Texas Is Suing 4 States Over The Election

Last night the state of Texas filed a lawsuit directly to the Supreme Court, under original jurisdiction, in looking to decertify the results of last months vote and allow state legislatures to appoint electors for the upcoming electoral college vote. Texas is claiming that these 4 states, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin, used the coronavirus pandemic as an excuse to sidestep the constitution of the United States in order to change the rules of the vote which resulted in a distrust of the system and flawed outcomes. They allege that the irregularities and anomalies are a direct result of these unilateral and judicial decisions that were not properly legislated by the congress. They also believe that there were instances of violating the equal protection clause of the constitution that should not allow the states to certify the 2020 election.

Listen, I’ve been following a lot of these stories about the election since November 4. There has been an all out blitz by the Trump team to try and get a big legal win in trying to dispute the results of the vote. The time is running out and as of now the path for the outcome to be properly disputed and overturned looks like an extreme uphill battle for the Trump team. But, don’t count out a man that has nothing to lose.

This news could be a potentially massive development. The Texas AG filed a 150 page suit to the SCOTUS and believes that the actions of these states to circumvent the agreed upon constitution of the USA were ignored which in turn affected the outcome of a national election. It’s no small accusation. We shouldn’t pretend it is a small accusation. Now, it will be interesting to see other states that join the suit with Texas. Donald Trump retweeted someone who believes Florida should be the next state to follow. It would be interesting to see if the other major Trump swing state, Ohio, follows as well. There are other Republican states that would likely will follow as well.

This is happening while there are still ongoing fights in states like Arizona and Nevada, along with other battles in the 4 states named in this suit. Trump needs results soon but there has also been chatter that if he can get 1 state to turn then it could potentially open the flood gates.

I’m not going to pretend that I know what is going to happen. Or even if the case has actual merit. It’s a question of constitutionality, but it’s also a political case for the courts so who knows what is going to happen. It will be up to the court to decide if they take the case and how they are going to rule it. Their decision would play an impact on the future of the entire country for years and even generations.

What I don’t understand, however, why mainstream news outlets are being so quick to dismiss this when from what I seem understand this doesn’t happen on this scale all too often. Like they are either saying that it will get tossed by the court immediately or they are not even covering it at all. I don’t think states sue states like this, generally. Especially at this scale and magnitude. It’s strange. What are they basing that off of? I don’t think that a state has ever sued another state because of their election processes. Maybe I’m wrong but I’d love to be pointed in the right direction. To say you know how the SCOTUS would look at this case is just pretending to know something that you don’t, in my opinion. I think it’s misleading to people to make such assumptions and to completely ignore it is dangerous especially if there is a significant decision to come out of this suit. More information and conversation is generally always a good thing.

The main argument by the mainstream news, and Democrats, is the federal statute of the “safe harbor” deadline for electors. However, it is being challenged that the constitution supersedes this statute and Texas in particular is fighting that these deadlines that are coming up in the next week or so should be delayed until these investigations play out. If that is the case, then states in dispute will have to either wait until electors are cast for the electoral college, the state legislatures themselves appoint electors, or we go to a contingent election, which could give Trump an electoral college victory and grant him a second term.

It may be a big ask, but then again everything is bigger in Texas, right?

I’m not sure how the timeline with these things work, but it is interesting that we are starting to see more of a coalition on the Trump side beginning to grow. Sure, he’s had his loyalists like Dan Bongino, Sean Hannity, and those on his legal team fighting for the past 4+ weeks, but now with state legislatures and congressmen speaking out their support of the President, we maybe will see a slight shift in narrative. Another prominent politician, Ted Cruz, came out the other day and said he would argue for Trump in front of the Supreme Court. It could possibly trigger a much needed for Trump first follower effect that creates another movement. Again, we’ll have to wait and see.

Those who have been labeled as “The Deplorables” want to fight for Trump. But, it will be people in serious positions of power and influence to help carry on this movement. A large percentage of the population believes this election was stolen and want to fight for justice. For the sanctity of the country we should want to get to the bottom of these concerns, and we should not ignore real accusations and irregularities that impede trust in our election process.

Again, we’ll have to see what happens but the next few days could get very interesting. The Democrats have basically been trying to run out the clock on this process for a while now and they can see the finish line. However, the other side has refused to concede and currently doesn’t see any need to do so until their very last breath. I fear that this can only escalate to something near a point where there is no going back but that’s the fight that both sides have decided to engage in. I trust that whatever the courts decide is not only the right decision but also the one that helps us heal as a divided nation. I think we are a lot more similar than different and we need to get back to understanding that.

Hopefully after this all plays out we will realize it once again.

And let me remind you, don’t mess with Texas.


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