The USA, Israel, & The UAE Just Announced A Joint Peace Agreement

Wow. I’m kind of in shock right now. I took an international business class sophomore year that was centered around Dubai and the business, customs, and beliefs of the the UAE and Middle East relations. I kind of became enamored with Dubai and the UAE as it is one of the most modern, innovative citiesContinue reading “The USA, Israel, & The UAE Just Announced A Joint Peace Agreement”

Reminder: Tulsi Gabbard Ended Kamala Harris’ Presidential Campaign

I wrote last Friday about how I wish Tulsi got a fair shot as a candidate to be the nominee or VP pick for president in the Democratic party. Obviously this was wishful thinking and she would be a truly disruptive candidate to the Democratic party. She wouldn’t go along with the establishment, corporatist viewsContinue reading “Reminder: Tulsi Gabbard Ended Kamala Harris’ Presidential Campaign”

Joe Biden Picks Kamala Harris As Vice Presidential Nominee

In what will be viewed as one of the more important Vice Presidential picks in the history of the United States, presumptive democratic nominee Joe Biden finally announced that he will be selecting Senator Kamala Harris as his running mate. This will be criticized, scrutinized, and analyzed as much as any VP nominee in theContinue reading “Joe Biden Picks Kamala Harris As Vice Presidential Nominee”

#WeWantToPlay – The Fight For A Season

On Sunday it seemed that collegiate fall sports, including college football, were almost on the brink of being cancelled after a bunch of suits and university Presidents who serve on the B1G conference committee supposedly had been meeting all weekend trying to figure out a way to squirm out of the season. This comes atContinue reading “#WeWantToPlay – The Fight For A Season”

Thoughts Into The Weekend vol. 11

I’m writing this on a train as I journey back to Bloomington, Indiana. I’m not taking the most conventional route, but it’s not always a straight line that can yield the best results. This train, that got delayed for 90 minutes because of a fallen power line, is on its way to Philadelphia where IContinue reading “Thoughts Into The Weekend vol. 11”

Professor Allan Lichtman Predicts Joe Biden Will Win The Presidency

Allan Lichtman is a professor at American University who has “correctly” predicted the winners of the United States Presidential elections since 1984. Correctly is in quotes because he predicted Al Gore would win in 2000 when he only won the popular vote, and not the 270 votes needed to secure the electoral college. Regardless, heContinue reading “Professor Allan Lichtman Predicts Joe Biden Will Win The Presidency”

Laura Ingraham’s Tuesday Angle Puts COVID Into An Interesting Perspective

No, the COVID pandemic isn’t over. We may have gotten through the worst of it all, but there are still possibilities of another “wave” or outbreak that could drastically effect our journey on the return to normalcy. It’s important that we continue social distancing and practicing many of the guidelines that have been put inContinue reading “Laura Ingraham’s Tuesday Angle Puts COVID Into An Interesting Perspective”

TikTok To Be Sold To A US Firm, The Federal Government Wants To Take A Rake

The big news to come out of this weekend and what many will be following for the next 6 weeks is the federal government looking to curtail the risks of the popular Chinese social media app Tik Tok by either banning the app entirely, or forcing a sale to a US firm. This is aContinue reading “TikTok To Be Sold To A US Firm, The Federal Government Wants To Take A Rake”

Andrew Yang And Hank Green Ask If College Is Still Worth It

Is college still worth it? That’s a great question that many are grappling with as we get ready to return to campuses later this month. This question of post secondary educations’ bubble has been growing for some time, but the coronavirus pandemic has greatly accelerated how we look at where our tuition dollars are going.Continue reading “Andrew Yang And Hank Green Ask If College Is Still Worth It”

I’m In Twitter Jail

I want to begin this by saying I’m just an idiot. No other way to spin it. This Saturday I was having a regular COVID weekend – hanging out by myself and getting ready to watch a movie. Before I started though, I was scrolling through my twitter account (@jacklesser_) and noticed that my birthdayContinue reading “I’m In Twitter Jail”