To Much of Seth Rogen’s Dismay, SpaceX & NASA Launched 4 More Astronauts Into Space Last Night

How can you not love space? It’s so freaking cool and a constant reminder of how small we are as people on this planet. Insignificant little ants. But, space exploration is a staple of who we are as Americans. We utilize our resources and curiosities to exceed new heights and reach new grounds. NASA is responsible for much of the technology we have today and if it were not for using real science and research to further understand our universe, we wouldn’t have a lot of the advancements we take for granted on an everyday basis.

That is why last night’s SpaceX launch was so exciting and important as we move forward through the next decade. This is the second NASA x SpaceX launch in the last 6 months and clearly has sparked the dawn of a new age in the United States for space exploration. After the Barack Obama administration practically put NASA’s space exploration unit to a halt, the last year alone has seen a change in attitude and a reimagining of how we approach space. Honestly, it’s exciting.

The ultimate goal is to reach Mars and who knows what could be revealed if we were to explore an entirely new planet. I’m sure any and all of the empirical data found would make absolutely no sense to me, but that’s unimportant when commercial benefits would become apparent as well. Elon Musk and the US Federal Government have established an extremely valuable partnership that should excite all Americans.

This partnership shows the advantages that our capitalist system can yield. These launches are cheaper than what a government produced rocket has ever achieved and Musk’s innovation in advancing the technology around the aircrafts proves that the ambition and advancements of privatized industries can have positive impacts on the general public. The access to refurbish and reuse parts of the aircraft opens the door to endless possibilities with space travel. I mean come on.

People who don’t like this ambition are thinking in terms of shallow potential outcomes, in my opinion. This headline includes Seth Rogen as somewhat of a joke, but also because he showed his true colors when President Trump was talking about this aspiration to reach Mars during one of his campaign rallies. Rogen tweeted in response to a clip saying:


Rogen has since deleted this tweet, but it’s pretty explicit in showing his actual thoughts. I don’t think he’s alone in this thought, too, especially considering what the last administration did to cutting funding to NASA. He is clearly against the idea of space travel and maybe even against American ingenuity(?). There is so much to explore that the idea that just because we’ve “been there before” doesn’t mean we learned everything and should hold no basis. It’s important in everything to continue pushing boundaries and learning/striving for new information.

I just think it’s funny that the guy who made a career writing movies basically about smoking weed and getting high is so opposed to answering some of the staple questions that are asked when people are high. And I’m a fan of Seth Rogen and his work. I just think this take is rather sad. He seems to have no interest in finding out more about things like aliens or the universe. It’s strange, truthfully. Like watch any space movie ever and then try and convince yourself that we shouldn’t be doing things like that in reality.

But in all seriousness, this is another cool feather in the cap for both America and Elon Musk. It’s funny that when I thought Musk was slacking last week (not actually) with the Virgin Hyperloop beating Tesla to the benchmark of testing human transport, Elon pulls ahead and launches astronauts to space. One step back, two steps forward. I’m rooting for everyone in this scenario so whatever works. I wish the best to these astronauts embarking on this journey.

These 4 astronauts will be linking up with the International Space Station tonight around 11pm and will be up there for 6 months. The US legitimizing its own ability to contribute to this global mission and show that we are the leaders of this mission to Mars is yet another example of why to be proud of US Patriotism and the American Dream. We no longer have to rely on foreign technology or initiatives to partake and lead this venture. There is nothing we can’t accomplish when we put our heads together and reach for the stars. Maybe by 2024 a venture to Mars isn’t entirely out of the question. The future is here.

It’s inspiring stuff. I’m hopeful it continues forward.


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