Bureaucrats Change Rules During A Pandemic To Give Unfair Advantage To Established Party That Is Justified Because They Lead In The Fake News Polls

That’s right everyone. Stop the steal. I’m talking about the Big Ten conference and how they are literally changing the rules laid out at the beginning of the season to grant #4 Ohio State a spot in the Big10 conference championship game even though they will not have played the minimum required number of games that was agreed on before the season. The big, “billionaire” Ohio State Buckeyes are now for some reason a protected class. Sad!

All things considered, the Big Ten completely botched this season. They tried to cancel the season outright back in August but were quickly met with opposition by the reasonable, rational data and support that showed a season should be played. The SEC and ACC did it right, and they even had fans in most of their stadiums. Those conferences had some bumps in the road but for the most part there was enough leeway to reschedule and refigure out games that ran into issues. The Big Ten did not grant itself that ability because of their impulsive decision to try and cancel their games.

But, ultimately this horrible decision was changed because of the voice of the people and some help from the President. The Big Ten restarted their season almost 2 months after the SEC and ACC and basically were gambling that they would get a full slate in. It wasn’t even a week until the conference ran into issues and the problem began to snowball. They said, in the initial agreement, that a team would need to complete 6 games in order to be eligible for the conference championship in Indianapolis. Ohio State has only played 5.

Now basically every team has been impacted by COVID. Ohio State has now had 3 games cancelled because of the virus with 1 of them being their fault.

However, as predicted by yours truly, Indiana fought through all this adversity and became America’s Cinderella story. They haven’t been responsible for any games cancelled in 2020. The team that started the season unranked has worked their way through it all to be in the conversation with the big boys. As much as the College Football Playoff (CFP) committee may want to drag them down, there is a clear love for the Hoosiers across the country and they are being looked over. The fake polls have IU ranked at #12. They have 3 wins vs ranked opponents with 1 being against a (former) top 10 team. They have one of the best defenses in the country and a coach who has constantly been putting them in a position to win. The Hoosiers are for real.

All this is happening while rival Ohio State, who admittedly IU did suffer their only loss to, has only played 5 games and been granted the #4 ranking in the country. Again for comparison, Indiana is ranked #12. Indiana lost to OSU (in Ohio) by a score of 42-35. The game could have gone either way. But regardless, the rules say you need to play 6 games to be eligible for the conference championship. The higher ups changed that today after Michigan cancelled OSU’s final scheduled game of the year.

Indiana is 6-1 and will also have their final contest against Purdue cancelled this weekend.

So why does OSU get this preferential treatment by the Big10? The idea first was floated out last week that there would be a rule change to appease the Buckeyes. It’s the opposite of fairness and democracy, of course. What’s the point of a contract/agreement if you’re just going to change the rules to bail out those at the top?

And obviously, OSU is a yearly powerhouse who deservedly has the reputation of a top dog in college football. But what does it mean when someone follows the laws and does everything by the book? I thought this was America! We reward hard work and fairness. We don’t just cozy up to the elites. I guess not anymore. Whatever it takes to get a win. The Big10 is taking a page out of Nancy Pelosi’s playbook, I see.

But seriously, what does the Big10 championship have to do with the CFP? Why do they need to change the rules for this in particular. I’m not arguing that OSU isn’t a top 4 team in the country and I think they should be in the playoff. But that’s because there is no rule in the playoff that has a minimum game requirement. Sure, it may not be fair in that respect to other contenders, and it’s an obvious money grab by the networks, but OSU beating Northwestern doesn’t make any difference to that. The CFP and Big10 championship do not have to have any relation, especially this year, at all. I mean Northwestern got blown out by Michigan State, who Indiana beat 24-0.

Ohio State could easily get a spot in the playoff while IU claims the Big10 championship. It’s not like the Big12 or PAC12 champions are getting any consideration for the playoff anyways.

All I’m saying is that there is no reason that it should have come to this. If rules can just be changed to help those who are able to just grab power all willy nilly, then we don’t live in a free country. I feel like I’m not saying radical stuff here. The pandemic has been used as an excuse to further separate those with power and connections than those who don’t throughout the past year. Ohio State is proving to be just another example of that. Sure, they can get a spot in the national playoff, but that position in the Big 10 championship should be earned.

The Big Ten commissioner, Kevin Warren, is a puppet being used by the establishment (school Presidents) to justify unequal protections for the elite class (Ohio State). They are propagating the idea of “fairness” with the reality of greed. Frankly, it’s gross and I will not stand for it.

The people can only do what they can control. And in this case it to is go out on Saturdays and win football games. IU played by the rules. Fair and square. They may have suffered a loss, but that’s not what I’m arguing. If Ohio State wants to be considered a legitimate Big10 champion than they should prove that this ruling was not fraudulently or illegally obtained. OSU has a big, unsolvable problem!

I’m kind of joking but I’m also kind of not.

I say that the actual conference championship game should be a rematch of IU vs. OSU. That is the clear and fairest decision. And the Hoosiers wouldn’t say no. If we’re just disregarding all the rules at this point then we might as well do something that is both exciting and make sense. No one wants to watch Ohio State beat Northwestern 45-3.

Again, I don’t care what the polls say. Indiana deserves their shot. They have put the work in and stood up to those who said they didn’t have a chance. Now they want to prove it to everyone. Hopefully they are given a fair shake.

This whole situation also kind of reminds me of something recently that happened in the past year. Changing rules to benefit a certain side even though they didn’t put in the necessary work while the media carries their water? It sounds familiar but I can’t quite put my finger on it.

Go Hoosiers. Give them the respect they’ve earned.

Stop the (Big10) steal.


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