Thoughts Into The Weekend vol. 21

The day after Thanksgiving is one of the lazier days of the year. After a full day of eating, drinking, and football there is nothing better than subjecting yourself to a full day of college sports on the couch before the weekend. The air is crisp and the vibes are good. It’s just an all around relaxing day.

And still the same goes for this year after a very nice Thanksgiving spent with my family. Of course as I wrote on Wednesday I wish that we didn’t have to alter our plans and we could have had a normal Holiday but that’s beside the point. It was good to be with family and make the most of it.

This was important because when I woke up yesterday I was not in very good sprits. I quickly altered those thoughts.

I’ll get into that later. First let’s talk about something that happened on Black Friday that was never considered to be cancelled.

In Defense of Dave Portnoy – Barstool Black Friday

Barstool really is a great story because of how both predictable and unpredictable they can be. As someone who has followed them for a while, today was a very predictable day. Black Friday is one of their biggest days of the year. They make such an exaggerated effort to sling merch with their 20% off sale that it largely becomes nauseating. But, it’s business so who am I to say that what they are doing is wrong? Pres has always gone petal to the metal for Black Friday and I respect him for it. This year should be no different.

The funny part, however, is that they have so many complacent employees that just seem the opposite of what Dave Portnoy stands for. He is all grind all the time. Brick by brick is his motto and that’s for a reason. So, when he saw that many of his employees weren’t advertising today he quickly and clearly became irate online. This happens every few months at Barstool and it’s honestly just sad. The people who work for Dave have no appreciation for him or realize the deadweight that they are bringing with their lack of productivity to the company.

Dave literally sent an email last week reminding people to push Black Friday heavy. It was as clear as day. Especially with COVID still very much impacting our lives it was important to promote as much merch sales as possible. Keep the lights on. Have some urgency.

The first casualty by Dave was YoungPageviews of Barstool Outdoors. Pres took the unprecedented step of booting him from Team Portnoy. That was incredible to me because Dave’s biggest thing has always been his loyalty. He’s a loyalty guy. If he’s at the breaking point with YP to kick him out of one of the most exclusive clubs at Barstool then that shows that he is not messing around. I think I’d almost rather get fired all together. I mean seriously that’s almost as bad as KMarko’s demotion from Editor-in-Chief. Like it’s extremely difficult to come back from that.

YP needs to figure out how to regain some credibility because after today he has none. I mean look at this text exchange. Brutal. Dave always gave him the benefit of the doubt but not anymore.

There were others called out, too, and Dave was very much on a war path this afternoon. Good for him because he knows the value he brings but also the livelihoods that he provides for others. Sure, he’s the boss and should be setting the example but it shouldn’t be outrageous to expect your workers to follow your lead. All the guy asks for is appreciation and loyalty and all too often he gets none. If you aren’t going to at least be a supporter of Team Portnoy, then make the company money which according to Pres’ past statements not that many people do. There are a lot of people who would love to be in the position that many on the Barstool payroll are in.

Barstool employees need to recognize that and remember they have one of the best jobs in the world. In my opinion it seems that way too many of them take it for granted. I think that’s pretty clear at this point. And if it wasn’t for the company largely doing so well at the very top I’d be interested to see how they ultimately measure and decide how they are going to go forward. Dave is the only one that seems to be trying to take actual risks to grow the brand.

For the record, this isn’t me saying I could necessarily do better. But then again, I haven’t been hired by Barstool in the first place.

My advice to Barstool employees would be realize that if you aren’t getting sponsors or large pageviews, then take a risk anyways. You have nothing to lose. Dave doesn’t really fire people, but after today it’d be fair to be on edge. Don’t just come out of the woodwork and start promoting shirts like they everyone did after Dave’s tweets (the most obvious admission of guilt) but do something that drives in a new audience. Use the brand to your advantage and leverage the platform. Don’t play scared.

Barstool is at its best when they are unpredictable and as of now there is way too much predictability. Especially with what happened today.

For the guys that I have been huge supporters of for a while now, I hope the others (again) “learn their lesson”. Viva.

Good luck.

Twitter Won’t Quit

So it’s been extremely difficult to follow the continued litigation going on between the Trump Legal Team and the many states that they are arguing did not administer the election fairly as he continues his push to prove some form of election fraud that could overturn the projected results of the 2020 election. There will now be a hearing next week in Arizona to talk about irregularities with state legislatures. The mainstream news refuses to cover it and are just hoping it goes away. They are trying to kill this story by means of suffocation. It may eventually, but don’t think it’s not going to continue to drag on for now.

People probably aren’t even aware that Sidney Powell released her 104 page lawsuit in the state of Georgia accusing voter fraud and putting out her case that they should overturn the results. Of course, I did not read the lawsuit and I will leave that up to the legal scholars and courts to go through and decide if she has an actual case. But regardless this is a real lawyer submitting a real lawsuit. That is indisputable. Yes, she was distanced from the Trump team last week and all signs point to her cases being shut down by the courts. We’ll have to wait and see.

So why did Twitter again try to censor viewers from accessing the link?

It is insane. Twitter and big tech are asking for regulation. No matter who is in charge there’s just no course to take. These monopolies have completely overstepped their boundaries and have basically given conservatives no other choice. It’s just the reality of the situation. Sure, people can go to apps like Parler and Rumble, but when YouTube (Google) or Amazon are demonetizing businesses that they don’t agree with then it’s a step too far. It’s bullying and a violation of anti-trust laws.

That’s why I woke up irritated yesterday. Because people have been all talk for so long with these clear censorship issues yet there has been nothing done. Section 230 has been untouched and there’s been multiple pointless hearings in Congress that accomplish nothing. It’s all theater. People will continue to be concerned going forward as long as it is not properly addressed.

Trump spent last night making more bold claims and demands but until something changes, nothing will change. It’s setting a terrible precedent that people can even be silenced for using reason and facts just because it’s a side that someone doesn’t agree with. It’s dangerous. It’ll be extremely interesting to see what happens from here on out because the shackles have been taken off. This fight will only get worse and more important for our republic. The continued escalation will keep it at the forefront of daily discourse. I’m ultimately on the side of freedom.

That doesn’t mean I support conspiracy theories and promoting disinformation. That’s not my goal. It just means that I believe the best way to fight bad speech is with better speech.

The public square can’t be monopolized by Silicon Valley.


Have a great weekend everyone. I’m looking forward for what’s to come and I’m hoping that we can make some real strides as we finish up this year. I appreciate all the support and thank you for taking some time to read my thoughts.

If anyone ever has comments, questions, ideas, or anything of the like you can always hit me up on social media. I yearn the conversation.

Also, don’t sleep on the Hoosiers football club this weekend. Let’s finish the season strong and prove that we belong with a statement tomorrow in Bloomington. 1 play at a time.

Stay safe out there. Freedom will prevail, but it’s up to us to pave that path.


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