Fox Business Requests My Guidance with their Coronavirus Virtual Town Hall

With a user submitted question, of course. Sadly, News Corps’ execs have not asked me for my analysis on the coronavirus pandemic and how to lead the nation out of this crisis. Yet. However, about 2 weeks ago I submitted a question to be asked when they had the mogul Mark Cuban on as aContinue reading “Fox Business Requests My Guidance with their Coronavirus Virtual Town Hall”

Ideas to get me on Shark Tank pt. I – The iLicense

Disclaimer: Any ideas presented in this blog post is under the intellectual property of Jack Lesser and the ThoughtLess Brand. Any ideas taken from this series is subject to litigation and legal pursuit will be taken. This is a joke but not really. Shark Tank is currently my favorite show on Television. It’s entertaining, inspiring,Continue reading “Ideas to get me on Shark Tank pt. I – The iLicense”

Give Reggie His Heisman Back

It was just 15 years ago that running back Reggie Bush earned his Heisman Trophy in a landslide victory. It was then 5 years later that he had to return the Heisman himself because he received “illegal” gifts and benefits from USC boosters and sports marketers to play for the Trojans. The collection of theContinue reading “Give Reggie His Heisman Back”

This Weeks Survivor Preview

Episode 12 Winners at War continues tonight and it will be hard to top last weeks episode. Tony completely dominated last week by finding an idol, getting himself out of extortion, winning immunity, and then pulling of a great blindside of Sophie. Tony has been electric all season long and as someone who is nowContinue reading “This Weeks Survivor Preview”

Imagining Little 5 Race Day

“The greatest college week in America” – thats the hype that IU’s Little 500 gets across the country. Today is supposed to be the peak of that week that is the 200 lap bike race raising money for the IU Student Foundation. It also has the biggest college parties in the entire country. It’s onContinue reading “Imagining Little 5 Race Day”