Jimmy Dore Is Fighting For Progressives

This is a good clip to get you up to speed with what’s going on in regards to the proposition that prominent progressive commenter Jimmy Dore drew up for congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and the rest of the so called “squad” and “progressive wing” of the Democratic party in fighting for their fundamental belief that healthcare is a basic, human right. He believes now presents an opportunity where they can at least plant a seed for lawmakers to put their money where their mouth is.

Jimmy basically has said that it is time for them to use their small, but unique, minority position in a slight house-democrat majority to force a formal vote for Medicare For All on the House floor before they pledge to cast their votes to retain Nancy Pelosi as the Speaker of the House. Because of the Democrats failure in the 2020 election to maintain much of their majority and now hold a super thin margin, just a small number of members, between 8-15, need to threaten this action in order to cause leadership to sweat. As of now, Nancy Pelosi is the only person who can formally call for an M4A vote on the house floor, but this won’t come about unless there is a push.

Progressives across the spectrum have come out and supported Jimmy Dore in this campaign. It actually makes a ton of logical sense. As Kyle Kulinski explains, it’s pretty basic politics to demand something in exchange for a vote. In this case, it’s Nancy Pelosi’s coveted house leadership position. AOC in particular can display fearless leadership by threatening to sacrifice the balance of power in congress in order to just get on record those who actually believe that healthcare is a human right. Yes, the chances of the vote passing are slim to none, but the point of this request is to get people on record about where they actually stand on this issue. It gives people the hard evidence that they are willing to vote for healthcare for every American, especially during a pandemic. As we’ve seen with politicians time and time again, just co-sponsoring a bill can mean little if a more powerful opportunity arises. Kamala Harris is the latest example of that.

Justin Jackson, NFL running back for the LA Chargers and outspoken progressive, also weighed in on the situation. He understands the magnitude of this moment and also believes that this can be a good opportunity for a small, but growing, faction of the House of Representatives to make a demand from those in power. It is pretty fair to believe that this is the progressives last chance to flex any sort of real muscle for potentially quite some time. The lack of action in this dire moment is being noticed.

Ocasio-Cortez responded in a disappointing fashion. Thus far she has ignored Jimmy Dore directly, but responded to Jackson via Twitter last Friday. She claims that the idea isn’t “fully thought out” and it could potentially risk the balance of the house. Apparently, she is fighting for other things that for all we know are going just as well as the stimulus bill negotiations. From the oustide looking in, it seems she would rather fight for issues that frankly are already either passed, ignored, or in the Democrat party platform. So she really is using no actual leverage.

And AOC, the balance of power is exactly the point.

Because the only thing that Nancy Pelosi and the establishment political class really seem to care about is power. For whatever reason, it’s all they want. If it is threatened, then she would probably make the concession. Policy wise, there isn’t really anything that the establishment democrats run on. Yet, by AOC’s own boasting, M4A is a winning issue. This could be a chance to take another step forward. It helps keep progressive policies at the forefront of discussion and gets people on record for 2022. And if the Speaker refuses, then it doesn’t matter because the chance of much happening in the next 4 years of divided government is slim anyways. It’s a risk that the progressives need to be willing to take. But, if Joe Biden truly is to be the “most progressive President since FDR“, then this would probably be an issue that needs to at least be in the conversation.

Why wouldn’t progressive members of congress want to call out those who are playing their constituents for fools and get a better idea in how to organize and build a larger coalition to ultimately make a change? It’s grassroots ideas and movements that become what can someday be a majority. This particular issue has even gotten accelerated because of a complete failure in leadership and global pandemic.

Dore and others aren’t even asking for a lot. Simply a vote to get the issue on record. What is AOC and the progressive caucus scared of? Why would putting it up for an on the record vote be a bad idea? The argument by those who are supposedly on the “progressive” left is that it doesn’t get anything done and overplays their hand. That is an empty argument.

They don’t have a strong hand to begin with, so demanding people go on the record about policy issues they claim to be champions for is not a radical, or outlandish, ask even in my opinion. It gives voters information and ammunition when making decisions at the ballot box. It’s honestly similar to the Republican issue going on in Georgia. Yet, people are still bending the knee to Pelosi and her elitist, hypocritical actions.

Assuming we still live in a free democracy, the voice of the people should matter regardless of party or issue. Campaigning on issues that are overwhelmingly accepted by a majority of the electorate should not be something that can’t be discussed upon or used as leverage. As Krystal talks about in her radar, playing along with the establishment in order to maybe get committee positions for those in the Squad is just playing a meaningless corporate latter that doesn’t permit you to brag about your radicalism with any truth or meaning.

If they truly believed healthcare was a human right, like many across the political spectrum seem to agree on, then they should demand that it’s voted for. It gives advertisement ammo and puts the bill up for debate. We are still in a pandemic and forcing politicians to take a side while millions of Americans lose their healthcare is in my mind a potentially savvy political move. It gives the people that these politicians claim to represent a better understanding of how the swamp really works when push comes to shove. It draws a line in the sand on what is progressives’ top policy stance.

People can actually learn from Trump on this. After being attacked for 4 years for “chewing up norms” these political actors can capitalize on that and try to make a difference for the better. Trump showed that sometimes to get things done you have to take an risks and even an unconventional route. It takes courage but it’s clearly not impossible. That is especially the case when you have the voters behind you with support. Taking on the establishment is difficult but can be done.

I’m not even saying that M4A would work and I am going to be totally upfront in that I haven’t read the bill. I think at it’s roots, yea every American citizen should have healthcare. Clearly medical prices are insane, especially compared to other developed nations. I think as Bernie Sanders explained in his interview with Joe Rogan, his proposals may not be as outlandish as they seem in a 20 second debate response. Now I’m not sure if a government overhaul of the healthcare system is the right way to accomplish this, but if it’s something that you truly claim to support then there should be no issue putting that into an actual vote.

Trump reminded people that words can be acted on in Washington. Someone for the populist-left needs to carry that baton.

Also, one of Joe Biden’s senior advisors, John Kerry, is fully on board with the Great Reset. So, if it is reasonable to believe that the government is looking to impose potentially catastrophic policies to our free market economy, then we should at least get an idea of who will fight for those that continue to lose their health care. Seeing a globalist takeover of our government doesn’t mean that the populist (left or right) policies that got many of these lawmakers in place need to be completely forgotten. Risks have to be taken and plans need to be laid out. If that means threatening the Speaker’s position, then so be it.

Being pro American worker doesn’t have to be a party lined issue.

Because if you constantly find yourself on the side of the establishment and corporate, globalist elites, then it’s hard to claim that you are truly the resistance. I hope this movement continues to make waves and we can get a more transparent look as we try to shine a light on those who have made a life in the swamp. All I want to see is transparency.

No one said it would be easy but then again if it were everyone would do it.


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