Listen To Big Brains, Not Small Ones – Dave Portnoy Tackles Lockdowns 2.0

Dave Portnoy isn’t outwardly political. He has sometimes commented on politics in the past and from a distance most would label him as a hardcore conservative, citing the fact he is often a guest of Tucker Carlson’s #1 rated news show, he has interviewed the President, and speaks out against some non-mainstream opinions that has frequently put him in hot water in needing to defend himself against the cancel culture mob.

The reality, however, is that Dave really isn’t that political as a public figure. He just wants to grow his own profile and following. I’m sure as much as he appears on Fox he would also go on MSNBC, if they asked him. He generally doesn’t like commenting on issues that he deems too political and that of course is his prerogative. As he has gained a profile there have been numerous instances to at least get an idea of where he stands on certain issues, but until he outwardly says his positions, who am I to dissect his stance on the wide array of problems that we face in the world today? I think generally he leans to the right but as a guy who puts a majority of his life on the internet, it’s only when he explicitly talks about current issues that we can digest it and take it for what it is. We also live in a time where those who aren’t clearly left are seen as “right wing”. In reality the guy is probably somewhere in the middle. This is important for all people but especially El Presidente because in a time where people feel they need to choose their words ever so carefully, he lets it fly whenever he decides to tackle a topic.

Dave also has a self proclaimed “big brain” for making smart decisions and consistently proving that he takes the right course of action when faced with a hard choice on various situations. Last night on Tucker’s opening segment his brain was on full display talking about people’s ability to make decisions for themselves. Maybe his big brain is really just a display of common sense. The sense that really isn’t too common nowadays.

This issue of lockdowns is relevant, again, because it seems that we are watching what Joe Biden coined a “dark winter” come veering at us at a rapid speed. I believe there are 2 interpretations to this dark winter and I think going full lockdown would actually be the darker of those paths. Objectively, it makes no scientific sense to go back into lockdowns. I had been meaning to write about this approach to a “dark winter” recently, but it’s hard to again put into words many of the thoughts that I have already expressed.

To make an analogy, I think basically every crisis that has been used to go after Donald Trump in the last 4 years has been framed like the White Walkers from Game of Thrones and now the covid pandemic is basically preparing us for the “long night”. It’s important to remember how that ultimately ended up playing out in the push for the Iron Throne.

Seriously, though, I think we can find a fair, reasonable balance to both the lives saved from this disease and not drowning countless businesses that are struggling to survive.

Yes, COVID19 cases are rising across the country and with the pressure of an election no longer present, state governors are pulling out all the old stops to try and curtail its spread. The only problem is they are using the same tactics that have shown to do little to actually stop the spread of the virus. Hospitalization rates have been rising but there hasn’t been any hospitals that have reached capacity or are overflowing with patients. Of course, that is the main thing to monitor. Remember, that was the main justification behind “15 Days To Slow The Spread” to begin with. If we get to the point of overflowing hospitals, then yes we probably will need to take drastic measures. But, 8 months later, it seems like we are still just failing to “flatten that curve”. It’s not a matter of necessarily who catches the disease, it’s supposed to be a matter of not overwhelming our health care system. We know of those who are vulnerable from the virus and those who we need to protect.

Many of the lockdown measures that were put in place last March have been re-instituted by government officials in some of our major cities. New York, Chicago, and LA have all announced lockdown measures in the past week. I guess if it fails the first time then why not try again, right? I mean it’s not like we have data from all over the Western world showing us the effects of lockdowns in stopping the spread of the virus and even worse the negative externalities that come with lockdowns. But regardless, we again are being not only asked, but ordered, to take rather extreme measures to avoid a further outbreak of the COVID19 virus.

This is especially true in relation to millions of people’s Thanksgiving and potentially (probably) Christmas plans as well. There have been multiple states that have put harsh restrictions on the ability to gather in our own homes and even threatening action against those who don’t follow the rules. I think this is a blatant government overstep and potentially a violation of our first amendment rights.

And that’s kind of what Portnoy is saying in this clip. There have been numerous examples of those who are supposed to be leading by example during this pandemic who have explicitly and deliberately broken the rules put in place by them and their governments. It’s offensively obvious. From Gavin Newsom to Lori Lightfoot, it seems that the rules don’t apply to these officials. Those who are supposed to set the example for the entire country, like Nancy Pelosi and Dianne Feinstein, refuse to practice what they preach and expose themselves an angering hypocrisy.

The problem is, I understand why these people do these things. Going out to eat, getting a haircut, even partying in the street. They are living their lives. But obviously they have a responsibility to their constituents and are put in a position of public interest. This means that both their words and actions matter. It is completely maddening when they say one thing about the virus that they state will only be beaten with “science” then do the exact opposite.

It’s really a simple solution. Just tell the truth and don’t pretend that there are things we don’t already seem to generally understand about this virus. It literally is unexplainable as to why they can’t do that. I get they are politicians but this virus shouldn’t be political, especially considering that the election is “over“. There are no more excuses. Everyone has free will. We can make decisions for ourselves in situations and how to combat the virus. We can know and risk the situations we find ourselves in and make the determination for us and our families. That’s just the reality of the situation. A politician is not a doctor, boss, or king. They are there to act in the best interest of their voters and uphold the constitution to the best of their abilities. We don’t need them to baby us or scare us into living in fear.

Dave Portnoy is worth north of $100million. He hasn’t forgotten where he came from, though. Because he realizes how tough small business owners have had it the past 8 months and how detrimental another round of lockdowns would be to the already alarmingly high number of businesses that have had to close because of this pandemic and our response. Stimulus looks like it is no where near close so any government forcing businesses to close their doors should probably be subject to lawsuits for damages. It’s unfair that someone who is paid by the taxpayer can tell those same taxpayers not to work, while continuing to cash a check. It’s backward. It is truly puzzling that those who are put in a position to help people who run small businesses seem to continue to turn their backs and not listen or assist their needs.

There has been a lot of good news in regards to vaccines, immunity, and hopefully getting out of this pandemic. Operation Warp Speed continues to prove to be a success and the sooner we can get back to normal the sooner we can try to do what we do best as Americans. The only problem is we’re starting to forget what getting back to normal actually is. But, we will still lift ourselves up from our bootstraps and get back to work. I have no doubt that we will make a full recovery but there’s no need to kneecap a majority of the economy and set them back to square one. People are figuring out how to deal with the pandemic. Once the weather gets colder entrepreneurs will again innovate and figure it out. It’s not in anyone’s best interest to inhibit that ability. Believe in us.

So again, this isn’t a political issue. This is an issue of people being able to provide for themselves and their families. This crisis has gone on for too long and has taken far too many lives. But, the only thing we have to fear is fear itself, and submitting to the enemy is never the answer. That’s not what Americans do.

El Pres speaking on an issue like this may make it seem like he’s skewed to a partisan side, but clearly that’s not the case. It’s also not the case for anything else. We can’t continue to live in a time where simply not talking about an issue automatically makes you support the other side. It’s okay not to have an opinion on things and it’s okay to want to stay out of certain subjects. Everyone is entitled to their own thoughts, opinions, and beliefs. As Tucker said, this was the most sensible non-partisan take anyone has heard in a long time.

With that, I hope that leaders take a minute to realize the opportunity that we have right now. It doesn’t have to be some corny political slogan to say it’s time for “unity” and “healing”, but it could be a time to extend a real olive branch to work with the other side and try to move the country forward. Don’t play games and politics.

Be an actual leader and do what those elected you to do. Freedom will prevail, but it’s up to us to pave that path.


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