We Shouldn’t Be Afraid To See Family On Thanksgiving – But It Seems For Too Many (Including Mine) It Is Already Too Late

This is another important thing to consider as we remember how 2020 will be etched in history. It’s important to think about both the short and long term impacts that the many defining-moments that we have endured throughout this calendar year and how they will be remembered as we live past these crises. There, of course, are other major events that will ultimately shape the legacy that 2020 and will lead us on for the rest of our lives. Personally, I think the continuing rise of cancel culture is right up near the top of the list. And yes, Thanksgiving is the next targeted domino to fall. Now this one is framed as COVID casess and not an attack on our nation’s founding (surprisingly there hasn’t been a resurfaced, mainstream attack on why the Pilgrims were racist), but there are still people guilting and scaring regular Americans into not seeing their families during this holiday.

We can’t continue to normalize these very not normal actions. Not even necessarily the shutdowns, but the chastising people for not acting exactly how you’d like them to. Thanksgiving is a tradition that needs to be held on to in defining what makes America what it is. It’s a holiday that’s not religious. It’s just being thankful for life. We still have a lot to be thankful for, and we can do that together safely and responsibly. No government should have the authority to tell people how to celebrate or who to celebrate with.

No longer can we pretend that these restrictions will allow us to “return to normal” once a vaccine rolls out. They’ve told us these orders aren’t going away anytime soon. The only people who can sidestep these “rules” apparently are the hypocrites working in government. It’s in the open now, the Great Reset is underway. This is an attempt to overthrow free market capitalism and change our lives as we know it. There won’t be a “return to normal”, and at this point we don’t even know what normal is anymore. The longer these failed lockdowns continue the easier it gets to implement insane measures which hurts any regular, working person. We can’t continue live in isolation and submit to the virus.

It’s time to refuse to bend the knee to what is the “politically correct” flavor of the day. As long as these requests get wilder and wilder, it’s more important to plant our foot down and say enough is enough. People are tired of it. People are tired of being lied to. It’s time to tell the truth. Yes, we are learning more we are also learning that some of the people in charge are incompetent who seem to change their message every other week.

The censorship is getting explicit and blatant. I truthfully don’t know how anyone can deny it at this point. I’m not even sure if they really do. Instead they argue for more.

I’ve given many thoughts on the COVID outbreaks and responses across the country. Go back and read my beliefs on the individuals’ right to assess the risk and operate with their own liberty. Andrew Cuomo is the living embodiment to the problems that we have in institutional media. Those beliefs have not changed. Cuomo gets championed for being everything he accuses Donald Trump of being. In reality, they both botched but only 1 gets properly criticized.

Everything we do has risks. Everyone is smart enough to determine for themselves and those around them how to mitigate those risks and survive. We have learned how to live with the virus. Of course 1 death is too many but we can say the same thing every day about every disease, accident, or tragedy. Life has risks and pretending otherwise is nonsense. We can live, open, and operate safely. I believe in us.

Personally, I think Andrew Cuomo’s Emmy was rewarded so when people teach about this era of history they will point to how great Cuomo was handling the virus largely vs. how Donald Trump handled it. They won’t mention his nursing home failure or complete lack of self awareness. They’ll just have the easy path of pointing to a meaningless trophy given by a meaningless group. History is not only written by the winners, but also by the academics and liberal elite.

Because as hard as it may be to prevent all these deaths, as easy it is to kill livelihoods and businesses with lockdowns and isolation orders. The lockdowns systemically are tearing our economy and families apart. Lockdowns kill. Maybe that’s their goal. No, not to ruin people’s lives, but to have an excuse to completely bail out and restructure our economy to change average people’s lives, drastically, as we know it. It’s not unprecedented. I don’t mean to be a cynic but there aren’t many other explanations at this point. Our economy is dying and politicians are disregarding the science.

The powers that be have pretty much successfully, or attempted to, cancel every single celebrated holiday this year. From Easter to the 4th of July, from Rosh Hashana to Halloween. It’s been non stop for a variety of reasons. Often these issues seemed political in nature. Some were justified and others weren’t, at every turn people were told to just told to shut up and listen.

So yes, now they are coming for Thanksgiving which is almost unanimously seen as the best holiday of the year. Everyone can celebrate it. It does not matter what race, religion, or creed Thanksgiving is just the celebration of living in the best country in the world and being with those we love. It’s supposed to be with our families.

But this year, nope. Don’t see your family. Governments are legitimately taking action to disrupt gatherings and threatening action if you do. In the name of “public health” we are told not to see or meet with our loved ones. In the name of “public health” we are told to snitch on our neighbors. It’s a direct violation of the first amendment. Like that’s really the only way to view it. Yes, we all need to make sacrifices during a pandemic but we also need to live our lives. We can calculate the risks ourselves as families. There’s no laws about this either. It’s all executive orders/mandates. And obviously there are no laws, because they would be insanely unconstitutional and never actually pass. Orders have already been decided unconstitutional. We don’t live in a monarchy. A governor’s word is not law. As much as some may want it to be, it’s not. Legislatures make laws, a governor/mayor enforces them. We live in a federal republic and the blunted understanding of that for people who generally seem like educated folks is concerning.

Yes, we need leadership but that begins with leading by example. Yes, we need common sense but that begins with having some. Yes, we need action but that begins with collaboration and compromise.

The people put in place to uphold our society are largely embarrassments. On both sides with few exceptions. The only problem is that the contempt that one side has for the other is so great that is has become impossible to do any of these things. It’s not a compromise when all you do is give and never gain. It’s not a compromise when the other side is willing to completely upend the system in order to get their way.

It’s not compromise when you can’t agree on basic facts and truths about society. Like the 1st amendment or 2+2=4.

We can’t continue on like this. We know that they are coming for Christmas next. It’s all but been admitted. And don’t even get me started on Hanukkah celebrations because it’s safe to predict that my fellow Jews will be fined or blamed regardless. That’s just how it is now, I guess. In this age of COVID the restrictions on our basic liberties will never end. All in the name of “public health”. I have seen my grandmother once in 11 months. It’s sad and ridiculous. I will miss her dearly tomorrow.

And it’s not that we dis-invited her or anything. It’s just that she is old and scared of seeing me and my family even though we have all tested negative in the last week. It’s sad but her decision and with all the fear and fake news that is perpetrated on people nowadays, I can’t say I blame her for being scared.

I remember hearing the other day how ironic it is that some of the least healthy looking people in the world are now telling us how operate during a health crisis. No one is recommending exercise, eating well, or vitamins. Just sit inside and shut up. I made a “Mean Girls” analogy to remind you. Follow the facts, ask no questions.


Now shut up and obey, sheep. That’s how we will get out of this thing. It’s not like it’s blackout Wednesday and you’re not allowed to leave your house or anything. Suck it up.

Listen to the science. As long as the science says what the government officials want it to say.

Happy Thanksgiving, friends. Stay safe, wash your hands, hug your loved ones. Be thankful.

Freedom will prevail, but it’s up to us to pave that path.


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