Hating On Jake Paul Is Unoriginal

This past Saturday was a microcosm of 2020. Weird stuff happening all over the place, everyone asking what is going on, but at the same time just accepting it and hoping some good would come from whatever the result ended up being. People were making jokes but also virtue signaling everywhere. It was poetic, honestly.

What I’m referring to mostly is the Tyson vs. Jones Jr boxing match that was one of the more overall entertaining live events we have had since the start of the pandemic. It was a quasi professional/exhibition card that saw some low level boxing names and then obviously one of the biggest names in the history of the sport, Iron Mike Tyson. This main event ended up being a draw, which was as legit of a result as Joe Biden actually receiving 80million votes (jokes!). But seriously, Tyson won easily. It was crazy to see Tyson in the ring and the entire time I was just thinking about him right hooking Alan in the Hangover. I wish he got a clean shot at Jones. As someone who obviously never saw Tyson fight in his prime, I felt just from that single performance that he could’ve stepped in a legit match and done some real damage. Which makes it even funnier that he was apparently stoned for the entirety of it. And still dominated. I don’t care what those faux judges decided.

The entire production was kind of just strange, though. There were 4 total fights with musical performances in between each. Snoop Dogg hopped in the booth to join with the call and was universally loved. For a sport that is fairly dependent on fans in the stadium, the overall weirdness of the fight, even with it being sponsored by Triller, made it a spectacle that was enjoyable to see. I definitely didn’t regret buying it, and it’s not like there was anything else to do on Saturday nights anyway nowadays. I give the whole thing a thumbs up.

But the best story of the night was the absolute demolition Jake Paul exerted on former NBA player Nate Robinson. In what probably should have been a first round TKO, Paul slept Robinson on a hook to the head in the second. That right hand from Jake Paul is something to keep an eye on. Nate Robinson was legitimately out. Face on the canvas and everyone had a field day with the instant meme. It was incredible.

But what only made it better was the storyline they tried to run with the promotion of this fight that was Paul’s 2nd professional fight and Nate Robinson’s first. Paul had clearly been framed as the villain and Robinson was supposed to teach Jake Paul a lesson and “humble him”.

If you haven’t seen any of the memes or videos by now, then you are missing out. Nate Robinson got rag dolled on the internet because of this “villain”, or Problem Child as he calls himself. It’s troll heaven and plays right into the hands of a YouTuber like Jake Paul who loves to talk trash. There’s really no coming back from something like that if you’re Nate Robinson.

I find it hilarious that some people actually wanted to give Nate Robinson a chance in this fight as well. Not only did Jake Paul prove he could fight already in a professional match, but the promo-series that the 2 guys put out just showed a clear difference in how these guys were preparing. Jake Paul was operating as an absolute machine. He had a full camp set up in Las Vegas and was locked in for the fight. Nate Robinson, in contrast, looked like he was boxing in someone’s backyard. They tried to frame it as some “privilege” vs. “gritty” type of fight but after watching their trainings Jake Paul was clearly the gritty one. He was talking about doing two-a-days and being completely dedicated to the fight while Robinson was doing trick shots on a basketball court. It was just a clear miscalculation by Nate and I still don’t really understand why he called him out in the first place.

It’s also hilarious that people were trying to say how Robinson having any experience in the NBA or trying out for the NFL would make a difference. Yes, he’s an athletic freak but the fight game is different. That’s just a known fact and the former basketball player had to learn that the hard way.

I like how Nate Robinson claimed to be fighting for the NBA, known as one of the softest professional sporting leagues, and got his face pummeled. Of course NBA fans came to the sports’ defense claiming guys like Ron Artest, Steven Adams, and the Morris twins could beat Jake Paul if they fought. Oh, guys who have 7+ inches and 30+ pounds on their opponents would probably have a better chance? Nice take.

That was just one of the post fight excuses and narratives that people made to continue hating on Jake Paul.

There were also athletes and twitter heads coming out left and right challenging Paul to a fight. People are still acting like he’s just a vlogger who hasn’t almost completely dedicated himself to boxing over the last 3 years. Is he unbeatable? Of course not, but experience in a ring obviously makes a difference and just because someone can play a professional sport doesn’t mean they can succeed in a combat sport. Maybe some of these guys could beat him but clearly Paul is also trying to make this career legit. He looks most set on fighting KSI next.

Everyone has a plan till they get punched in the face.

And when will people understand that they are playing right into Jake Paul’s hands and making him even bigger than he is with this hate? He understands no press is bad press so he doesn’t care what you think about him. As people continue to call him out for things that will never happen, he will just grow his brand. This happens almost every time with the supposed “villain” and mainstream media where they just can’t help themselves. All they want is for everyone to collectively hate a particular person which ends up making much more people actually liking him or her. It’s an archetype at this point.

And sure, the Paul brothers can be fairly polarizing figures. But that is largely because they are super young, super successful, and super non-orthodox. Jake is 23 and Logan is 25. They both have millions of followers across platforms and became famous by pretty much pioneering the use of vlogs and other social media to monetize theirselves and create a content empire. They didn’t go the institutional route, they paved a road themselves. And for the most part they did it themselves. It’s working out pretty darn well and it calls for more respect than hate. We should learn to appreciate those who are self made and didn’t take the conventional path.

Sure, they have had their many controversies in the past but again they are young. Young people make mistakes and when you put your entire life online for views, you are going to do things that come back to bite you. Yea, Logan’s infamous Suicide Forrest video was a terrible decision and he deserves any hate he gets for that but he also has made strides to make up for it as well. That is just the world we live in. No one is perfect. I can believe in second chances. I’m sure they both have regrets but they also know that to make it you have to take risks and it’s not always going to work out. I’m not stanning for either of them and I disagree and don’t consume all of their stuff, but I’m just struggling to understand the many people who are so “anti Jake and Logan Paul”. If something comes out against either that is truly indefensible, then yea sure I’ll hop on hating him as well. But as of right now it’s largely just smears and hate.

It’s also important to note that they don’t even view themselves as necessarily “YouTubers” or “Vloggers” really anymore. Jake says he’s now a rapper/boxer and Logan has one of the biggest podcasts in the world. They’ve evolved.

That’s why I found the DailyBeast interview with Jake Paul so incredible to read. I read it after listening to Jake Paul on Logan’s podcast, IMPAULSIVE, where he really talks about his state of mind about as he stands both being a celebrity and a content creator. Sure, you can call him cocky and that’s not the wrong word, but it can also be seen as extreme confidence as well. It’s a confidence you have to respect. The dude knows what works for him and how to handle the immense fame that he’s built for himself. He understands how the media works and what different tactics are going to be used against him. Jake Paul is proving that people engage with authenticity and there’s no point in being fake just to get approval.

So yes, he can admit to mistakes and like he mentions in that DailyBeast article, an interview scheduled to be framed as a hit piece, he has already commented on a lot of the recurring controversies that he’s dealt with anyways. Reading him expose the reporter for this guy’s true intentions was great. I’m not sure if this “journalist” was lying or just possesses the self awareness of an ant. But, clearly the guy didn’t do much research and just wanted page views.

Because Jake was aware that the reporter was looking for any slip up in the conversation to grab a headline and get clicks. To credit the journalist, it kind of worked. He got Paul to say that he believes “COVID is a hoax and 98% of the news we see today is fake”. This was said because Paul believes we should open up. He was in the news recently for throwing a party in his LA mansion and elaborated on the IMPAULSIVE podcast that he knows influencers personally who are being hypocrites about lockdowns and handling coronavirus. Judging from many peoples actions, it’s not hard to believe him there.

As he clarifies, obviously the virus is real and has killed people. He doesn’t think think it’s actually a hoax. He believes the response to it has been a hoax. Maybe hoax could be the wrong word but overreaction? I think everyone can agree that there have been overreactions everywhere. The entire interview shows how out of touch this guy is with normal people.

For example, schools are still closed when there’s been clear data since July/August showing that kids are safe from the disease and should be in school. People looking at the data have been saying this forever and warning the negative affects this could have on kids. Those “following the science” didn’t care. But, finally it seems like some people are changing their tune now. I wonder why?

Paul believes we should get back to living our lives and return the agency to the people to make decisions for themselves. Whether that’s opening a business or attending a party is up to the individual. Those who are vulnerable should be taken care of and prioritized.

It’s just perfect, however, that the interviewer cited an actual fake study about college athletes and myocarditis that was quickly retracted earlier this fall. Providing more fake news when being told that you are fake news is some twisted stuff. Also, at least in the Midwest there doesn’t seem like too much concern about hospitals getting over capacity right now. Hopefully this remains the case, but it’s important to keep in mind when seeing large percentage surges on the news. Jake Paul isn’t alone when he’s saying that no one believes the media anymore. We know the impacts that this virus has on young, healthy people and it’s not as bad as we were led to believe.

So for the most part I would have to agree with Jake Paul on a lot of these issues. People have the right to make decisions for themselves and live their lives. No one trusts the mainstream media anymore. And it’s okay to believe in yourself 1000%.

Sure, he might be an asshole but he’s also trying to fight Conor McGregor. To do that you have to make some headlines. Obviously, he’ll need to get more fights under his belt but I wouldn’t put the chances at zero that this fight ever happens. If it does it’d be one of the biggest boxing events in history. I’m all here for it.

I just ask you, don’t hate Jake Paul just because he’s cocky. Sure, you can dislike him maybe for some of his opinions but also recognize and respect what he has done at just 23 years old. The guy completely upended the content creation game and has manifested himself as a full on business. You gotta be a little crazy to do that but to just hate on him fully with no respect is unoriginal and boring. The guy changed how we look at content and how it continues to evolve.

No he isn’t perfect but that’s not the point. He’s authentic and it’s refreshing. He’s also dedicated and committed to being great and even though that might be corny it’s paying off in dividends. He’s showing people that anything truly can be possible. Maybe instead of solely judging based off his words and tone look at his actions and results. How we respond to controversy reveals true character.

He’ll only continue to get bigger, so instead of hating just hop on and enjoy the ride.


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2 thoughts on “Hating On Jake Paul Is Unoriginal

  1. I dont care for either one of them (Pauls) but I must give credit to Jake Paul. He appears to have at least done some training and/or paid someone to get him to a level to beat “x”.

    Now, it might take a little more to beat talent a little higher on the food chain.


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