. He’s not often given a platform so when he does a lot of people are going to listen. He talked himself about how Joe conducted the interview and the constant fact checks may have played a role in really getting in depth into a lot of the subjects. But regardless, it had some really funny moments by all 3 participants.

The old clip they showed of an interview with Jones and David Gergen and his breakdown of Bohemian Grove was very interesting. As absurd as it may seem, there is some semblance of secret societies that billionaires and heads of state partake in. Not many people really know/care to look further into these groups. Alex Jones is effective at showing how the elites of this country operate. It’s truly fascinating stuff and real insights into our ruling class.

Also, I think that their discussion about what Alex Jones described as “79 days of hell” in the time after the election and before the inauguration is a very real thing to be concerned about. There will be super high tensions to come out of next week’s vote and the actions that leaders and states take can seriously lead to destruction and chaos in our country. This is not made up stuff, as there have been signs and statements by both sides regarding how they will act based on the outcome of the race. Hillary Clinton told Joe Biden not to concede and the Chief strategist for the Democrats could be planning for secession by western states. Trump has made statements that raise concern for him accepting the results on election night as well. There are seeds of reasoning to secede that could be being planted right now. It’s vital that we try to keep as much peace as possible. We know big tech will be trying to suppress some information so it’s important to get these thoughts out now and as often as possible to keep everyone aware. I want both sides to play fair and keep the good of the country in mind. Regardless of what happens, please let’s avoid the worst.

A big revelation to come out of this podcast as well was Rogan announcing his election night special show with Kyle Kulinski and Tim Dillon. Alex Jones basically invited himself onto this show also and Joe seemed to agree. That Tuesday night show will be crazy.

I believe the campaign to get that live stream cancelled will also be in full force for the next 6 days. But, as Joe Rogan has shown since his switch to Spotify, he is in charge of his podcast and will have on whoever he wants. As much as Spotify employees may try, they aren’t going to dictate how Rogan runs his podcast. It’s exactly what his fans wanted when he made the switch and even if there were some slight bumps at the beginning it seems like with guests being Kanye West, Alex Jones, and Glenn Greenwald this week, he is clearly the boss.

This is a great sign for those who believe in free speech online. Rogan exercises his first amendment and is willing to take on any of the risks that come with it. It’s why he continues to grow so much. This specific episode will see insane download/view numbers.

It’s funny that as people are calling for this episode to be censored, there is an exact opposite side of the spectrum going on with Tim Pool and a guest he had on his show yesterday. I’m not sure who this person is but he clearly identifies with ANTIFA. Pool had him on for a conversation (which admittedly I have not listened to) and immediately received backlash for giving him a platform.

You can’t complain for one person to have certain liberties and not the other. That’s not how it works. Again would I agree with much of what Tim’s guest had to say? Probably not. Is the guest a good person? From what I’ve initially seen the answer is no. I can listen later and research for myself to decide. But I won’t go after Tim Pool for having opposing view points on his show. That’s just hypocritical.

And the same goes for Alex Jones on Joe Rogan. If you don’t like you either don’t need to listen or you can watch and come up with valid reasons and arguments as to why he is wrong/incorrect. As Joe says, the best way to fight wrong speech is with better speech. People have the ability and liberty to make their own conclusions. Pretending opposing ideas don’t exist is dangerous and irrational.

I’m happy Rogan had Jones on before the election because of the uproar that we know it creates. Oliver Darcy must have been fuming yesterday.

Anyways, keep paying attention because Joe Rogan is on a roll right now. He has had 3 great guests this week and all are very entertaining and insightful. Be careful when watching and don’t believe everything you hear, but feel free to do follow up research about all the topics they converse about.

Now is not the time to get lazy or complacent.


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