Project Veritas Is About To Expose CNN #CNNTapes

Off the top of my head I can’t remember if I have written in depth about Project Veritas before. A news source that is deemed as “fake news” by many on the left is actually one of the more real news cites in the country right now. I say this because everything they post is supported by video/audio evidence of an insider/whistleblower who has given Project Veritas access to expose the entity of their corruption and malfeasants. Sure, you can disagree with the type of news they seek out but that doesn’t change the fact that it is real. Just because you disagree with it doesn’t mean it is fake. They don’t use “anonymous sources” that have no corroboration. They get actual words from actual people, usually with video evidence. They are some of the most fearless “guerrilla journalists” in the country right now. As much as the mainstream news tries to discredit them, the more founder James O’Keefe and his team provides proof that they are in fact telling the truth. The mainstream hate that they get is usually a sign that they are over the target.

O’Keefe brags about how he has never lost a defamation lawsuit and has a “Wall of Shame” that touts all the retractions he has forced “journalists” to post because of their attempts to discredit him. The Correction Alpaca has been used at least 327 times.

Project Veritas has spent much of the last year exposing bias in big tech and election fraud. If you are unaware of their work you probably wouldn’t be surprised to learn that the whistleblower who “recanted” his signed affidavit about the USPS backdating ballots in Pennsylvania was actually a Project Veritas whistleblower who was coerced and bullied by an investigator. He did not recant. It was an attempt by the mainstream media to muddy the waters and continue on their claims that there has been “no election fraud”. Maybe there wasn’t enough election fraud to sway the race but there was definitely some funny business going on in last months race. Veritas exposed just a few examples of ballot harvesting and other illegal election practices. Again, you can disagree with the news they release but that doesn’t make it fake.

And even if there was no voter/election fraud to change the result of the race, the bias, censorship, and collusion between the mainstream media and big tech is almost undisputed in interfering with the election and doing an absolute disservice to American voters. Basically, they decided that they knew what was right for everyone else so suppressed information to steer the conversation. To boil it down simply, it is the fake news. Fake news isn’t always made up stories, but also using out of context information and framing false narratives to tell a story. The suppression polling was real and most likely played a factor in the race as well.

And tonight at 7pm, James O’Keefe announced that he will be releasing what could be weeks of tapes from CNN’s 9am conference call with President of the company Jeff Zucker.

Any credibility that CNN had left is most likely to be flushed down the toilet. Veritas has already exposed the news network last year for focussing solely on impeachment, Zucker telling employees to “ignore other stories”, and that he wanted to give softball interviews to Democrats as compared to Republicans. It brings to light that he views CNN not as a straight line news network. They are a propaganda arm for the Democrat party and have been for quite some time. Many are already aware of this, but further confirmation only helps build that case.

Keep in mind the partisan impeachment was a hoax that distracted our government from any and all other events in the world, even a new and weird flu outbreak that came out of central China. So yea, CNN hasn’t had much trust in their news reporting in a while, but still this will be a big bombshell.

It’s just rich that this is coming out the day after CNN pretending to break news that China was lying about the information they made public at the beginning of the COVID outbreak. Welcome to the party CNN, we have known this for months while you had Nancy Pelosi calling it the “Trump virus” unopposed on your airwaves. Gross. That is what we call fake news.

Tucker Carlson also exposed the phony nature of CNN when releasing Zucker’s phone call of talking to ex-Trump lawyer Michael Cohen trying to give advice and touting the “power of CNN” in their ability to sway elections. This not only showed the hypocrisy of CNN but also the pomposity and hubris.

The integrity of the network has been lost for a while but now it will only get worse as we see what they have been looking to push since the election. O’Keefe’s live stream of speaking into that call for the first time must have been a real heart drop moment for Zucker as he knows he is about to get got.

O’Keefe is releasing the tapes at 7pm. I’m willing to bet not many mainstream news networks will talk about it and pretend they don’t exist. Too bad the internet doesn’t work that way.

But Jeff Zucker has to know his time is almost up by now. It’s been reported that he was already on his way out the network anyways but this will only accelerate that if I had to guess. These conference calls will have every major executive at CNN on the hook and PV had someone on the inside for who knows how long? These people must be shaking in their boots. I’m not sure if it’s too unreasonable to say this could potentially lead them to clean house.

The morning calls could range anywhere from Trump to Biden to the election to COVID. We should get an insight into their real, actual thoughts about the state of the country and what these executives believe their role in all of this is. I am super interested to hear what they have to say. As O’Keefe said, we deserve to know “how the sausage is made”.

In the meantime, expect more hit pieces to come out about Project Veritas today and in the near future. They’ll try to discredit O’Keefe for something that is entirely unrelated to this story. Maybe the hit pieces will even be true; however, that won’t change the fact that these will be real words from real executives from CNN. It will be interesting to see how CNN’s anchors and “journalists” respond to this information. It’s might be hard to claim they are real or unbiased news after tonights drop. It has already been suspected that they have been pushing an agenda and now there might be tapes to prove it.

Many viewers had left CNN anyways for their awful news coverage, but this could be the final nail in the coffin. I bet the mood is quite tense in those offices today. I wonder if Brian Stelter will be following this as closely as he looked to expose competitor’s relationship statuses. The “trusted news anchor” should probably answer for whatever comes out of these conversations. It can’t be an alternate reality when it’s in your own company, right?

I’m excited for this and O’Keefe usually delivers when he teases a big drop like this. I think it’d almost be even funnier if Twitter does something preemptive to stymie the spread of these tapes’ views. That shouldn’t matter though. If it’s real news then the real news sites will cover it. I won’t be surprised when whatever O’Keefe drops is censored by these media companies. I don’t want to accuse them for something they haven’t done yet, but their track record leads to fair assumptions.

Freedom will prevail, but it’s up to us to pave that path.


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