Thoughts Into The Weekend vol. 20

This will be a quick toss into the weekend. I’ve been absolutely swamped with work so it’s been difficult to get at least a post up every day. Don’t think I’m not trying my best but when there isn’t something that I necessarily feel is #1 headline news that I really want to talk about I have to focus on other priorities as well. As my school work begins to wind down I will be on a better schedule and we can get back to what I hope to be at least a post per day. No, it won’t be easy but I can continue to push myself and grind to keep growing this thing. I didn’t pack for a short journey so I’m prepared to take on whatever comes forth at me.

Let’s get into it.

Following The “Election”

I put election in quotes because the actual election is over. The voting is done and they have generally been counted. But, as I’ve talked about the law suits are very much still alive and this week we saw Trump’s legal team give a very long press conference revealing what they have framed as their opening statement in Donald Trump’s “path to victory”.

Beyond just the absolute ridiculousness of Rudy Giuliani profusely sweating in front of the entire nation, they again pointed to sworn affidavits that they believe is grounds on its own to give a fair challenge to a variety of state’s results. The big accusation, however, is Sidney Powell who basically is accusing the election system of being hacked by foreign governments and Dominion/SmartMatic overturning votes and completely hijacking the results of our election. Powell has an impressive record as an attorney so I just want to make it clear that it would be foolish to count her out.

Also, just a side note, Rudy dropping that “My Cousin Vinny” reference was so funny. It reminded me exactly of when Bill Belichick made a reference to the same film when he was discussing the Patriots’ involvement with Deflategate. That Belichick conference may have been the greatest performance of facts, truth, and reason I have ever seen.


Powell has said in interviews before that she doesn’t feel the need to display this evidence for the mainstream media and put it into the court of public opinion. That is her decision but until she does provide that evidence in court people are going to continue to question and doubt her. These are monumental claims. Tucker Carlson spent an entire segment last night talking about how he would love to believe Powell but because of her refusal to provide him evidence it makes him question what is going on. Powell responded saying she did offer Carlson some evidence but at this point who knows.

That’s kind of where I’m at right now. Who the hell knows?

Between the propaganda, fake news, false hope, blatant lying, and irrational assessments, it really just is a mess. It’s difficult to really believe any one person or network at this point to get a complete grasp of what is going on.

There’s this whole idea that the US government is basically House of Cards right now when I remember someone saying recently that even if it may seem like that it’s important to realize that the government is more like VEEP so there probably isn’t some master 4D chess plan, but again let’s just wait and see how this plays out.

Personally, I think the person best at deciphering through all this mud is Tim Pool. Pool is as reasonable as they come and has done extensive work in following these affidavits, lawsuits, and articles that have been circulating about this process.

Shoutout to Tim and his YouTube channel for giving a reasonable and fair analysis of pretty much everything going on right now. Go give him a look.

The important thing to remember is that this may be “unprecedented” by Trump, but that doesn’t mean it’s illegal or wrong. He is in his very legal right to challenge these votes and if he truthfully feels that he has the ammo and strategy to get another term in office, then of course he should fight for that. This whole idea of “tradition” in working hand in hand with Biden on this transition is based off the tradition of conceding the race which Trump still hasn’t done. And if there’s anything we’ve learned in the last 4 years its that Trump doesn’t really care about “traditions” when it comes to things like these.

As Geraldo Rivera reported, Trump will (hopefully) eventually do the right thing if it comes to that. But at this point in time, Joe Biden is just the self proclaimed President-Elect that the media is propping him up to be.

This election may be over, but this constitutional process is not. Those who don’t want to see it play out are truly the ones undermining the rule of law.

The Office Of The President-Elect

Speaking of Joe Biden, does no one else find it weird that his “office” where he’s conducting calls between governors, foreign leaders, and lobbyists is pretty much just a television studio? He literally has a stage with production lighting.

Is that not weird?

Like I understand the conditioning that they are trying to do to portray him as President, but this almost makes it seem intentionally fake. I thought the 45th President was supposed to be the reality TV star. It’s hard to take it completely seriously when there is such a deliberate attempt to make his operation out to be something it isn’t.

Why can’t Biden just have like a normal conference room? If his goal was to return to normal like he said he would, then why would he make the Presidency more of a production than it already is?

He is having no issues “returning to normal” by refilling the swampiness of his cabinet, however.

Tik Tok Drama

So I’m not on TikTok. I used to be on the app but for multiple reasons I had to stop. One can only take so much social media.

This means that I don’t really follow any of the drama of the TikTok houses or what’s going on with these content megastars because I’d rather spend all my time on twitter to try to get a few hundred likes/retweets on what I think is a basic tweet than scroll through what gives these people massive followings and dollars. I don’t know.

However, this week I couldn’t help but become aware about the drama that the D’melio’s are going through with their dinner and then what has happened with this fallout. Listen, I wish I had 100million followers too.

I appreciate everyone who follows what I do here and know that I am working to continue growing this magazine to the point where those who were with me from the beginning aren’t forgotten. Right now you guys are all I have with this, I don’t take that for granted. That doesn’t mean I’m not envious of those who already do have large followings. It’s human nature. But, I understand that it won’t happen over night and I need to work towards my 10,000 hours.

This isn’t me saying that all of these Tik Tok stars haven’t become overnight sensations either. I mean obviously some have, but the biggest names pretty much at this point actual professionals. If they wanted to extend an olive branch and help me reach a wider audience I’d gladly accept. But I don’t need it. I want to be grass roots. Not astroturf.

That’s kind of a rant that doesn’t make sense but I think what I’m pretty much going for is that the D’melio’s for the most part have a grass root following. Sure, they lost some trolls of followers but who cares? They have millions of followers across platforms and that is impressive no matter how you spin it. They are also insanely young. It’s incredible work that they have been able to accomplish.

Like I said I don’t really follow them too much but obviously I’m aware of who they are. This is pretty much a quick review of what’s going on.

Portbelly reminds me of when Laura Wagner called Big Cat “Wide Dog”. The difference in this instance might be that Dixie doesn’t actually know who Dave Portnoy is but I kind of find that hard to believe at this point. From Barstool to Pizza there’s a good chance she’s come across El Pres on Instagram at some point and has a general idea of him. But regardless, that was so funny.

And how does Pres respond? Like the genius he is getting Chris Harrison to invite her onto his podcast. If this works then he really is as smart as he makes himself out to be.

Because Barstool kind of stinks outside of a small handful of talent they have. But, if they want to continue to grow and ingrain themselves with the next generation of internet users, then they have to tap into this world of Tik Tok. Dave has with his BFF podcast to an extent, but the D’melio’s are the top of the top. If she accepts the rose that Dave extended to her, then that could lead to huge gains for Barstool’s future growth.


That’s pretty much it for this week. If any big news happens, you know where to find me. I’ll be watching my Indiana Hoosiers take on the Ohio State Buckeyes this Saturday and I am optimistic. The Hoosiers are looking to go 5-0. Bring it on. I think this team will put up a fight. It’s a wide, 21 point, spread but this defense is tough and the offense has play makers. I’m not saying they are going to pull out the victory. I understand OSU is a different animal, but hey, why not us?

I couldn’t imagine the reaction if this squad goes into the Shoe and pulls off the upset. I think then we have to start talking about the playoffs, no?

Whatever, let’s just focus on tomorrow. 1 game at a time. 1 quarter at a time. 1 drive at a time. 1 play at a time.

Tom Allen will have the boys ready, I can’t wait.

Have a great weekend everyone.


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