The Hyperloop Is Coming

Longtime readers remember my position back in May of this year about investing in infrastructure and futuristic technologies in order to move through the pandemic and enter a new aged industrial revolution. Much of that piece was revolved around the Hyperloop train that would completely revolutionize travel around the world. This could become available while 5G and blockchain technologies continue to scale. These innovations open the realm of possibilities beyond what we can imagine.

In order to keep up with and continue to lead the global demands for logistical speeds and efficiencies, I think it’s important that the United States stresses the need to improve these technologies as well so we can lead the global economy. It is also imperative that we don’t fall reliant on adversarial companies who are a potential risk to our freedoms and liberties.

I got hit with some scrutiny from this take by some guy who now seems to have a suspended twitter account. He argued that there was no way that the physics of this idea could actually work and it was basically a pipe dream. He seemed like a cynic who hates fun. I’m glad to report that my judgement of this was correct because today we are 1 step closer to having a breakthrough in modern travel.

This is becoming a global transport race. I’m on team USA. We are on a path towards victory.

The Virgin Hyperloop conducted the first human passenger test in Nevada. They reached over 105mph in less than 7 seconds and travelled 390 meters. That’s over 4 football fields.

The hypothesis of a fully operating Hyperloop is speeds over 650mph and full commercial and cargo travel. It can cut travel and freight times into pieces. Virgin Hyperloop One has predicted that this reality in the mid 2020’s. Today that seems like they are making real strides toward that goal. Elon Musk and Tesla are working on a project of their own as well. Some of the worlds leading minds are trying to conquer this terrain. I think that we should give them as many routes and resources to achieve this as possible.

Taking this next step in travel opens the door for inter-city travel beyond wild measures. Trips from Chicago to Pittsburg could be done in less than an hour. Imagine the possibilities.

With talks of stimulus and a potential government infrastructure bill, these innovations should be heavily considered. Sure, you can give a man a fish and feed him for a day, but by believing in this technology we can create many more livelihoods that are sustainable. A technology revolution is on the horizon and we shouldn’t fear from that. It doesn’t need to be framed as some basic, partisan talking point. Our elected officials should act in the best interest of all of us regardless of party. That’s a real message of unity and healing. We need to embrace it, intelligently. It’s not a fight of industrialists vs. luddites, either, but a battle of preserving our well being while improving standards of living. This tech can help us all regardless of class or standing. I truly believe that.

This is an inspiring video that shows we could be on the cusp of a real breakthrough. This technology is possible and we have to continue to lean in. Like I said, give Elon or Virgin all the resources possible and get this going across major regions of the country. The only way forward is through.

I’m excited to watch this grow and hopefully become a point of mainstream conversation. Infrastructure in America isn’t much to brag about but this gives us a chance to reset that narrative. Help us all with a plan to get this implemented. It can cure much of the transportation woes that we have in this country and take the stress off what could soon be relatively archaic forms of travel. It can be done we just can’t give up on it.

The future is a lot closer than we may think.


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