Thoughts Into The Weekend vol. 22

Happy Friday everyone. Yes, a lot continues to go on in the world and as we are now just under a month until the year 2020 is over. I don’t think the fact that the calendar turns actually will make a difference but at least the “jokes” will be put to bed. I doubt that once January 1st rolls along people will all of the sudden decide to not get outraged over the smallest event or try to cancel someone for a taken out of context allegation. But, it will be a new year where we can try to use it as an excuse to better ourselves. I’m sure I’ll have a few resolutions.

Upon thinking of these resolutions I will also make an effort to implement them before the year turns so I can get a “head start”. Maybe it will be effective.

I’m going to make an effort to repeat this but I have both a word of advice and fun fact for all those right now who want to make some type of change. I learned this from Jon Taffer’s book “Don’t Bullsh*t Yourself“, which is the rule of 21.

If you want to develop a habit or something that becomes routine for yourself, try and commit 3 weeks, or 21 days of your life to this thing. Whether it’s exercise, eating right, or even reading 30 minutes a day. If you can commit 3 weeks of the year, which is a mere 5.7% of a year, then you can develop it as a habit.

Keep that in mind next time you think that there is no chance you can make a change for yourself. Only 5.7% of your year can lead to potentially huge changes.

With that let’s get into some thoughts:

All Eyes On Georgia

In just over a month from today we will have one of the most important elections next to the one that was held on November 3. Georgia will host 2 runoff elections for the balance of the United States senate. So in some sense, this vote is what will be the final tally of the 2020 election.

There is a lot of animosity going on with just 4 weeks till the day people cast their ballots. Many people still feel that the 2020 election was stolen from Donald Trump and the Trump team continues to file legal claims in various states across the country. And yes, a big legal fight continues in Georgia after Trump lost the historically Republican stronghold by just a mere 12,000 votes.

Now most people aren’t aware because the cable news networks are actually refusing to cover it, but there have been state legislature hearings throughout multiple swing states almost every day for the past week where witnesses who have signed sworn affidavits are explaining the election irregularities they saw on the November 3 election.

All these people are subject to perjury if what they say is a lie. This is a clear example of evidence relating to voter fraud. That doesn’t mean it is proof but it for sure is an argument for looking further into this issue. As much as mainstream news cites may want to pretend it isn’t real, it very much is. They can mock the witnesses and try to brush it off, but as the evidence gets louder and stronger it will start to veer a conversation towards the other side in having to explain for these concerns.

The biggest piece of evidence to come out of these hearings was a video from the Atlanta Hawks State Farm Arena showing people pulling out some sort of suitcases after the ballot counters were told to leave for the night. The allegation is that about 24,000 votes were counted without required bipartisan poll watchers present in the dead of the night.

This is also suspicious because State Farm Arena is also the location of the fake “pipe burst” that made weird headlines on actual election day. It just opens an entire can of worms for all the conspiracy theorists and election truthers out there.

I do think there should be answers to these concerns. If people were truly counting ballots in the middle of the night after everyone else was told the vote count was “paused”, then that’s just unacceptable and not a good way to instill trust into a system that relies so heavily on that trust.

Georgia governor, Brian Kemp, tried to answer to these concerns last night on The Ingraham Angle and called on the Secretary of State to conduct a signature matching of the ballots that were counted in the state. This is a start and the ultimate goal of many who think there were wrongdoings in the state election is that Kemp calls a “special session” of the state legislature to fix these security issues. People want something to happen so they don’t feel like they are just walking right back into a black box disguised as a voting booth on January 5.

This is especially true for the Trump supporters that might not really care about “republican politics” and are pissed off that it seems no one is fighting for Donald Trump outside of a select few of individuals. Many establishment republicans have been quiet about these issues and seem to be willing to just accept what has happened. They are moving on. That would be fine if evidence of legit allegations wasn’t being presented daily. This notion of “no evidence of fraud” is dishonest.

The people who feel like Trump fought for them now want them to fight for Trump. And that’s why there’s this idea right now that if they don’t do anything about these real election security concerns then they might sit out in this January election.

Instead of pundits basically saying to people “just shut up and vote”, they should probably try to listen to these people’s concerns and try their best to heal these wounds. Trump voters feel he was fighting for the “forgotten voice”, and now that Trump may have lost, they aren’t going to go back to the days where that voice was left alone.

Is it playing with fire? Absolutely. It should make everyone on the right nervous.

But when people are so beat down after a terrible pandemic, an economic collapse, and being attacked for 4 years, they feel this may be their last stand. They know they are the silent majority and they will begin to actually use that as leverage. If you want to keep their vote you have to earn it. Donald Trump got these people to go out and vote, and he might even do that again with his rally on Saturday. But if/when Trump leaves office, those still standing need to hold the baton for the “forgotten men and women”.

It’s not that crazy of a concept, too. It’s the same thing prominent minority groups said to Joe Biden. If they vote for you then you should be expected to do the things you promised. Just because you claim to be something doesn’t mean you are. People nowadays care about action. And these people don’t seem to be asking for that much. They just want to ensure that the election was and is fair! That’s not that crazy after an election that is still counting votes a month later. Clean it up or we won’t support you, it’s that simple.

Is it right? In this case I’m not sure but that’s not my decision.

Republicans are choosing a bad time to treat what is their strongest constituency like the democrats treat theirs: Bernie Sander’s supporters. Neither side of the establishment may be that different after all. Maybe it’s the republican leadership that is truly playing with fire.

After November 3 many members of the GOP realized that the republican party was the party of the “working class” which I believe to be true. But the working class wants free and fair elections and just letting impractical vote practices continue on would be a shot at their intelligence.

So yea, vote. But also, ensure the vote is fair.

Pink Stripes

The Patriots announced that they are doing some type behind the scenes video with all time legend Ernie Adams. Many don’t know who Ernie is but he is the “football research director” for the New England Patriots. He is good friends with Bill Belichick and has been there through it all with the franchise.

He’s also one of the most mysterious men in the sport. A lot of people who love to accuse the Pats of “cheating” like to point the finger at not just Belichick but also Ernie for figuring out how to gain advantages. Sorry that they’re just playing chess while everyone else is playing checkers.

Ernie may be best known for predicting almost the exact play that the Seahawks ran on the goal line at the end of Super Bowl 49 which led to Malcolm Butler’s interception. Ernie schemed up that play and with proper preparation the Pats were able to pull off the improbable feat.

Pink Stripes is the written phrase that appeared behind Ernie during the Patriots’ Super Bowl documentaries and fans have been yearning to find out what it means ever since. It could be the key to unlock the secrets of the Patriots’ success.

It would be sweet if we learn what this means on Sunday when this documentary releases.

Hoosier Update

Sadly, Heisman contender Michael Penix Jr. had a freak injury against Maryland that resulted in a torn ACL. IU still beat up Maryland pretty good and are going up against a solid Wisconsin team tomorrow up in Madison.

I still believe in these Hoosiers and the defenses’ ability to keep them in games. It just got a lot harder for our next 3 games of the season but I think they can pull it off.

No point in giving in now. We just have to put trust in our playmakers and stay the course.

Keep it 1 drive at a time and they should have a game with the Badgers tomorrow.


That’s all from me this week. Have a great weekend and if there are only a few more days of nice weather left, make sure to enjoy them.

We’re scheduled for snow anytime now in New England. Let’s keep the lights on this winter.

Stay safe everybody!


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