The Media Doesn’t Declare An Election Victor – The People Do

Joe Biden was supposed to announce his declaration of victory on Friday night at 8pm. That speech was then delayed over 2 hours because of a significant order from Justice Samuel Alito that reiterated to Pennsylvania that they need to separate the election day vs. “post” election day ballots because of ensuing legal battles. This order had been processed weeks ago by the SCOTUS, but there were questions whether the votes received after 8pm on November 3 were properly being segregated. There is a chance that the Trump team’s claim that all the votes received and counted after election night in PA could be discounted which could give Trump a win in the state.

The media then declared Biden the winner of the election on Saturday morning. Trump immediately sent out a release claiming that the election is far from over and they will fight to overturn these results.

Is this likely? I’m not sure, probably not. Our democracy says that we need to let it play out, though.

Because it is possible and when looking at how the Pennsylvania Supreme Court seemed to “legislate” from the bench there is real cause for concern on how this tally came about. Pennsylvania, realistically, cannot be called until this legal battle plays out. There are anomalies that are going to be investigated in both Pennsylvania and at least 3 other states. Trump’s legal team announced some of those lawsuits today. Between these statistical “curiosities” and other clear irregularities, fully calling Pennsylvania may be premature. There is also now a signed affidavit claiming the postal service backdated ballots to make it seem like they were received on time. That right there is evidence of alleged fraud.

That leaves the legal fights in these other states to play out as well. Somehow, Arizona still hasn’t finalized the vote count. But, Nevada, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Georgia all have instances where investigations will most likely take place and the vote may not be finalized until the court’s rulings. Sure, there may be no evidence of “widespread” voter fraud, but if the potential fraud is targeted to individual cities where ballots were rejected at historically low rates and turnout was seen at historically high rates, there could be revelations that are uncovered in the legal fight. Like I said last week, this election will drag on no matter what the media says.

So, with Kamala Harris and Joe Biden are claiming victory, and the help of every major media outlet cheering them on, it distracts that there is already a case that can very well be seen by the Supreme Court, and other cases that will be heavily challenged as well. It makes one wonder about the many other legal battles that the Trump legal team is fighting and how confident the “Transition46” team is. Because this approach can be spun in 2 ways, primarily.

Either they did win in the end or the media will be to blame for all the unrest we see if Trump is to be declared the official winner.

First, they are going ahead because they have nothing to actually worry about in regards to these claims so they will get a head start on being the President and Vice President elects that the media now refers to as such. If the leads that they hold are confirmed, then of course it is best to get started as soon as possible and try to deliver their new message of the Presidency. This is the more likely scenario, but it also could be misleading if there are decisions made by the courts to potentially overturn some of these states. We will get a much better idea once all the preliminary votes are counted.

It almost seems like there is a psychological conditioning being done by the mainstream media outlets to portray a President-elect Joe Biden. All these calls for “unity” and “healing”. It’s transparently condescending and unAmerican. It is also important to sell to the people that this is really happening “no matter what”. Those who may have voted for Trump because they like him or his policy need to come to grips with the idea of what will be a much calmer media because of a significantly less transparent government. There’s nothing they can do, just accept it and move on. That’s what they are hoping people will do and on a large scale they may be right, most people will come to accept it.

Side note, It’s almost embarrassingly apparent how mainstream journalists (partisan democrats) across all media platforms are so happy in response to this news. Unbiased journalism is dead. Trump really broke their brains like that.

But, the point stands, that the media is trying to flex its strength and influence of the establishment. Whether it’s CNN or Fox News, it’s clear that they were wrong about almost everything leading up to this election. Fox News had some of the worst polls of any pollsters at all. So why again should we believe the projections on blind faith? Let’s let it play out.

That’s what is so interesting to me about this whole scenario. Yea, Trump may be making rash claims about what’s happening and his supporters may be protesting against the results, but no one has called for any violence or anything. There hasn’t been rioting or looting that we saw all throughout the summer. Really the only thing people are asking for is a fair, legal process.

Count all the legal votes. I don’t think there’s a single person who can dispute that request. If no one is above the law, then let’s make sure that is the case. Al Gore’s legal fight lasted over a month before he finally conceded the race. It hasn’t been a week yet and everyone wants to put a lid on the election that everyone realized its importance. We were told that this election would last a while but now there’s a sudden rush? I wonder why.

And no, there isn’t (yet) that pile of bombshell evidence like taking a mask off a Scooby Doo villain, but that’s what the investigations are for. There is evidence of votes “glitching” to the wrong candidate and whistleblowers alleging corruption against mail ballots. There’s also been denied access to poll watchers and outlier-esque voter turnout.

No one from the official Trump side has said they won’t accept the results from a fair count. They need to exhaust all their options. That’s what anyone would do. No one just rolls over and hides after a controversial loss. They plead their case and play the rest of the game under protest. Now sure, there have only been 15 baseball games ever that have upheld a protest, but it’s still in the manager’s right. It’s how this works and people who are pretending like Trump is taking some unprecedented attack on democracy just sound dense. Let the process play out and don’t scold those who want to be patient while simultaneously believing that Trump had been a Russian agent for the last 4 years.

The lack of self awareness is astounding.

So again, we have to remember the fact that this is going to continue on. It may take a few weeks. I find it dangerous by the media to make these claims and statements basically implying that Trump has zero chance whatsoever to pull off this comeback. Is it likely? Like I said before, no. But there is a path and it can be executed. It’s dangerous that the media has crowned Joe Biden the President if there is a change because of various legal rulings to the vote count. It will allow people to think that the election will be stolen the other direction when in reality the final whistle never blew to begin with. Once the final whistle blows then the results can be conceded. But truthfully, as of right now there is not much to concede.

Also, for the Trump people that are stating that the state legislatures should appoint pro-Trump electors, they need to relax. That is the same sore-loser BS that I heard from my liberal high school teachers who were distraught after Hillary lost. Faithless electors? Please. I’d be shocked to ever see something like that happen and even if Trump were to not concede after all the legal rulings play out, I’d still want the electors to vote for whoever their state decided, not their personal politics. I guess the idea of this just pops up every 4-8 years for whichever side loses. Sad.

I’m not a conspiracy theorist, and I don’t want to spread misinformation. I am just trying to comb through the facts of the matter and explain how this battle is not yet over. Keep your head on a swivel and prepare for any and all surprises. Don’t act with too much emotion and stay the course. Whatever happens happens, but remember that the “first responsibility of citizens to question authority”. Ben Franklin said that.

So again, don’t listen to everything that you see on mainstream news. Don’t take everything someone says on a camera at their word, and look to find the real truth of these problems. Hopefully it all gets handled soon. There are legitimate questions to be asked and if someone tells you to shut up and sit down it’s fair to respond by asking (politely) what they are hiding and why they may be nervous to let the process play out. Transparency is essential in things like this.

Hopefully it gets solved sooner rather than later.

Freedom will prevail, but it’s up to us to pave that path.


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