Thoughts Into The Weekend vol. 19

Happy Halloween! Been a few weeks since I made one of these and that is for a variety of reasons. I view this series as a way for me to get some not as ironed out thoughts into this sphere of my views and opinions. It’s a way to give a quick take on a lot of things going outside of what I view as the biggest/most interesting story in my life for that day.

I try to keep a level head at all times and not act with too much emotion. I look for that to be an overarching theme to this page where as many things as I say have supporting evidence and is justified through reason and logic. I don’t think that anyone should be scared or silenced in sharing their ideas just because it may not be the “politically correct” viewpoint but I do try to present it in mostly a “politically correct” way regardless. I don’t look to offend anybody or rile up controversy. I just want to present my own points and counterpoints to many ideas that may be going unchallenged and give the perspective of a 22 year old college senior who is trying to remain as in tune with the times as possible while finishing up his degree.

I’m not going to get too much into the potential “existential” possibilities that can become present next week and the subsequent days following this election. As interesting and important as this experience will be living through the history of this time, trying to predict anything that will happen is beyond what I hope for or can control. I do know that there are businesses already preparing for unrest in major cities across the country. This seems to be happening regardless of what the outcome will be. It’s discouraging that responses of violence and riots are being so normalized that best practice for street side vendors and stores right now is to become as defensible as possible. It really doesn’t have to be this way. I hope that much of this preparation ultimately goes by the wayside and just seen as an overcautious step in trying to combat much of what we’ve seen in the past months, but it’s hard to argue that there isn’t a very high chance of riots, looting, and unrest in seemingly coordinated fashion next week. Let’s hope for the best.

With that, I’ll get into some quick thoughts:

Indiana @ Rutgers

Those who have been following this blog know that I have been extremely bullish on the Indiana Hoosiers football team this year. I knew this team was going to take a step in the right direction after a promising season and become a real force to be reckoned with in the Big Ten conference.

A win over the 8th ranked Penn State Nittany Lions is exactly what I meant by that. Yes, it was only the first week of the season and there’s still a long way to go but this was a game that any IU fan knows is given away like they almost did in the 4th quarter. Did it take some luck? Of course. But head coach Tom Allen and this team have been knocking on the door of some huge upsets for many years now and it was incredible to finally see it come to fruition last week.

The only problem was that we couldn’t be in the stadium to storm the field. We made due on Kirkwood to the best we could.

It was funny because it felt like in the back of everyone’s heads was how IU, of course, is a basketball school and no one really knew how to react to a football victory like that. It was the football teams first win over a top 10 opponent in 33 years. It was as lit as a pandemic celebration could be.

Again, I’ve been saying that this team will be competitive and honestly think there’s a chance that this team could be vying for a position in the Rose Bowl or big time bowl game. That confidence gets shot if they lose this week though.

Rutgers won their first Big Ten game in like 3 years to MSU last week and now they will host the Hoosiers at 3:30 on Saturday. Indiana needs to show up and take care of business. It doesn’t have to be pretty and their stout defense should keep them in the game. Hopefully the offense can get both the run game and Whop Philyor involved early and often.

One game at a time one quarter at a time one drive at a time one play at a time. I think this team can and wants to be a force in the conference this year and will only get better as the season goes on. Yes, there will be ups and downs but the most important thing is to win games that should be won regardless of location. That is the case with Rutgers.

Let’s go Hoosiers.

New York Post Protest

Big Tech tycoons were questioned in front of congress earlier this week regarding online bias, censorship, and election meddling. The group included Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, and Alphabet/Google CEO Sundar Pichai. The conversation was supposed to be centered around section 230, but that wasn’t the case.

These hearings are always super partisan and don’t really get to the root of the actual issues at hand. Both sides just complain about unfair treatment towards the other and how social media companies need to be better to support their respective causes. It’s never really productive and seemingly kicks the can down the road for the next issue that people complain about. Section 230 needs some type of revisions and hopefully once we get out of the fog of the election we can start to look at it through a lens of free speech and liberties.

I mention that because of the censorship that has been very explicit in the last few weeks where social media sites use the guise of community guidelines to operate in a black box of decisions.

The most glaring example is the New York Posts’ twitter account still being suspended after the Hunter Biden email posting now 2 weeks ago. Twitter changed its “rule” about “hacked material” once it decided to censor the story and realized that it held no grounds for doing so. They have said the Post can regain access to its account if they retroactively delete the posts with the link they initially shared. This is even though it is now (still) not a violation of their rules.

The NYP is refusing to delete the tweets and feel they should be reinstated regardless. This is an example of civil disobedience I can get behind. The Post is a credible, 200+ year old publication that reported on real investigative journalism. You may not like the story and want it censored but that’s the beauty of living in a free country and what should be their ability to post it anyways.

It’s crazy that this is happening all so close to the election and one could reasonably argue that this is election meddling. But, I think it’s important to stand up for what you believe in and the New York Post fighting for their right to report real journalism should be applauded and is the idea of what this country was founded upon. Standing up to tyrants and demanding equal justice and liberty for all.

No Response From The IDS

I wrote my rebuttal to the IDS yesterday and it has been about 24 since I hit publish. I have still not heard from the IDS or anyone who represents them for what I claim to be a very unfair, out-of-touch accusation against a large portion of the student body and country as a whole.

I wasn’t really expecting the IDS to respond, honestly. I hoped to be wrong though.

Yes, they are currently exposing the IU administration of allegedly covering up sexual assault allegations against a theater professor for the past week. They have been dedicating much of their news reporting to this story this week. This was great work.

But they should still be held accountable for everything they post.

And I want to make something clear, in case it wasn’t clear enough in my column yesterday: The IDS does some very good reporting. But, I stand by the fact that their opinion page is an embarrassment to fair and balanced news. I am not sure if they try to claim to be an unbiased news source, but for all our sakes I hope they don’t.

I think it’s a joke that they won’t engage with me, publicly or privately, to discuss the content of the piece and why it was published on their cite. It’s like they are just throwing things onto their website and not trying to improve, take feedback, or engage with their audience.

I have tweeted at the IDS twitter account a ton of times in the past day. I’ve been taking shots left and right. I personally think it’s hilarious that since that article was published Trump has gained public endorsements from celebrities/legends like Jack Nicklaus, Lil Wayne, and Brett Favre.

All I have to say is Weezy F Baby and the F is for freedom.

The IDS has yet to inform me if these individuals are also suffering from a case of Stockholm syndrome.

Hopefully I will get an answer soon.

Motivational Video Of The Week


Have a great weekend everyone. I hope you have a fun, safe, and eventful Halloween.

I’ll be back on Monday and I’m willing to bet there will be some news to come out this weekend in the final days of the 2020 election.

Full steam ahead.


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