Wild Thoughts Aren’t Uncommon Today

This video has been going viral as a Western Michigan local news station got interrupted and then confronted with a truth bomb during a live news broadcast. In a state that has enacted more absurd lockdown measures, restaurant owner Dave Morris is one of the many people who feels he can no longer just allow people with fancy titles to their name bankrupt him, his family, and his staff as large corporations rake in the benefits of this “new normal”. People defying these lockdowns is becoming much more prevalent. Civil disobedience to these restrictions are triggering harsh harassment to these defiances.

Stimulus talks are still ongoing. Each day it seems like there’s a new narrative. Put simply, the fact as of now is that one single stimulus check has been sent to families throughout this pandemic and the PPP program gave small businesses 8 weeks of relief on lockdowns that are basically surpassing 38 weeks. As good as some indicators of our economy may have been, there’s a clear problem that needs to be addressed before it’s too late.

There is some rumblings with new proposals being drafted and maybe even progress being made, but as of right now many people continue to feel hopeless on both fronts of this pandemic. Hopefully it gets figured out soon. No help coming from the people who are telling you that you can’t operate your “non-essential” business is a quick way to lose trust in the system. The failed leadership from both political parties is a stain on the functionality of the American idea.

Dave Morris sums it up succinctly and incredibly. That doesn’t mean it’s necessarily “based in fact” but it’s the sentiment of a lot of people. At a certain point that has to matter. He is a pissed off small business owner who honestly doesn’t seem to care which way he gets the relief. This guy doesn’t seem overly political. He just wants to play on an equal playing field. Whether it’s the left or rights’ talking points he doesn’t care. It’s just come to the point where enough is enough. He basically says he would have taken a government check telling him to stay home but now he has to go back to doing what he does to just live. It’s too late. There’s no reason why large department stores should be operating while small businesses continue to get absolutely rocked. The good news is that his business is actually doing very well recently, according to Morris. The only problem is that there has been a pattern of harsh punishments across the country of people who have defied lockdown orders and performed this act of civil disobedience.

“My government leaders have abandoned me.”

Dave Morris

Maybe if the government adequately paid people to stay home back in March, then maybe we wouldn’t be in this situation as a whole. Instead, we just got caught up in lies, confusion, and politics.

That’s the real conspiracy. And without legitimate explanations as to why a Wal-Mart or Target can be open but the family owned convenience store or restaurant can’t, good luck trying to convince most people otherwise.

Yes, the virus is real but this is what many mean when they describe COVID as a “hoax”.

I touched lightly on it the other day but this whole idea of a “Great Reset” is not a conspiracy anymore. Not only is it gaining mainstream publicity, but one of Joe Biden’s top advisors, John Kerry, is championing it. This is the idea to an end to free market capitalism and using this pandemic as a catalyst to “build back better“. Now yes, this globalist slogan sounds great in nature, but the reality of the situation is that it is a plot to fundamentally change our way of life. Many in the media refuse to cover this, but the information is public and available.

If that’s what the true goal is, then fine. I may disagree with it but at least these politicians would admit it! Officials need to stop hiding behind failed lockdowns and ridiculous regulations that are causing much more harm than good. It’s time to be straight with the people. Lockdowns don’t work and we can open up safely to mitigate the risks that the pandemic has created. The pandemic that began due to a virus cannot all of the sudden morph into an “environmental” one. I don’t really think that’s what people signed up for. I’m not saying that the environment is or is not a cause for concern, but it’s relation to COVID-19 is yet to be proven significant and we can’t influence emergency policy acting like it is.

This interview was a great insight into the thoughts of just an average person right now. Someone who is just trying to get a straight answer. Someone who is fed up with all the lies and hypocrisy that we are seeing daily. No longer can the truth be hidden and it’s time that we get back to common sense measures to get past this pandemic.What about hygiene, exercise, and eating right? It’s insane that these 3 things alone can help people boost their immune systems and fight not getting sick, yet no one is advocating for these basic practices for healthy living.

I often find myself coming back to the point that this pandemic gave us an opportunity to fully come together but sadly people let politics get in the way. People refused to look past ideological differences in order to have the best, fairest response. And now we are paying the real price. Both businesses and people are dying. I’m not sure how this will play out but because those in charge are so incompetent we can only expect the worst. I still have faith in the people, though. I pray that may count for something.

I hope Dave Morris, and many like him, are treated fairly and not bullied by government officials. I hope that people actually listen to his complaints and work with him to get our lives back on track. I hope that we can realize that we’re all looking to achieve the same goals. I hope that we can get back to reasoning with each other to do our best in avoiding a truly “dark winter”. This is from a health and economic standpoint. It’s also from just a human standpoint.

There has to be a way and it’s about time our “leaders” get creative and have some trust in the people they represent. Sadly, however, I won’t hold my breath. But, I will remain optimistic.

Freedom will prevail, and it’s up to us to pave that path.


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